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Permanent link - Ceangal maireannach[deasaich an tùs]

A bheil adhbhar nach eil 'Permanent link' air eadar-theangachadh oir tha e coimhead àraidh a bhith anns a' Bheurla air a h-uile duilleag?

Tha mi smaoineacadh gum bu chòir "Ceangal buan" a bhith air.

Am b' urrainn dha Admin sin a dhèanamh?

Mòran Taing

A bheil cuimhne agad càite an nochd seo? Bhiodh am fiosrachadh seo (le ceangal) 'na chuideachadh dhomh gus an duilgheadas a lorg.
--GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 19:46, 1 dhen Ògmhios 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Sgrìobhadh Aistidhean[deasaich an tùs]

Carson a tha daoine ag eadar-theangachadh ainmean Beurla mar 'Lord of the Rings' agus 'Star Wars' gu Gàidhlig. Chan eil adhbhar aige is chan eil cànanan eile ga dhèanamh. Dìreach cuir an t-ainm mar a bhitheadh e sa Ghàidhlig às dèidh an tiotail/a' cheangail. Cha bhithear a' toirt Terry Henry air Thierry Henry anns a' Bheurla no James Shurack air Jacques Chirac am bith.

Uill, carson a tha sinn ag eadar-theangachadh ainmean mar "Bìoball". Cha robh an t-ainm seo bho thùs san Eabhra. 'S e ainm Greugach a tha ann.
Chan eil cànanan eile ga dhèanamh? Ma tha thu a' creidsinn seo, 's e dearg amadan a th' annad. 'S e "Les Guerre des Etoiles" a th' air "Star Wars" no "Cogadh nan Speuran" anns an Fhraingis. Mar sin, tha e ceart dha-rireabh a bhith a' sgrìobhadh Tighearna nam Fàinne airson LOTR cuideachd. Tha iomadach cànan eile ga dhèanamh, so na bi gorach agus cum Gaidhlig beò le bhith ag eadar-theangachadh nanleabhraichean agus filmichean as ainmeile dhan a' Ghàidhlig.
Nach b'urrainn dhuinn bhith modhail? Tha 'dearg amadan' car cruaidh, nach eil?

Taghadh nan Stiùbhart[deasaich an tùs]

Tha taghadh nan stiùbhart air tòiseachadh aig m:Stewards/elections 2005. Faodaidh duine sam bith bhòtadh cho fad 's gu bheil cunntas freagarrach aca air meta le ceangal gu aon duilleag-chleachdaidh co-dhiù, far a bheil an deasaiche na chompàirtiche, le co-dhiù 3 mìosan a' gabhail pàirt sa phròiseact. Faodaidh stiùbhartan còir sysop a thoirt air pròiseactan far nach eil biurocrat ionadail. Thoiribh ur bhòt!Yann 14:35, 22 Cèitean 2005 (UTC)

Sorry, i don't speak the language of this Wikipedia and could not find the Template for Deletion-Requests. However i would like to inform you that the Article The Flowers Of Romance is an hoax, see [1] and commons:Commons:Village_pump#Hoax Article in 57 languages -- de:Benutzer:Kju 18:53, 29 August 2005 (UTC)

Ok - thanks for informing us. Its done.

Announcement[deasaich an tùs]

Sorry for using the English language here. I thought that the Talla a'Bhaile may be the best place to notify Gaelic-speaking Wikipedians of two new facilities at the English language edition of Wikipedia, but then I noticed this Community page, so I have copied the notice here. I hope that this is OK. Here are the new resources:

Scottish Wikipedians' notice board


Scotland Portal

Please take a look, click the Watch tab, sign-up and contribute. All are most welcome!

(If this is not the best place for this notice, please copy it to the approprite gd page where most discussions/debates/announcements are made. Thanks.)--Mais oui! 12:22, 25 October 2005 (UTC)

The flag of Lewis (Eilean Leòdhais)[deasaich an tùs]

There is a discussion about the flag of Lewis, as seen in [2], in English Wikipedia [3], and on the Catalan [4] also. Please, Might you say us if that flat exists? Might be is only a non official flat as the catalan flag "estelada" [5], the flag of the catalan independestist movements, as is explained in the article [6]. Please answer to [7]. Coronellian 11:33, 18 June 2007 (UTC)

Hi, i want to request a bot bit for BotMultichill.

  • Botmaster : Multichill
  • Bot's name : BotMultichill
  • List of botflags on others wikipedias: about 60 atm (see meta:User:Multichill for the current list)
  • Purpose: Interwiki (pywikipedia)
  • Technical details : BotMultichill is an interwiki bot starting at the Dutch wikipedia. The bot uses the pywikipedia framework and runs day and night in autonomous mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts.

It looks like the local bureaucrat (Derek Ross) isnt active anymore. I need community support before i can request a bot flag at meta. Multichill 20:39, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

Hello! Sorry for not speaking your language. I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot Byrialbot here at the Scottish Gaelic Wikipedia, and to get a bot flag for it so it will not fill the Recent Changes page with interwiki updates.

  • Bot account: User:Byrialbot (contributions)
  • Botmaster: User:Byrial
  • Botmaster's home project: da:User:Byrial
  • List of botflags on other wikipedias: als:, am:, ar:, bat-smg:, be:, bg:, bm:, bn:, bs:, bpy:, ca:, cdo:, ceb:, co:, cs:, da:, de:, el:, en:, eo:, es:, et:, ff:, fo:, fr:, fy:, ga:, gl:, he:, hr:, hsb:, hu:, hy:, id:, io:, is:, it:, ka:, ksh:, kw:, lb:, li:, lt:, lv:, mk:, ml:, mr:, ms:, nap:, nds:, nds-nl:, nl:, nn:, no:, nrm:, pms:, pt:, ro:, ru:, scn:, sco:, simple:, sh:, sk:, sl:, sr:, su:, sv:, ta:, te:, th:, tl:, uk:, vo:, wo:, zh-min-nan:
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Technical details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot (constantly updated with CVS) starting from da:, nn:, no: and sv:. It mostly runs manually assisted and I try to solve found interwiki conflicts when I can.

It will soon begin to do test edits. As stated above your local bureaucrat seems inactive, but I can then request a bot flag at the Meta-Wiki if there is local support. Thank you! Byrial 15:13, 4 July 2007 (UTC)

Byrialbot now works with bot flag. Byrial 13:39, 19 July 2007 (UTC)

Bot flag request for PipepBot[deasaich an tùs]

Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot PipepBot here, and to get a bot flag for it.

  • Operator: it:User:Pipep
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Software: Pywikipedia
  • Have bot flag at: als, am, ar, bat-smg, be-x-old, bn, bs, ceb, cv, da, en, eo, et, fo, id, nap, nn, pms, simple, sl, uk
  • Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot. It mostly runs manually assisted. May run automatically in some cases.

It will soon begin to do test edits. Thank you! --it:User:Pipep 22:51, 1 An Lùnastal 2007 (UTC)

PipepBot has now bot flag. Thank you! it:User:Pipep 19:05, 16 An Lùnastal 2007 (UTC)

Activity of Bureaucrats[deasaich an tùs]

Note that I am active but generally only oversee things very loosely. It's far better that native Gaelic speakers or advanced learners contribute than that I add my beginner's pidgin Gaelic to the Wiki. Anyway I was on my holidays during July and was concentrating on soaking up the sun! So my apologies to BotMultichill and ByrialBot. If you want to attract my attention leave a message in Gaelic on my talk page here or in English on my English Wikipedia talk page if you need urgent action. I generally check in every week day although I may or may not do so at the weekend, depending on how busy I am with "real life". -- Derek Ross | deasbair 04:38, 31 An Lùnastal 2007 (UTC)

Betawiki: better support for your language in MediaWiki[deasaich an tùs]

Dear community. I am writing to you to promote a special wiki called Betawiki. This wiki facilitates the localisation (l10n) of the MediaWiki interface. You may have changed many messages here to use your language in the interface, but if you would log in to for example the English language Wiktionary, you would not be able to use the interface as well translated as here. Infact, of the 1798 messages in the core of MediaWiki, 16.00% have been translated. Betawiki also supports the translation of messages of about 80 extensions, with almost 1000 messages.

If you wish to contribute to better support of your language in MediaWiki, as well as for many MediaWiki extensions, please visit Betawiki, create an account and request translator priviledges. You can see the current status of localisation of your language on meta and do not forget to get in touch with others that may already be working on your language on Betawiki.

If you have any further questions, please let me know on my talk page on Betawiki. We will try and assist you as much as possible, for example by importing all messages from a local wiki for you to start with, if you so desire.

You can also find us on the Freenode IRC network in the channel #mediawiki-i18n where we would be happy to help you get started.

Thank you very much for your attention and I do hope to see some of you on Betawiki soon! Cheers! Siebrand@Betawiki

  • Currently 15.83% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.00% of the messages for the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation are localised. Please help us help your language. GerardM 12:18, 8 am Màrt 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 15.14% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.00% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 11:30, 12 an Giblean 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 14.02% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.00% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 07:42, 30 an t-Òg-mhios 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 13.76%of the MediaWiki messages and 0.15% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 13:55, 2 an Lùnastal 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 13.09% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.13% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 14:31, 3 an t-Sultain 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 12.31% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.13% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 11:43, 12 an Dàmhair 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 12.39% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.10% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 10:15, 10 an t-Samhain 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 12.22% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.09% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising and proof reading at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 11:36, 14 an Dùbhlachd 2008 (UTC)
  • Currently 12.14% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.09% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising and proof reading at Betawiki. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 11:43, 10 am Faoilteach 2009 (UTC)
PS Please help us complete the most wanted messages..

Bot Status for Purbo T[deasaich an tùs]

Hi, I'd like to request a bot flag for Purbo T (contributions)

Thank you! --Purodha Blissenbach 00:08, 21 an Gearran 2008 (UTC)

Done! -- Derek Ross | deasbair 19:45, 22 an Gearran 2008 (UTC)

Request bot flag for Alexbot[deasaich an tùs]

I request the bot flag for Alexbot:

Programming Language:Pywikipedia SVN
Functions:Interwiki(+autonomous), double redirect fix, featured article interwiki link.
Other languages:All statistics in here

Thank you--Alexsh 05:24, 26 an Gearran 2008 (UTC)

Done! -- Derek Ross | deasbair 06:01, 3 am Màrt 2008 (UTC)

Apologies[deasaich an tùs]

This is from English Wikipedia I write here because the user has tried to get an answer from a you but is blocked?

Today I decided to begin an article on the harp on the Scottish Gaelic language version of Wikipedia. Having only written the opening part of the article, I have later found

1: the article erroneously retitled by someone who clearly does not have the best knowledge of Gaelic grammar

2: that the same is adding what I know to be unsubstantiatable statements about the harp to the article

As a result, I attempted to remove the material I composed from Wikipedia. But I found

3: that the same has blocked me from continuing to write the article that originated with me

4: that the same has cited vandalism as the excuse for blocking me from removing what I have written

Emotionally it's difficult to see why anyone would want to submit an article to the Scottish Gaelic language version of Wikipedia when they are so easily disenfranchised and when Wikipedia appears to find it so easy deny me the right to withdraw them, especially when hitting a problem right in the middle of the compositional process.

I find I can't even establish contact with the person who has done all this. Should I simply expect this to happen if I embark on writing an article for the Scottish version of Wikipedia? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:21, 11 April 2008 (UTC)

Do you know what it is about can you intervene? Bpeps 22:02, 11 an Giblean 2008 (UTC)

You were blocked from editing the article for three days since you removed all the content from it and removed the categories. You also removed the interwiki links, plus the image. Please go and do the wikipedia tutorial I left on the old user page you had - "Wikipedia:Tutorial" . The text was being merged from another article. Clarsach is the common spelling.
Note also that there were already two articles on different types of harps on the wikipedia already.

--Creachadair 22:05, 11 an Giblean 2008 (UTC)

Thanks I am not the editor who blanked the page looking at the contribs I think he/she just forgot to close the <!-- --> tag. But all debates should be confined to deasbaireachd. Bpeps 22:40, 11 an Giblean 2008 (UTC)

Periodic table[deasaich an tùs]

I would like to start various articles on the elements. Some are already partly set up, but they need a box for atomic number etc. To see how the Manx are doing it - see here-

http://gv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Elmintyn_kemmigagh And the Irish http://ga.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%BAil_cheimiceach

--Creachadair 18:54, 18 an Giblean 2008 (UTC)

If you could give me the translations from the Irish/Manx Box, I'll create you a Template tomorrow. --Sionnach 22:43, 18 an Giblean 2008 (UTC)

Bot flag request for CarsracBot[deasaich an tùs]

Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot CarsracBot here, and to get a bot flag for it.

  • Operator: nl:User:Carsrac
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Software: Pywikipedia
  • Have bot flag at: bat-smg, nl, fy, li, ksh, tr, vo and many more
  • Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot. It mostly runs manually assisted. May run automatically in some cases.

It will soon begin to do test edits. Thank you! Carsrac 07:55, 6 An Cèitean 2008 (UTC)

Granted (a while ago). -- Derek Ross | deasbair 04:19, 3 an Lùnastal 2008 (UTC)
  • Operator: WikiDreamer
  • Purpose: Interwiki links: It adds/modifies/deletes interwiki links from French Wikipedia
  • Software: pywikipediabot framework via SVN
  • Already has bot flag on: 81 Wikipedias

I start my bot now for 50 test edits. Thank you in advance! --WikiDreamer 20:08, 30 an t-Iuchar 2008 (UTC)

Granted. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 04:19, 3 an Lùnastal 2008 (UTC)

Hi, I'd like to request a bot flag for user:Idioma-bot

  • Operator: lt:User:Hugo.arg
  • Function: interwiki
  • Operation: manually-assisted, and automatic or autonomous mode
  • Software: pywikipediabot framework updated daily from svn to latest version
  • Already has bot flag on: more than 100 wikipedias (en, es, ru, tr, cv, tg, pt, lt, fr, de...)

Thank you! --Hugo.arg 17:12, 10 an Lùnastal 2008 (UTC)

Tricky. There is currently no user called Idioma-bot on this wiki. However once you have created one I will be happy to give it bot status. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 07:42, 11 an Lùnastal 2008 (UTC)
Granted -- Derek Ross | deasbair 15:32, 25 an t-Sultain 2008 (UTC)

Dear all, this is to request a bot flag for Synthebot. Its technical information is summarized below.

  • Operator: Julian Mendez
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: mostly automatic in autonomous mode; sometimes manually assisted to solve interwiki conflicts
  • Programming Language(s): pywikipedia
  • Function Summary: interwiki links
  • Already has a bot flag on: more than 80 wikipedias, see SUL table

Further technical information is available on its main page. Thank you in advance. Regards, --Julian 12:12, 19 an t-Sultain 2008 (UTC)

Granted -- Derek Ross | deasbair 15:34, 25 an t-Sultain 2008 (UTC)

Hello. I would like to get a bot-flag on this wiki.

  • Operator: de:User:Euku
  • Purpose: Interwiki links: It adds/modifies/deletes interwiki links.
  • Software: pywikipediabot framework via SVN
  • Already has bot flag on: >140 Wikipedias, for example: ar, bn, ca, cs, de, en, es, eu, da, fr, he, hu, it, pl, ro, ru, sq, tr. (Since 2006 I did >220.000 edits) and have a global bot flag
Thank you! --Euku 20:50, 25 an t-Sultain 2008 (UTC)
Granted -- Derek Ross | deasbair 23:15, 27 an t-Sultain 2008 (UTC)
  • Operator: Luckas Blade
  • Purpose: Interwiki links: It adds/modifies/deletes interwiki links
  • Software: pywikipediabot framework
  • Already has bot flag on: +/- 70 wikis

Thanks. Luckas Blade 21:52, 14 an t-Samhain 2008 (UTC)

Granted. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 18:30, 26 an t-Samhain 2008 (UTC)

The most often used MediaWiki messages[deasaich an tùs]

Hoi, the most often used MediaWiki messages (less than 25% of all MediaWiki messages) are the most visible messages. They help our readers and editors the most. We are aiming to get these messages localised for as many languages as possible by the end of the year. Please help us and yourself and localise these messages. Thanks, GerardM 13:13, 17 an t-Samhain 2008 (UTC)

Wikimedia UK[deasaich an tùs]

Wikimedians in the United Kingdom are working to set up a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, which will aid and encourage people to collect, develop and effectively disseminate knowledge. A board of five members has been elected, and a company has now been set up. Membership applications are now invited, and will be processed as soon as we have a bank account. The organisation needs the support and involvement of people like you.

So far, most participants have been based on English-language projects, but we want to ensure that we work with and for Wikimedians in all languages. As this Wikipedia is in a language native to the UK, we are making contact with you.

We need to know what a new UK chapter can do to assist your project, and how we can best work together to make that happen. We are also looking for people who can translate short pieces of text, such as the first paragraph of this message, to help publicise the activities of the chapter.

Please do comment, make suggestions, and feel free to ask us any questions, whether here, on MetaWiki, or on the wikimedia-uk mailing list. Warofdreams 11:15, 1 an Dùbhlachd 2008 (UTC)

The LocalisationUpdate extension has gone live[deasaich an tùs]

The LocalisationUpdate extension is now enabled for all Wikimedia projects. From now on new localisations that become available in SVN will become available to your project within 24 hours. Your localisations get into SVN from translatewiki.net typically within a day and at worst in two days. This is a huge improvement from the old practice where the localisations became available with new software. This could take weeks, even months.

The localisations done by our community at translatewiki.net are committed to SVN typically every day. When the system messages in English are the same as the local messages, they will now be inserted in a file and are available for use in all our projects in a timely manner

What this means for you[deasaich an tùs]

Local messages have an impact on the performance of our system. It is best when messages are as much as possible part of the system messages. In order to remove unnecessary duplication, all the messages that have a local localisation and are exactly the same as the system message will be removed. What we ask you to do is to compare and proof read the messages in translatewiki.net and the local messages. You can then either remove local messages when the translatewiki.net message is to be preferred or, you can update the message at translatewiki.net.

Messages that are specific to your project will have to stay as they are. You do want to check if the format and the variables of the message are still the same.

Why localise at translatewiki.net[deasaich an tùs]

When you localise at translatewiki.net, your messages will be used in all Wikimedia projects and eventually in all MediaWiki based projects. This is how we provide the standard support for your language. When messages change, at translatewiki.net you will be prompted to revisit your translations. Localising is more efficient because we have innovated the process to make you more efficient; there is text explaining about messages and we have applied AJAX technology to reduce the number of clicks you have to make.

Translatewiki.net update[deasaich an tùs]

  • Currently 14.21% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.04% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising and proof reading at translatewiki.net. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 21:35, 28 an t-Sultain 2009 (UTC)
  • Currently 14.12% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.04% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising and proof reading at translatewiki.net. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 11:20, 1 an t-Samhain 2009 (UTC)
  • Currently 14.39% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.04% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising and proof reading at translatewiki.net. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 13:05, 7 an Dùbhlachd 2009 (UTC)
  • Currently 14.35% of the MediaWiki messages and 0.04% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising and proof reading at translatewiki.net. This is the recent localisation activity for your language. Thanks, GerardM 15:33, 4 am Faoilteach 2010 (UTC)

How can we improve the usability for your language[deasaich an tùs]

We expect that with the implementation of LocalisationUpdate the usability of MediaWiki for your language will improve. We are now ready to look at other aspects of usability for your language as well. There are two questions we would like you to answer: Are there issues with the new functionality of the Usability Initiative Does MediaWiki support your language properly

The best way to answer the first question is to visit the translatewiki.net. Change the language to your language, select the “vector” skin and add the advanced tool bar in in the preferences and check out the new functionality. And make some changes in your user page. When there is a need to improve on the localisation, please make the necessary changess . It should update your localisation straight away. We would like you to report each issue individually at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Usability_issues.

When there are problems with the support of MediaWiki for your language, we really want to know about this. It is best to report each issue separately. In this way there will be no large mass of issues to resolve but we can address each issue on its own. Consider issues with the display of characters, the presentation of your script, the position of the side bar, the combination of text with other languages, scripts. It is best to try this in an environment like the prototype wiki as it provides you with a clean, basic and up to date environment. The prototype wiki is available for five languages but you can select any of them, change the preferences to your language and test out MediaWiki for your language.

We would like you to report each issue individually at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Language issues. The issues you raise will all be assessed. It is important to keep each issue separate, because this will make it easier to understand the issues and find solutions.

PS This text has been approved by Naoko, Brion and Siebrand. Thanks, GerardM 21:35, 28 an t-Sultain 2009 (UTC)

  • Owner: Firilacroco
  • Bot account: FiriBot
  • Task: interwiki using pywikipedia framework updated daily
  • Bot flags: see list + global bot

Thank you. FiriBot 10:30, 14 an Gearran 2009 (UTC)

  • Operator: simple:User:Razorflame
  • Function: interwiki
  • Operation: automatic as long as I am on, which is usually between 4 and 12 hours.
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot updated daily.
  • Has bot flags on:simple, it, es, fr, az, en, de, pt, bs, vec, ca, sv, vo, uk, ru, az, ar, ku, he, nl, hu, fi, eo, sk, ja, gl, vi, zh, pl, oc, id, an, jv, sr, cy, lb, io, ht, mr, mt, am, ro, et, bn, dv, gl, th, ga, ka, tt, mg, zh-yue, da, lv, ko, sl, lt
  • Bot flags pending:cs, bg, be, fa, co, ms, no, tr, zh-classical, ig

This bot will be making anywheres between 4 and 12 edits per minute. If you require any test edits or if you grant or deny the flag, please contact me on my talk page over on Simple English Wikipedia: simple:User talk:Razorflame. Thank you! Razorflame 00:58, 3 am Màrt 2009 (UTC)

Granted. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 20:32, 4 am Màrt 2009 (UTC)

Thanks! -Djsasso 16:37, 28 An Cèitean 2009 (UTC)

Granted -- Derek Ross | deasbair 19:42, 28 An Cèitean 2009 (UTC)

Extension[deasaich an tùs]

I would like to get this Extension to be installed in the Gaelic Wikipedia. It allows blocked users to edit their talkpages, for example to ask for help or to ask for unblocking. As the system operators do that only if the community agrees with that, please vote below. --Sionnach 07:14, 30 an t-Òg-mhios 2009 (UTC)

  • Support
  1. --Sionnach 07:14, 30 an t-Òg-mhios 2009 (UTC)
  2. --Duncan 08:23, 30 an t-Òg-mhios 2009 (UTC)
  3. --Each-uisge 18:11, 3 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
  4. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 06:16, 4 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
  5. --MacSteaphain 11:15, 5 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
  • Oppose
  • Comments/Questions
Requested per Bugzilla:19636. Will be handled by a server admin in the near [tm] future. Raymond 11:57, 10 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
Thank you Raymond for handling the request --Sionnach 12:53, 10 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)

The Extension is working now. Thanks for your support. --Sionnach 08:44, 7 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Bot policy[deasaich an tùs]

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests. The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page from Project:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement in one week if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. Rubin16 07:18, 7 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)

I don't have any objection, Rubin. Please go ahead as soon as you wish. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 15:32, 8 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)

Bot flag for Xqbot[deasaich an tùs]

  • Operator: xqt, SUL home wiki: de:User:Xqt
  • Function: solve double rediects, maintain interwiki links with cosmetic changes enabled, other functions on request as needed
  • Operation: automatic
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot updated daily.
  • Has bot flags on: global Botflag, fr, pl, es, it, pt, ru, ja, eo, ca, cs, tr, ro, hu, uk, vo, fa, simple, th, vi, ar, hr, bg, lt, nds, et, id, scn, sl, pdc, an, is, am, als, lv, wuu, bar, nap, ba, mt, ig, udm

Thanks! --Xqt 06:04, 21 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)

Hi Xpt, which are the "cosmetic changes" that your bot is doing? As far as I could see they seemed to be okay, except that we have the Template:Link FA after the categories just before the interwiki links. (Your bot here) Cheers --Sionnach 06:26, 21 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
You'll find a short description at m:Cosmetic changes.py. BTW this script places categories just above iw-links but it should leave FA-links on its place. This is a known feature request at the framework. Tonight I'll disable this part of cc for gd-wiki until it is fixed by the framework (or by myself). Would this be ok for you? --Xqt 07:05, 21 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
Yes, that' s fine with me as well as the rest of the "cosmetic changes". --Sionnach 18:47, 21 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
I've disabled that part now. --Xqt 22:43, 21 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
Granted. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 17:00, 22 an t-Iuchar 2009 (UTC)
  • Operator: nl:User:Foxie001
  • Function: interwiki
  • Operation: automatic
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot updated daily.
  • Has bot flags on: am, an, ceb, cy, en, id, kk, ml, ms, nl, sw, tl, vo

Thanks in advance - Foxie001 09:29, 9 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Granted -- Derek Ross | deasbair 20:45, 21 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Hello, I am Mymelo from Japanese Wikipedia. I request to get bot flag on gdwiki for TobeBot

  • Operator: ja:User:Mymelo
  • Function: interwiki links
  • Operation: automatic
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot
  • Function Details: autonomous mode. updated 3-4/day from SVN.
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I can make some test edits, if need. Thanks, Best regard. --Mymelo 11:58, 14 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

I will make some test edits. Best regards. --Mymelo 15:22, 16 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)
Granted -- Derek Ross | deasbair 20:45, 21 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Copy and paste[deasaich an tùs]

Leth-bhreac bhon duilleag:Talk:Sgurr_Alasdair
Tha mi a' mothachadh gun deach artagalan ùra a chruthachadh tro bhith a' dèanamh leth-bhreac de na tha ann fon artagal "An Cuiltheann" mar-thà. Cho fad 's a tha fios agam chan eil e ceadaichte sin a dhèanamh (plagiarism), oir thèid eachdraidh an artagail air chall agus mar le sin iomradh air an ughdair. Chan eil sin fair oir rinn an ughdair obair rannsachaidh agus sgrìobhaidh air a shon agus bu chòir ainm a dhol leis an artagal. Is dòcha gu bheil dòigh eile ann ceangal eadar na tha ann agus na tha ùr a dhèanamh. --Each-uisge 15:42, 19 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)
Deireadh an leath-bhreac --Sionnach 20:50, 19 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

FYI: Thachair an aon rud ann Am Basteir, Blà Bheinn, Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh, Sgurr nan Gillean agus Sgurr Mhic Choinnich . --Sionnach 21:25, 19 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Hm, tha thu ceart. A-rèir an license chan eil e ceadaichte idir, dìreach copy and paste a dhèanamh. Mar a tha mi a' faicinn, chaidh an teacsa a chur ris an aiste ron 15 an Iuchar 2009 fon chead GFDL far a bheil e ag ràdh: "This License preserves for the author and publisher a way to get credit for their work". Cuideachd tha iad ag ràdh ann an [8] "All text published before June 15th, 2009 was released under the GFDL, and you may also use the page history to retrieve content published before that date to ensure GFDL compatibility." Na mo bheachdsan tha sin a' ciallachadh gum feum eachdraidh na seann duilleige a bhith aig an aiste ùr. Ged a dh’atharraich an license gu Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 am bliadhna, tha na seann aistean fhathast fo chead GFDL.

Cho fad' s a tha fios agam tha doigh no dhà ann sin a dhèanamh:

  1. 'S urrainn do na stewards leth-bhreac (duplicate) a dhèanamh leis a h-uile eachdraidh na duilleige. Le sin bhiodh ainm nan ùghdairean ris an aiste. Ma thogras sibh, bruidhnidh mi le aon de na Stewarts.
  2. Leis an contributors tool agus permanent URL anns a’ chiad "edit".

An-dràsta fhèin chan eil dad anns an aiste.

Tha moladh eile agam. Is dòcha ma bhios admin a' dùbhadh às an seann aiste agus ma bhios tu fhèin deònach na leth-bhreacan a dhèanamh (a' tòiseachadh mar aiste ùr ), am bi sin ceart gu leòr dhut? Cho fad a tha mi a' faicainn sgrìobh thu fhèin an cuid as motha den teacsa anns a’ Chuiltheann agus mar sin bidh thusa a' nochdach mar ughdar. (leis an rud a' sgrìobh mi fo 2, ach cuidichidh mi thu le sin.

Uill, sin na molaidhean agam-sa. --Sionnach 21:20, 19 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Uill, dèan na tha thu a' smaoineachadh a bu chòir dhuinn dèanamh. Is coma leam, cho fad 's nach bi e mar a tha e agus gum bi e a' dol leis na riaghailtean.--Each-uisge 07:52, 24 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)
Ceart ma-tha, rinn mi Sgùrr nan Gillean, Am Baisteir agus Sgùrr Alasdair (faic air eachdraidh nan duilleagan) leis an dòchas gum bi sin ceart gu leòr a-nise. Ni mi na h-aistean eile, ma bhios mionaid agam.
Deiseil. Tha iad uile a' coimhead mar seo anns a' chiad "edits". Chuir mi rabhadh ann an Cuiltheann cuideachd leis an dòchas nach bi an leithid a' tachairt a-rithist. --Sionnach 18:53, 26 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Bu choir dha a bhith sgaipte sa chiad aite. Chan eil fhios a'm carson a tha barrachd stuth san aon artagail co-dhiu. Chan eil Each-uisge a' tuigsinn phrionsabail C.C. a tha air an Wikipedia, agus cha do rinn mi "plagiarism" sam bith. --Creachadair 17:12, 28 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC) p.s. - an e "Sgùrr" neo "Sgurr" a tha ann?

Seo am prionsabail:
Ma bhuileas air "deasaich" chithear:

  • You agree to be credited by re-users, at minimum, through a hyperlink or URL to the page you are contributing to. See the Terms of Use for details.

agus fo Terms of Use tha e nas soilleire:

  • Re-use of text:
Attribution: To re-distribute a text page in any form, provide credit to the authors either by including a) a hyperlink (where possible) or URL to the page or pages you are re-using, b) a hyperlink (where possible) or URL to an alternative, stable online copy which is freely accessible, [..] and which provides credit to the authors [...] or c) a list of all authors. [...]. This applies to text developed by the Wikimedia community. (Dhubh mi cuid de na faclan)

Mar sin feumaidh hyperlink no an URL no eachdraidh na duilleige a bhith ris na leth-breacan.

Cho fad 's a tha mi a' faicinn, tha Each-uisge ag aontachadh gum bithear a' dèanamh leth-breacan ma bhios hyperlink no an URL no eachdraidh na duilleige aig an aiste ùir chun an aiste bho thùs. [9]

@ Creachadair: 'S urrainn dhomh leth-bhreacan eile a dhèanamh anns an dearbh dhòigh (le URL agus Eachdraich na duilleige) mu Sgùrr Thearlaich, Sgùrr Thormaid, Sgùrr Thuilm, Sgùrr an Fheadain, Sgùrr nan Eag agus Sgùrr Sgumain. --Sionnach 10:25, 29 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

PS.: Na mo bheach-san 's e Sgùrr a-rèir: Dwelly’s duilleag 836, Gaelic dictionary le Boyd Robertson duilleag 106, Colin Mark d 525, Faclair Gàidhlig MacLennan d 298 agus màpa aig Ordnance Survey ged a tha mòran leabhraichean Bheurla a’ cleachdach Sgurr. --Sionnach 10:32, 29 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

Nach eil Wiki na Gearmailtis a' cur "attribution note" os cionn artagailean a chaidh an eadar-theangachadh? Nach e sin fuasgladh a dh'fhaodamaid-ne cleachdadh cuideachd? Akerbeltz 09:01, 26 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)
Ò, a' phuing eile - chan eil feum air an stràc ann an sgurr no faclan mar sin. 'S iad daoine nach eil a' tuigsinn sgrìobhadh na Gàidhlig a chuir sin ann an toiseach. Tha riaghailt shimplidh ann a tha 'g ràgh gu bheil gach fuaimreag ro ll nn rr m fada no 'na dipthong mur eil fuaimreag eile 'na dhéidh. So, sgurr > u fada, sgurran > u goirid mar a tha e ann an cainnt na G. Akerbeltz 09:08, 26 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)

I request to get bot flag on gdwiki for HerculeBot

  • Operator: fr:User:Hercule
  • Function: interwiki links, and solve redirects
  • Operation: manually
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot
  • Function Details: manual mode. updated daily from SVN.
  • Has bot flags on: more than 40 wikipedias and global bot (details)
Thanks in advance --Hercule 08:58, 31 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)
Granted -- Derek Ross | deasbair 15:30, 31 an Lùnastal 2009 (UTC)

I request to get bot flag on gdwiki for Egmontbot

Thank you, kind regards --Egmontaz 11:24, 6 am Màrt 2010 (UTC)

Extension[deasaich an tùs]

I would like to get the extension "Create a book, Download as PDF and Printable version" to be installed in the Gaelic Wikipedia. I think it might help to support the Gaelic language. As the system operators do that only if the community agrees with that, please vote below. --Sionnach 15:58, 12 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)

  • Support
  1. --Sionnach 15:58, 12 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)
  2. --Breckenheimer 00:34, 22 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)
  3. --Akerbeltz 13:39, 23 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)
  4. --Derek Ross | deasbair 19:06, 25 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)
  5. --Steaphan30 08:36, 26 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)
  6. --Each-uisge 19:50, 26 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)
  • Oppose
  • Comments/Questions

Thanks for voting! Enabled per Bug 23486. Chì sibh e a-nise air ur làimh chlì fo "Create a book". --Sionnach 06:24, 29 An Cèitean 2010 (UTC)

  • Operator  : Wikitanvir
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki
  • Edit period(s)  : Daily
  • Edit rate requested  : 2/3 edits per minute at most
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes, see here
  • Function Details  : Bot will patrol recent changes and new pages, and add, remove, or modify interwiki links in autonomous mode.

Currently doing some test edits. Notify me if there is a problem. — Tanvir • 19:11, 1 dhen Dàmhair 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

No problem, go ahead with your test edits.--Sionnach 22:46, 3 dhen Dàmhair 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Done.--Sionnach 23:07, 15 dhen t-Samhain 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Request bot flag for Mjbmrbot[deasaich an tùs]

  • Operator  : Mjbmr
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes, see here
  • Function Details  : Just interwikis, thank Mjbmr Talk 20:48, 8 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)
Granted. --Sionnach 21:12, 8 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

--DixonD 22:34, 8 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Granted --Sionnach 06:31, 9 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Granted. --Sionnach 07:24, 12 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Name change[deasaich an tùs]

Moving the debate from the Talk:Prìomh-Dhuilleag#Wikipedia here as it's more appropriate. I'm all for leaving well alone but the lack of a Gaelic form for Wikipedia jars a bit. I did a quick reckie and there are numerous precedents for aligning the name Wikipedia with the spelling conventions and phonological (sound) rules of the language project in question. Here are some:

  • Ƿikipǣdia (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Uiquipedia (Asturian)
  • Vikipetã (Guaraní)
  • Wikiibíídiiyají (Navajo)
  • Viqùipédie (Norman French
  • 維基百科 (Cantonese)

As was correctly pointed out at that stage in the debate, something akin to Irish Vicipéid looks hardly better, even if spelled Bhicipèid. To which I agree. Gaelic is struggling enough with loandwords and badly formed half-loans that the usual rules of forming a good loan or neologism must apply:

  1. it must be recognisable (i.e. not opaque)
  2. it must be productive (i.e. lend itself to forming plurals, adjectives etc)
  3. it must not break phonological rules of that language.

1) rules out virtually all options based on native Gaelic words in this case. Wiki(_) has taken on very specific connotations and also there is no precedence to go that route. 3) rules out any option with an initial fricative (w/v/h etc, however spelled) as Gaelic categorically disallows initial fricatives in nativised loanwards. Compare warants > barantas, wall > balla, wuddacocc > budagoc etc. Bhictoria, bhideo and Bhèineas are not nativised words, they're bad attempts at spelling a word following sort of Gaelic rules, clear from the fact that in pronunciation, these have their English sound value. (Placenames like Bhatarsaigh are different, please see the main page talk page for why; I can repost in English if someone is struggling with the Gaelic there)

So following from 1 and obeying 3, that means we must resolve the initial w- in a Gaelic way. There are two attested options: backforming to b or vocalising it to u. That initially leaves us with the following (bearing in mind that stress should be on the initial syllable and that no long vowels should be in unstressed syllables):

  • i) Bigipeid
  • ii) Bigibeid
  • iii) Bicipeid
  • iv) Uigipeid
  • v) Uigibeid
  • vi) Uicipeid

Essentially the only difference lies with the choice of initial sound. As the b/p is within an unstressed syllable, preaspiration is not a problem so the outcome is the same. A preliminary debate suggested that the B- variants are at odds with 1) which I agree with, which would seem to leave us with

  • iv) Uigipeid
  • v) Uigibeid
  • vi) Uicipeid

Of these, I personally favour vi) as it follows 1) closely and does not break 3). It would suggest preaspiration but that does not strike me as a problem here. So that would result in /uçgʲɪpedʲ/ That initial syllable would also allow for 2).

That's my view. But at this stage, we'd like to invite views from other people as we'd like to get broad consensus. On the whole, I think it's important that we look at this seriously as the name is a big thing and if we succeed in making the Gaelic Wikipedia become popular, then we should try and not grace Gaelic with another word that doesn't sit well in the mouthes of native speakers. Akerbeltz 23:56, 21 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks Akerbeltz for your good explanation, the suggested name Uicipeid makes sense to me.
Additional note, someone is bound to bring it up: p in an unstressed syllable is rare, but not unheard of: tuaireap, MacFhilip/MacPhilip, iompaich, teampall...
As said before, it would be nice to have broad consensus from the community here. So please leave any questions, comments and further suggestions under the section "Comments/Questions". Otherwise please put your vote (by adding your signature) under the sections "Support" or "oppose" according to your opinion. --Sionnach 22:01, 22 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Comments/Questions
    In principal I'm all for a Gaelic form of the name (of the Roman-script 'pedias with over 150,000 articles, French, Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Hungarian and Turkish have their own forms, and in my opinion rightly so), but as a gd-2 I have neither the linguistic knowledge nor the feel of the language to have an opinion about which form 'sits best' with Gaelic, so I'll happily go with the community's decision. However, I've a dark suspicion that even most fileantaich active at en-wiki don't visit gd-wiki often enough to notice this debate. To get more opinions, perhaps you might inform about it at Scottish Gaelic talkpage, and/or on user talkpages of those who claim (near-)fileanatachd through their en-wiki Babel boxes. I had a look and the accounts 'active' this year (that coincidentally means 'since 2008 including' as well) comprise An Siarach and LJElliott21 for gd-N and Lasairdhubh, MacRuasgail and Qcomplex for gd-4. --Thrissel 09:26, 23 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    Good point, I posted on the English Scottish Gaelic page, inviting users to take part here. Akerbeltz 13:37, 23 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • I've always thought of G as the Gaelic K, so I would have gone for Uig.
    What's the reason for losing the last syllable?
    And finally (from the technologist's perspective), while most people associate "wiki" with "wikipedia", it's a technology not a site. Wikipedia is built on wikis, and most active WP contributors recognise that. Personally, I'd be inclined towards translating wikipedia as a compound rather than a single word, and make "Uigi"/"Uici" into a prefix -- "Uigi-Peid". That way we establish a clear neologism for "Wiki" at the same time, and we maintain the stress pattern of the original without resorting to Irish-like "srac abuse". 19:43, 23 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Uill. Gabhaibh mo leisgeul, ach chan eil mi chòmhurtail le deasbuid às Beurla. Chan eil mi a'tuigsinn gu leor den Bheurla os cionn co-dhìu. Tha "wikipedia" agus "wikipedia na Gaidhlig" ri cluinntinn anns a' Ghàidhlig mar a tha. Mar sin chan e ceist "eadar-theangachaidh" a tha ann idir, ach ceist "thar-litreachaidh" (Ma 'se sin a' Ghaidhlig òifigiuil air transliteration). Mar sin, mhòlainn "Uicipedia". Ma bhitheas Gaidheal an ceann beagan bliadhaichean a' cuir blàs (nas) Gàidhealach air "Uicipedia" , cha dean sin cròn.--Innleadair 01:01, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • As the stress is initial on Uicipeid or Uigipeid, the hyphen would be misleading as that usually signals stress shift away from the first syllable. As uici- or uigi- would still be the first and stressed syllable, it's easily detached for other purposes. Uicigeadh for "wikifying' for example would work easily. The problem to some extent with Uigi- is that it is likely to send people into lip-rounding, making it more w- that a Gaelic initial. Which is not what we'd like to encourage.
    The reason for loosing the last syllable is easy. It's both historically accurate i.e. if Wikipedia had been an early Latin loan such as ecclesia, the ending would have been lost in borrowing. Secondly, but just is important, Gaelic does not allow ia in unstressed syllables. ia is always /iə/, which is not permissible in an unstressed syllable.
    It's not just transliteration, as that would result in a construct that's inadmissible in Gaelic phonology. We're in a way trying to capture what Gaelic would have done if it had borrowed this word organically, say at the same it it had borrowed ecclesia. Which is why Uicipedia is a really bad idea, we'd better stay with Wikipedia as that's at least a clear foreign term and doesn't pretend to be Gaelic, breaking several rules in the process. (Akerbeltz)

- Feumaidh mi aiteachadh nach eil mi ach beagan nas eolach na fad mona, ach tha da phatran fa-leth air iasadan Chuimrich bhon Bheurla- iasadan bho claisneachd agus iasadan bho sgriobhadh. Mar sin, tha am facal fwtbol airson ball-coise bho fuaim na Beurla "football". ach thanaig am facal airson cisean drochaide as teachd dhan Chuimris bho soighnichean ri taobh na rathaidean "toll" trath 'san 19th linn. Mar sin, sgriobhar am facal Cuimris a reir an nòs Beurla, ach leughar e a reir siostam foineatachd Cymraeg "taulth". Tha fios agam gum b'e cleachdadh Albannach (Gaidhlig) san 19mh linn a chleachadh U airson an "V" agus an "VV" Roimheanach. Gu dearbh sios ri na 1980'n bha Iain Crichton Smith a chleachdadh an litir "U" san doigh seo: am facal "Uill!" air tighinn a'steachd ri Gaidhlig Leodhaiseach bhon Bheurla "Well!", direach mar a tha "Uondaradh" air nochdadh an Gaidhlig Sgitheanach, gun teagamh bhon Bheurla "Wondering". Feumaidh mi aiteachadh a-rithis nach eil mi a'tuigsinn de an duiligheadas le Uicipedia- --Innleadair 21:42, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • I also dislike the idea of putting something out there that breaks rules in the hope it'll get fixed by itself. Cross-linguistically, bad formations stick around too easily, sadly. Akerbeltz 01:45, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    Sorry, I'm not sure I understand this. You say that hyphenation is bad because it shifts stress away from the first syllable so it's better to keep Wikipedia with its stress away from the first syllable? --Thrissel 13:19, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    Everyone I've heard say it in English places the tonic stress on the "ped" syllable, as in the Latin. The initial syllable "wi" only gets secondary stress. If English had tonic stress on the initial syllable, the D in encyclopedia would probably have ended up slenderising under pressure from the I. At the very least it would have diphthongised rather than staying as two monophthongs. (I'm pretty certain that Scots would have gone all the way to slenderisation, even if English didn't -- compare Latin "Gallovidian" with Scots "Galwegian" -- but there's no record of the word in the DSL.)
    While in general I'm in favour of mimicking natural patterns of borrowing and as a learner I don't want to be responsible for altering a language, the pattern you propose breaks your own rule 1) -- it obscures meaning. The Gaelic words from Latin are all fully naturalised and very few Gaels know Latin. How many people in the UK even know that encyclopedia is Latin (I was misled by the Y and thought it was Greek!)? Personally I thing "uigi-pìde" is a more likely modern borrowing, by the same token as the Scots/English example above.
    Niall Beag 14:31, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    It's not really Latin, it's pseudo-Greek, for what it's worth. Eoghan 04:08, 28 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • No, what I mean is this: unless there are specific clues, stress goes on the first syllable in a Gaelic word (if it can take a stress). Signs that stress is not on the first syllable are usually 2 capitals (Dùn Èideann, MacGumaraid...), long vowels outside the first syllable (Catrìona, buntàta...) or hyphens (sgian-dubh, taigh-beag...). So in Uicipeid, the normal rules would indicate that this word is stressed on the first syllable. If you put a hyphen in, that normally would indicate that stress is not on the first syllable. So unless the proposal is to indicate stress on the second syllable, the hyphen isn't needed. In this word the stress would be expected on the first syllable (following Gaelic rules) as that's the distinguishing part (i.e. there are many pedias, this one is a Wiki-pedia).
  • Yes, I agree on the stress placement in English or Latin but historically, over time Gaelic shifts stress to the first syllable irrespective of where it started. Even in relatively recent loans such as policeman > poileasman. ( Tha mi ag aontachad leis a' phuing sheo. --Innleadair 21:42, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)) And we're not breaking rule 1), perhaps I didn't explain it properly, mea culpa :) What rule 1) means is that the word you're creating should make its meaning clear to someone who has never seen the word before. Either by being reasonably close to the word borrowed from or through being some form of compound that is self explanatory. For example, though foirmle is an Irish borrowing but reasonably close to the root formula, or a word like fòram for forum. The other type would be something like làrach-lìn or solas-sràide. Bad ones would be cainnich (for "quantify", borrowed from Irish) which is totally obscure. In that sense, both Uicipeid and Uigi-pèid would fulfill 1). Feel free to add it to the list of proposed forms but I can't support it (as the stress placement is counter to what Gaelic would normally do, both internally and in terms of borrowing). I totally agree that we should by no means foist yet another form on Gaelic that breaks the rules of the language - we just have to come to an agreement about what that would look like ;) Akerbeltz 17:33, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tha mi gu math teagmhach mu deidhinn "foirmle". Tha sin ri radh gu bheil mi a ' smaointinn gur e nua-Gaeilge a tha ann, agus o chionn's gu bheil "formula" na facal Laideann a tha a leantainn an riaghal "leatha gu leatha", agus le ciall sonraichte an cainnte na saidheans, air feadh an t-Saoghail, tha mi ga cleachadh gach cuid, An Gaidhlig, Gaeilge agus Beurla, direach mar a bhitheas eolaich eile gan cleachdadh 's an Fhrangais agus 'san Ghearmailtis. Chan eil mi ag iarraidh a bhi tursach- is e direach gu bheil ceistean mu deidhinn cleachdadh chanain a tha a' dol fada seachad riaghailtean gramair. Nollaig Chridheil dhuibh uile. --Innleadair 21:42, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • Err... not in German it isn't, that's Formel, not formula. This thing about international words is just another urban myth. Chinese for one hardly has any if these much touted international words, as both the phonology and the writing system are not condusive to borrowing that way. There's very little that's true about every language or language community. What others do may well inform us, but it should not constrain us within our own language. Akerbeltz 00:46, 25 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    @Innleadair: Good point, but there is always a difference between the spoken and the written language. To me Uicipedia looks as if we are allowing English to take over the Gaelic language again, so in that case we could simply leave the name Wikipedia. I prefer Uicipeid because it distinguishes/seperartes itself from the English pronunciation and shows that the Gaelic Language is still able to create new words according to Gaelic rules. Nollaig chridheil dhut. --Sionnach 08:19, 25 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    Agus a leithid eile dhuibh is mòran dhiubh! I'll continue the various threads down here, gets complicated otherwise. Yes, that's nothing specific to the celtic languages, that words can get borrowed based on the written or the spoken form. There are caveats with both approaches.
    Apologies if this sounds a bit like a phonology lecture... we must be careful about distinguishing the conventions of speaking and writing. In Gaelic, the convention for loans that are, guesstimating, older than 100-200 years is that Latin/Norse/French/Scots/English v and w normally suffer what is called backformation. This means that speakers assume that v or w is the result of lenition and to obtain the unlenited form, you simply substitute the "normal" root sound. In this case this was b for many centuries. The other thing clear in these "old" loans is that the phonology of these words was almost completely aligned with that of Gaelic. Vervain became bearbhain /bɛrɛvɛNʲ/ and warants became /barəndɘs/. The v/w to /u/ change in this period is actually quite rare, most notably we have vík > ùig /uːgʲ/ and William > Uilleam /uLʲam/.
    Following on from that, things get interesting or messy, depending on your point of view. We get more and more words that have been "dressed up" as Gaelic, but with little or no change to the actual pronunciation. In this period, the w > u spelling becomes very popular: uèir, Uallas, uill... followed soon by v > bh: bhideo, bhìoras... But as I said, when you listen to native speakers or ask them to read a text that has these spellings, I have yet to come across one that actually says */uɘLɘs/ as the spelling suggests; they ALL to a (wo)man say /walɘs/ as if written Wallace. Same applies to uill/uel, which are very rarely pronounced different from the Scots/Highland English pronunciation of well.
    So why the lecture? Because the use of -pedia in a gaelicised word falls into that category of words that pretend to be Gaelic by changing the spelling but nothing else. Not having a go, but Gaelic has a very intricate spelling system that not many people understand all that well. The problem here is the ia sequence (that and the single e which is not allowed in Gaelic except at the end of words cf àite, maise... but has to be ei elsewhere). ia is very common in Gaelic but falls under that peculiar group of two letter combinations that have a fixed pronunciation. What that means is that, for example, a can be /a/ (caman, aran..) /ɘ/ (coma, loma...) or /au/ (ball, call...) depending on the position in the word. ia is always /ia/ or /iɘ/ (cf iar, ciar, fiaradh, iasg...) but I challenge you to find a Gaelic word that's not a Stòrlann invention that has ia outside the stressed syllable (usually the first). Therefore, irrespective of whether you spell it Uici-pedia or Uicipedia, the ia and the e break both spelling and phonology conventions. And then, as Sionnach points out, there's the even bigger problem of this being a cross between a transliteration and an English word, because by keeping the English -pedia spelling, I'd say the chances are 0 that people will pronounce this anything but /piːdiɘ/. Overall, I feel that this form would do more harm than good. Akerbeltz 11:40, 26 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    Incidentally, the uondaradh is misleading. If you listen, again, to people actually saying this it's wonder-adh, i.e. an English root with a Gaelic ending tacked on. Not uncommen at all in languages (in German you can circumfix ge_t to form the past (e.g. machen > gemacht "done"), including English words so you can have geskypet, genetworkt... but that doesn't make any of those words German). Either way, not really a model we want to follow I think. Akerbeltz 20:33, 26 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • I'd say the chances are 0 that people will pronounce this anything but /piːdiɘ/
    Unfortunately, I'd put good money that this statement holds regardless of the spelling we settle on....
    Nìall Beag.
    Chances are probably low for fast acceptance but that does not mean we cannot lay solid foundations... and add a sound file. Co-là breith was also unheard of until the BBC spread the word.

Ceistean eile[deasaich an tùs]

I think the "evidence" from other languages is mixed, the examples cited above notwithstanding. From a quick look, it seems to me that if a language has a very different word from the (pseudo-Greek) encyclopedia (eg. Finnish, Vietnamese), and that is the case for Gaelic, they just leave Wikipedia as is. If their word for encyclopedia is similar then sometimes they modify the word slightly to match it, and sometimes not. For example, French has simply added an acute, but they did not change it to Wikipédie which might have been expected (and, for that matter, w is not really a native French letter).

Aon cheist: could someone explain to me how exactly Uigipeid and friends should be pronounced? The IPA is not totally clear to me.

By the way: SBG gives pedagogy as beadaganachd - does that not contain the same root as "pedia"?


Eadar dà sgeul, tha e duilich gu bheil sinn a' deasbad a' chuspair seo sa Bheurla. Eoghan 04:18, 28 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • Well, as I said above, we should use the example of other wikis to inform ourselves but not to govern ourselves. I never said we should slavishly follow anything.
Ok, fine, just you kick-started the debate by calling attention to other Wikipedias and I wanted to point that those are not necessarily indicative examples. I think Frangais is a better example to follow than Normanais, but we all agree that it's ultimately up to Luchd na Gàidhlig.
  • Uicipeid would be like uirc- in uircean without the r and the -peid/beid like... well, as the spelling suggests, with slender d.
A' co-fhuaimneachadh le brèid? le sabaid?
  • No, unstressed syllables may not carry a long vowel and sabaid has more of an i vowel. Like peidseag with a short /e/.
Rudeigin mar /ˈuçkapetʲ/ no /ˈuçkəpetʲ/ matà? Eoghan 20:40, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Faisg air. Mas e close IPA a tha fa-near dhut, chuirinn-sa mar /ˈuçkʲɪpetʲ/ (le /ɪ/ seach /ə/ mar thoradh air Uicipeid). Faisg gu leòr air an fhuaimreag ann am Wikipedia. Akerbeltz 11:47, 7 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Dhomh fhèin, bhitheadh /ˈuçkʲɪpetʃ/ nas nàdarraiche. An e sin dòigh-labhairt iomchaidh? Eoghan 18:02, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Chan eil diofar, really, eadar /ˈuçkʲɪpetʲ/ agus /ˈuçkʲɪpetʃ/. Tha d caol a' nochdadh mar /tʲ/ agus /tʃ/ (agus iomadh rud eadar an dà fhònam seo) a-rèir labhraiche, dual-chainnt is rudan mar sin. Tha an litreachadh Uicipeid fiù a' ceadachadh /u/ ~ /ɯ/ (bheil fhios, mar a gheibhear le faclan mar uinneag far am faigh thu /u/ ~ /ɯ/ a-rèir labhraiche). Akerbeltz 23:54, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • The reason this debate is in English is because on this occasion we're trying to get as broad consesus as possible. Which means allowing those with gd-3 or below to participate. Besides, I'm happy to talk shop in Gaelic but I'm not that sure even gd-4+ would get the nuances about Gaelic phonology. Unless it involves non-Gaelic admins, there is plenty of debate in Gaelic. But by all means contribute more in Gaelic... Akerbeltz 00:38, 29 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    beadaganachd peda- and -pedia are not the same root. Akerbeltz 00:40, 29 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Tha am faclair agamsa ag ràdh gu bheil an dithis air tighinn o thùs bho' n fhreumh Greugach paidos, an tuiseal ginideach aig pais (balach). Tha sinn ceàrr matà, a bheil?
  • Yes and no. The root pais (gen paidos) is ineed at the root of both -pedia and p(a)eda- but -pedia has and additional suffix i.e. it was -pais + -eia, that's what I meant, duilich mura robh mi soilleir.
Codiù no codheth, bha an mìneachadh fon-eòlasach agad gu math inntinneach, agus tha mi taingeil airson do sgoilearachd. Nach cuir thu an susbaint ann an aiste Uicipeid? Eoghan 04:26, 30 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • 'S e do bheatha! Cuiridh, nì mi barrachd air an uicipeid seo 's mi fàs sgìth dhe na glaoic air wiki na Beurla a bharrachd air gach rud eile!! Bliadhna mhath ùr dhuibh uile! Akerbeltz 02:42, 31 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhòtadh[deasaich an tùs]

  • Support: change name to "Uicipeid"
  1. Since I put my chips down early Support Akerbeltz 13:37, 23 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  2. Support --Sionnach 14:03, 23 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  3. Support - Makes sense.--Each-uisge 23:38, 30 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  4. Nise' s gu bheil fhios agam air an fhuaimneachadh ;-). Eoghan 20:57, 16 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Support: change name to "Uicipedia"
  1. Support -- --Innleadair 21:42, 24 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Oppose: don't change name
  • Neutral: I go along with whatever the decision above will be
  1. As I said above, I support the idea of name change in itself, but I'm neutral as to the particular orthography. --Thrissel 15:31, 26 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Too late to vote but may I say that I thoroughly approve of the change. Well done, everyone. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 19:48, 1 dhen Ògmhios 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Glad to hear that :) Akerbeltz 08:46, 2 dhen Ògmhios 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Co-dhùnadh[deasaich an tùs]

Ceart ma tha, bha am bhòtadh fosgailte fad mios a-nis agus bha e soilleir gu leòr. Mar sin tha iarrtas do na system administators ann a-nis, faic [10]. --Sionnach 19:51, 28 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Sgoinneil! Mìle taing dhan a h-uile duine bha gabhail pàirt san deasbad. Bha seo sàmhach, modhail is torrach, abair caochladh eadar Uicipeid na Beurla 's an t-àite seo :) Tha mi gabhail fiughar ris mu thràth. Akerbeltz 15:17, 29 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Tha an "logo" ùr deiseil cuideachd, taing do Raymond. Mura bheil sibh ga fhaicinn fhathast, dèan purge agus bidh e ann. @Akerbeltz, mòran taing dhut-sa cuideachd airson deagh stiùireachd an deasbaid a rinn thu. --Sionnach 22:13, 31 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Chì mi e agus sgaoil mi an naidheachd air FB mu thràth. 'S e ur beatha agus gun robh math agaibh uile fhèin cuideachd, bha sin, mar a thuirt mi, cho deas an coimeas ris na gheibhear air uicipeid na Beurla! Akerbeltz 22:19, 31 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

A chairdean, is dòcha gum faca sibh gun robh user: RHaworth a’ cur delete air a' chuid as motha de na dealbhan a th‘ againn anns an Uicipeid seo, (faic an seo). Tha mi a’ faicinn a-nis gu bheil trioblaidean mòra ann air sgàth ‘s nach eil cead nan dealbhan ann an deagh staing. Tha cuid dhealbhan ann gun cead sam bith, agus ged a tha iad ann fad bhliadhnaichean, chan eil sin toirmisgte.

Faidhle:Stèisean Pheairt.jpg
Stèisean Pheairt, dealbh a tha an seo fo ainm Gàidhlig agus ann an Commons fon ainm " Perth railway station"

Ach air an làimh eile tha mòran dealbhan ann le cead ceart air a bheil “delete” a-nis.(Duilich, ma bhios an cead fhathast ann an Gearmailtis, tha mi an dòchas gum bi eadar-theangachadh ann a dh’aithghearr.) ‘S ann gu bheil iad ann an Commons cuideachd a tha as adhbhar airson delete. Tha RHaworth dhen bheachd gu bheil sin nas fhasa airson obair-chàraidh agus mar sin feumaidh sinn gan sguabadh às. Ach chan eil riaghail sam bith ann tha ag ràdh gum feumar a h-uile dealbh a’ sguabadh às a tha a’ nochdadh ann an Commons cuideachd. Tha cuid de na dealbhan a’ nochdadh an seo fo ainm Gàidhlig agus aig ìre phearsanta tha mi fhìn dhen bheachd gum bu chòir dhuinn cuid de na dealbhan a chumail an seo fo ainmean Gàidhlig an àite ainmean Beurla. ChI sibh eisimpleir air ur làimh dheis.

Ach mar rianaire bu toil leam beachdan eile fhaighinn mun chuspair seo bho chleachdaidhean eile an seo. A bheil sibh ag iarraidh gum bi sinn a’ cumail dealbhan anns an Uicipeid againn fhèin, no a bheil sibh ag iarraidh gum bi mi gan sguabadh às?

PS: Feuchaidh mi beagan sgioblachaidh a dhèanamh air na dealbhan, ach bhiodh e math cuideachadh fhaighinn bhuaibh.

Feumaidh mi aideachdadh nach eil cus dragh orm mu chànan ainmean nan dealbh. 'S e mo bheachd pearsanta gu bheil e nas sgiobalta na dealbhan a chumail air a' Choitcheann, bha feadhainn agam fhìn air Uicipeid na Beurla 's ghluais mi iad dhan a' Choitcheann. Ma tha sinn a' dol a chur prìomhachas, chanainn-sa gum bu chòir sinn prìomhachas a thoirt dhan fheadhainn aig nach eil ceadachasan ceart. Bheil liost ann dhiubh? Akerbeltz 15:26, 29 dhen Fhaoilleach 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Bot : - Movses-bot
  • Bot User: -Movses
  • Purpose:- add/fix interwiki
  • Details: - pywikipedia
  • Bot flags: - 80+

--Movses 07:28, 5 dhen Mhàrt 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Done, has bot-flag now. --Sionnach 18:43, 5 dhen Mhàrt 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks in advance. Béria Lima msg 21:23, 14 dhen Mhàrt 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Already done on meta --Sionnach 18:21, 15 dhen Mhàrt 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Gd-wiki user categ & userbox at en-wiki[deasaich an tùs]

Mhothaich mi nach robh a' Ghàidhlig air an duilleig seo 's mar sin rinn mi a' chategory agus a' bogsa air a son, ma tha ùidh aig duine sam bith. --Thrissel 12:58, 11 dhen Ògmhios 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Snog, taing! Chuir mi ris an duilleag agam e. Akerbeltz 07:30, 3 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Operator  : Hedwig in Washington
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia), daily update
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki, Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel so it can be used properly and easy. Double redirects will be added shortly
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes, DE, EN, AR, NL, NN, DA, BE-X-OLD, BAT-SMG, ARZ and LB, others pending. see here
  • Function Details  : just using the standard interwiki.py; parameters: -auto -all - log -catr

I humbly request bot status on this wiki in order to update Interwiki, and improve Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel so it can be used properly and easy by everyone.

Thank you for consideration! --Hedwig in Washington 02:43, 3 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Please go ahead and do about 50 test edits.--Sionnach 04:34, 3 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thanks! Still working on it! :) --Hedwig in Washington 20:42, 15 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Done from Meta --Bencmq 07:37, 21 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Common.css[deasaich an tùs]

I need the MediaWiki:Common.css file updated before I continue work on infoboxes. The file was last edited in 2008 and the most recent http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Common.css is dated 2011 so I think we should consider updating the whole file rather than just the Infobox bit.

I don't have permission to edit Common.css and would be really grateful if one of our lovely admins could do it. ;-)

--Morag 14:16, 3 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Feumaidh sinn feitheamh son Sionnach, chan eil mi fhìn ro chinnteach sa cheàrnag sin ach taing mhòr mhòr airson an obair ionmholta a tha thu dèanamh leis na bogsaichean-fios! Akerbeltz 14:43, 3 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
'S e do bheatha. Taing airson a chumail suil air mo Ghàidhig cuideachd. --Morag 19:34, 4 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Cho fad 's a tha mi a' faicinn, tha cus ann nach eil feumail do Uicipeid na Gàidhlig, mar sin b' fhèarr leam dìreach am pìos a chur ris a tha ceangailte leis na bocsaichean-fiosrachaidh. Bhiodh e math "test" a dhèanamh an toiseach fo User:Morag/monobook.css, feuch am bi e ag obair ceart. An uair sin cuiridh mi e ann an MediaWiki:Common.css. --Sionnach 21:29, 15 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tha feum againn air cunntas as ùr a thoirt do Special:WantedPages.

Tapadh leat --Morag 19:30, 4 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhon 22 dhen Dàmhair 2009 a-mach chan eil na Special:WantedPages ag obair ann an Uici sam bith. --Sionnach 21:14, 15 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Duilleagan gun cheangal gu en-wiki[deasaich an tùs]

Chaidh liosta de na h-aistean againn aig nach eil ceangal gu Wikipedia Beurla a dèanamh aig en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles/gd. --Thrissel 12:32, 25 dhen t-Sultain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I went through all the articles in the list, where possible treated those which weren't already linked by anybody else and commented at the page on those which (whether currently or presumably permanently) have no en-wiki counterpart to be linked to, should from my POV be deleted &c. There are some 70+ left (bolded) which I couldn't decide/didn't know what to do about, for various reasons, usually because as a gd-2 I either was far from certain how broad/narrow the meaning of the expression in the title was or because I couldn't make out what the article was about at all. Anyway, if anybody feels like having a look at these they can do so without fearing they would be treading on my toes, as I'm pretty knackered and have no intention to go through the 70+ again ;-). --Thrissel 13:25, 26 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Murt that's a long list. I fixed trachdadh > trafaig. I'll do a few more on an off. Mòran taing airson na rinn thu gu ruige seo! Akerbeltz 13:51, 26 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
PS a lot of the dab pages will never have interwikis, as that's down to language specific homographs, i.e. coire/peallag etc need dabbing in Gaelic, but not in English. And vice versa of course. Akerbeltz 13:53, 26 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yes, generally those shouldn't trouble you, I was marking them with "dabpage meaningless in en", eg peallag. There are some specific cases though, eg none of my dictionaries confirms that Turtur can refer to Columbidae or features the word Eanga at all; or Nòs - should it be better linked to (dabpage) en:Custom or to en:Tradition (or not at all, being too/not enough specific)?
Btw contrariwise, I was often tempted to merge two or more articles but didn't dare to, eg Liadhag with Stamh - is it leaf vs stem or can one of the words be used for the weed as such? --Thrissel 16:10, 26 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I hadn't checked them all. Tutur can indeed be the bird or the sea creature; Eanga should be Eang and shouldn't be Eang at all, Eang at best are your feet, that should be Ball-bodhaig. Tricky about Nòs/Gnàthas/Tradaisean. I think we should use Gnàthas/Custom, Tradaisean/Tradition. I'd personally merge nòs into Tradaisean as it's not generally used in the same sense as tradition in English. Mostly I seem to encounter it in the sense of manner(ism)/style, rather than Tradition these days (cf seann-nòs). Akerbeltz 17:28, 26 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Cobhair le Gàidhlig (Help with Gàidhlig)[deasaich an tùs]

Halò! Is mise Xxglennxx. And I'm afraid I'll have to continue sa Bheurla (or Welsh, being a fluent speaker :D). I'm creating a list of vocabulary on posters to use around my classroom in school in the Celtic languages - I'm using Welsh, Cornish, Scottish and Irish Gaelic. Here are the words I have in Scottish Gaelic - could someone check them for me, please? Doras (door); Uinneag (window - just one); Coimpiutair (computer); Deasc/cathair (desk/chair); Leabhair (books - plural); Glaodh (glue - such as a pritstick); Soitheach-sgudail (rubbish bin - for general waste); I'd also like "recycle bin" as well as the normal 'rubbhish bin', though I can't find anything for it!; Bòrd-geal (whiteboard - for writing on). If you'd like to add any more which you think would promote the language, please do. Also, I can be contacted much quicker at cy:Defnyddiwr:Xxglennxx. Slàn leibh! Xxglennxx 13:18, 25 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Deasc/cathair (desk/chair) > Deasg/sèithear (cathair is a comfy chair); Leabhair > Leabhraichean; the others are fine. I recommend you try www.faclair.com which would have had recycling bin :) All the best with your posters! Akerbeltz 13:26, 25 dhen Dàmhair 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Tapadh leat, Akerbeltz! I found that 'recycling bin' is "biona ath-chuairteachaidh" :D Xxglennxx 21:41, 10 dhen t-Samhain 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

10.000 articles[deasaich an tùs]

Congratulations! --Holder (talk) 11:24, 22 dhen Chèitean 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bot request for Justincheng12345-bot[deasaich an tùs]

Hi, i want to request a bot flag for Justincheng12345-bot.

Thanks for your request, go ahead and do around 50 test edits, then I give him the bot-flag. --Sionnach (talk) 10:50, 23 dhen Ògmhios 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Done.--Sionnach (talk) 07:07, 7 dhen Iuchar 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ainmean leabhraichean[deasaich an tùs]

Chruthaich mi dreachd na poileasaidh aig Uicipeid:Ainmean leabhraichean agus ghluais mi an deasbad seo gu duileag deasbaireachd aice. --Thrissel (talk) 16:25, 1 dhen Ghiblean 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Uicipeid:Pròiseact nan Oileanach[deasaich an tùs]

Chaidh Uicipeid:Pròiseact nan Oileanach a chur air bhonn an-diugh. Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi cuideachadh ann do na daoine ùra. --Sionnach (talk) 16:05, 11 dhen Dàmhair 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Wikipedian in Residence in Dùn Èideann[deasaich an tùs]

Hi all. I'm a Bureaucrat on the Welsh Language Uicipeid (w:cy:Wicipedia Cymraeg). Can I draw your attention please to this new post at the National Library; I certainly hope that one of the requirements will be fluency in Gàidhlig, as we certainly would here in Wales. All the best. Llywelyn2000 (talk) 17:41, 22 dhen Ghiblean 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Just read the job decription; the requirements include:
communicate in English clearly to a wide variety of audiences...
Surely, the ability to speak Gàidhlig would be an advantage to this post and should have been mentioned. Llywelyn2000 (talk) 21:36, 22 dhen Ghiblean 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
There's now a discussion on this issue at Wikimedia UK's Water Cooler. Buidheachas! Llywelyn2000 (talk) 08:05, 23 dhen Ghiblean 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hey Llywelyn, diolch yn fawr for letting us know! I suspect there's probably no-one from the Gaelic Wiki who's local enough or who has enough time to contemplate applying for such a post as the NLS one. Sadly, there's not that many active folk on here to begin with... I'll check out and see if it's still "open" and if so, I'll pass the word on my social networks, who knows! Akerbeltz (talk) 09:47, 11 dhen Chèitean 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
'S e do bheatha! Llywelyn2000 (talk) 18:59, 12 dhen Iuchar 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Roinnean-seòrsa[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean, cha chreid mi gum bu chòir dhuinn a bhith buileach cho teann 's a tha tè na Beurla ach saoilidh mi gu bheil sinn a' cleachdadh na roinnean-seòrsa tuilleadh 's fialaidh an-seo, tha torr dùblachadh ann. Chanainn nach bu chòir dhuinn duilleag a chur ann an iomadh roinn ma tha iad gu soilleir fo chàch a chèile. Mar eisimpleir, ma tha duilleag againn air baile ann an Alba, cha leig sinn a leas a chur ann an [Alba] agus [Bailtean na h-Alba] oir tha [Bailtean na h-Alba] fon roinn [Alba] e fhèin. Saoilidh mi gu bheil na roinnean seo ann airson 's gum bi e nas fhasa rud a lorg ann an roinn ach ma tha sinn tuilleadh 's fialaidh leotha, bith cuid dhiubh ann a bhios cho mòr 's gum bi iad cha mhòr gun fheum. Dè ur beachd? Akerbeltz (talk) 09:34, 11 dhen Chèitean 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ged a tha mi ag aontachadh nach eil againn air leantainn gach riaghailt Uici Bheurla, nam bheachd-sa tha an argamaid aig en:Wikipedia:Categorization#Subcategorization gu math reusanta. Faodaidh gu bheil grunn dhuilleagan ann a bhiodh na b' fheàrr air an liostadh an dà chuid fo roinn agus fon fho-roinn aice, ach san fharsaingeach, tha mi air roinnean mar sin a sguabadh nuair a mhothaicheas mi dhaibh greis mar tha [11]. --Thrissel (talk) 20:18, 11 dhen Chèitean 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Chunna mi gu bheil Roinn-seòrsa: Luchd Ciùil‏‎ (67 ball), Roinn-seòrsa:Luchd-ciùil‏‎ (28 ball) agus Roinn-seòrsa:Luchd ciùil‏‎ (1 bhall) ann. Tha mi 'n dùil an sgioblachadh uile fon roinn-seòrsa 'Luchd-ciùil'. Ma tha beachd eile agaibh, nach innse sibh dhomh. Air neo, ma tha tìde agaibh mo chuideachadh bhiodh fàilte romhaibh! Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 11:08, 11 dhen t-Sultain 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Is this page monitored?[deasaich an tùs]


I left a small translation request here:

Uicipeid:Talla a' Bhaile#Translation of a title
Thanks, Varlaam (talk) 22:19, 10 dhen Iuchar 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Anyone out there? Anyone at all?
Varlaam (talk) 05:18, 16 dhen Iuchar 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Glasgo Meetup 18th August and 27 October[deasaich an tùs]

Can I please draw your attention to the Glasgow Meetup at the Sir John Moore pub on the 18th August, at 1.00 pm onwards. If you're able to attend, please let me know, and I'll try and come up to meet you. I'm an Admin and Bureaucrat on the Welsh Language Wicipedia, and also an employee of Wikimedia UK, who could support you even further. Let me know by email, please, or on my Talk page. Llywelyn2000 (talk) 08:20, 29 dhen Iuchar 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The next Wikimeet in Scotland will be taking place in Edinburgh on 27 October at the Malt Shovel Inn. The Malt Shovel is a very short (i.e. 2-3 minute) walk from Waverley station as we hope to encourage Wikimedians (and potential Wikimedians) to attend from outside of Edinburgh as well. This marks the fourth Edinburgh Wikimeet, and the first since 2011 (as far as I can tell, that is). It also follows two successful meetups in Glasgow. We very much hope to see many faces new and old!
Details are available on the events page here. Llywelyn2000 (talk) 08:01, 18 dhen t-Sultain 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
The September meeting is held in Edinburgh this Sunday, 28 September, from 1pm at Brew Lab. Details on the venue are available on the event page here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Meetup/Edinburgh_7 - wish I was there! Llywelyn2000 (an deasbaireachd) 06:12, 24 dhen t-Sultain 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thanks for the Information! Greetings --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 20:20, 24 dhen t-Sultain 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

TaxonBot + Doc Taxon[deasaich an tùs]

Bu toil leam fios a chur thugaibh gu bheil Cleachdaiche:Doc Taxon deònach taic a thoirt dhuinn. Tha bot aige: user:TaxonBot a nì sgioblachadh air roinnean-seòrsa dùbailte, no bidh e ag atharrachadh "file" no "image" gu "faidhle". An-dràsta fhèin tha sinn a' dèanamh "tests". Ma bhios sibh a' faicinn rudeigin neònach leis an TaxonBot, leig fios thugam. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 11:07, 7 dhen Dàmhair 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Airson a h-uile duine/ to everyone

I would like to give Cleachdaiche:Doc Taxon admin rights as he is willing to do a lot of clean up with his bot TaxonBot. He is admin and a highly trusted member of the German Wikipedia community and I think we can really use someone in here who is able to give us a hand with programming, clean-up on the categories, templates and so on. See for exampe here: Cleachdaiche:TaxonBot/Log and requests can be made here: Cleachdaiche:TaxonBot/Worklist. Because Doc Taxon doesn’ t speak any Gaelic, he will be acting carefully not to interfere with the wishes of our community. On the other hand it would be a relief to my work, if he could do the necessary clean-up like deleting empty categories himself. If someone does not agree with this, please leave a note here, otherwise I’ll give him admin rights within a few days. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 19:40, 7 dhen Dàmhair 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tha mi a' smaointinn gur e fìor dheagh chothrom a th' ann dhuinne gu bheil cuideigin deònach ar cuideachadh leis a sin! Still air! Mo thaing dha. Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 12:32, 8 dhen Dàmhair 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Eadar-theangachadh/Übersetzung: Ich denke, daß es eine wirklich tolle Gelegenheit für uns ist, daß jemand gewillt ist, uns dabei zu helfen. Mach mal. Mein Dank gebührt ihm. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 18:56, 8 dhen Dàmhair 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Teamplaid:Ping Thank you very much! -- Doc Taxon (an deasbaireachd) 21:24, 10 dhen Dàmhair 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Done. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 20:26, 12 dhen Dàmhair 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ainmean-àite na h-Alba (AAA)[deasaich an tùs]

--- leth-bhreac bho: Deasbaireachd:Prìomh-Dhuilleag ---

Nam bheachdsa tha duilgheasdan mora aig an larach-lin seo. Nach do leugh na daoine seo cail? Mapaichean mar "Alba" le Pedersen? Leabhraichean mar "Atlas airson Cloinne" neo "The Celtic Placenames of Scotland"? An Stor-Data? Mac an Tailleir?

  • Bathgate no separate form -> Both Cheit
  • Bearsden no separate form -> aka "Kilpatrick" Cille Phadraig*
  • Biggar no separate form -> Biogar neo Bigear
  • Carlisle no separate form -> Cathair Luail
  • Cowdenbeath no separate form -> Cùl Dùn Beithe*
  • Duns no separate form -> Na Duintean*
  • Eyemouth no separate form -> Inbhir Eighe
  • Fair Isle no separate form -> Fara, Eilean nan Caoraich 7c
  • Foula no separate form -> Fula, Fulaigh 7c
  • Galashiels no separate form -> An Geal Ath
  • Gatehouse of Fleet no separate form -> Taigh an Rathaid
  • Grangemouth no separate form -> Inbhir Greinnse 7c
  • Gretna (Green) No separate form -> (?Lian) Greatna
  • Haddington no separate form -> Baile Adainn
  • Hamilton no separate form -> Hamaltan
  • Hawick no separate form -> Hamhaig
  • Hoy no separate form -> Hoigh
  • Jedburgh no separate form -> Deadard 7c
  • Jemimaville no separate form
  • Kelso no separate form -> Cealsaigh
  • Langholm no separate form -> Langa(i)m
  • Lerwick no separate form -> Liurabhaig, Learaig 7c
  • Maybole no separate form -> Am Magh Baoghail
  • Moffatt no separate form -> Am Magh Fada
  • Peebles no separate form -> Na Puballan
  • Penicuik no separate form -> Peighinn na Cuthaige
  • Saltcoats no separate form -> Baile an t-Salainn
  • Stepps no separate form -> Na Staran
  • Stonehaven no separate form -> Cala na Creige, Sron na h-Aibhne 7c
  • Stromness no separate form -> Sroimnis
  • Whithorn no separate form -> Taigh Mhartainn 7c

-MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 16:38, 29 dhen Dàmhair 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

--- deireadh an leth-bhreac ---

Chan eil bacadh oirnne dè na tùsan, no co mheud a chuireas sinn air a' Uici. 'S urrainn dhuinn am beachd aig AAA a chur sìos còmhla ri tùsan eile, mar eisimpleir an duilleag Cille Mheàrnaig. Tha e an urra ris an leughadair ma tha 'son AAA a' leantainn gus nach eil. Ach can, le Jedburgh/Deadard an-dràsta, chan fhaic mi cò tha ag ràdh gur e Deadard a th' ann. Bhiodh e math co-dhiù aon tùs a bhith ann, on fheadhainn a dh' ainmich thu no feadhainn eile. Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 15:01, 4 dhen t-Samhain 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Uill, chaidh Iain Mac an Tàilleir is tùsan eile a chleachdadh gu tric anns an Uici seo. Mar as trice is fheàrr leam fhìn AÀA mar tùs as cudromaiche, air sgàth 's gur e làrach-lìn oifigeil a thaobh ainmean-àite a th' ann. A thaobh na h-ainmean eile, is cinnteach gu bheil iomadh dòigh sgrìobhaidh eadar-dhealaichte ann agus tha mi coma ma bhios iad uile a' nochdadh anns na h-aistean, ach le tùsan. Mar eisimpleir: Druim Lèamal / Druim Leamhan, tha tùs ann mun ainm "Druim Lèamal", ach chan eil chan eil mi a' faicinn cò às a thàinig an t-ainm "Druim Leamhan" agus càite an deach e a chleachdadh. An e seann ainm a th' ann? Cha do lorg mi e anns na leabhraichean a th' agam no anns an stòr-dàta no làrach-lìn eile. Mar sin bhiodh e math tùsan a chur ris agus is dòcha sgrìobhadh rud beag mu eachdraidh an ainm. Chithear eisimpleir goirid ann am Baile an Todhair neo Bun na Dubh Abhann. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 21:35, 4 dhen t-Samhain 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Uill, 's fhearr leam IMacanT seach AAA. "Gyle a Deas" air "South Gyle"? Gie's a break mon...- 15:53, 5 dhen t-Samhain 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Checkuser Creachadair/MacRusgail[deasaich an tùs]

A Chairdean,

There was a checkuser request on Meta Wiki https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Steward_requests/Checkuser#Creachadair.40gdwiki_and_MacRusgail.40gdwiki

Leth-bhreac bho Meta[deasaich an tùs]

  • We got convincing findings of similar edit behaviour, overlapping activities, and abusive edits of the admin and non-admin account in ticket:2015010410005832 which made it plausible that these are sock puppets and justified a CheckUser action. —DerHexer (Talk) 13:12, 4 January 2015 (UTC)
  • Checking the accounts resulted in obvious findings: Two IPs and their user agents are identically used. One of them was very likely used to change accounts within a day holding a very similar user agent, the other overlapping IP was used even more dramatically: When MacRusgail was not able to stop NahidSultan from correctly tagging pages for deletion in his capacity of cross-wiki maintanence work, the user switched his non-admin account MacRusgail to the admin account Creachadair, keeping IP address and user agent, in order to block the account, and changed it back afterwards, still keeping IP address and user agent. This happened within ten minutes and strongly suggests the same person behind both accounts. I couldn't find further socks and just a couple of exposed IP address which accidentically created or edited article which were edited by MacRusgail (sometimes evven shortly) afterwards, that also applies to the latter of both IPs mentioned above. I'm leaving the decision how to react on this result to the gdwiki community. Cheers, —DerHexer (Talk) 13:12, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Deireadh an leth-bhreac

Mar sin tha e againn dèiligeadh ris an t-suidheachadh seo.

Ged nach eil e toirmisgte iomadh cunntas a bhith aig neach, chan eilear 'gam measadh mar rud iomchaidh, gu h-àraidh do rianairean. A bharrachd air sin, tha an dà chunntas seo air a bhith an sàs ann an giùlan connspaideach agus chuir iad gu feum an cuid chumhachdan air dòigh mì-iomchaidh.

Bhiodh e math d' ainm a chur sios anns a' bhòtadh seo fon earrann a bhios freagarrach dhut. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 17:42, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhòtadh[deasaich an tùs]

- Cuir còirichean rianaire air falbh bho Creachadair/Remove admin rights bho Creachadair

  • Air a shon/Support
  1. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 18:04, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  2. --Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 18:29, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) Chuirinn taic dha na h-adhbharan a th' aig Caoimhinn gus h-ìosal san roinn 'Deasbad'Reply[reply]
  3. --Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 19:01, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  4. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 19:27, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  5. --Eimhir (an deasbaireachd) 19:33, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  6. --Iain (an deasbaireachd) 17:30, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  7. --Comhachag-bheag (an deasbaireachd) 19:10, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  8. --Calumcille (an deasbaireachd) 17:30, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  9. --GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 21:26, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Na aghaidh/Oppose
  • Neo-phàirteach/Neutral
Dèanta.--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 18:14, 13 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

- Bac Creachadair/block Creachadair

  • Air a shon/Support
  1. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 18:04, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  2. --Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 19:01, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  3. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 19:27, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  4. --Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 10:39, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) Chuirinn taic dha na h-adhbharan a th' aig Caoimhinn gus h-ìosal san roinn 'Deasbad'Reply[reply]
  5. --Eimhir (an deasbaireachd) 19:33, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  6. --Iain (an deasbaireachd) 17:30, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  7. --Comhachag-bheag (an deasbaireachd) 19:10, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  8. --Calumcille (an deasbaireachd) 17:30, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  9. --GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 21:26, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Na aghaidh/Oppose
  • Neo-phàirteach/Neutral
  1. --Chan eil mi air a bhith ann bho chionn fhada...mar sin chan eil còir agam pàirt a ghabhail. Glan-adair2015 (an deasbaireachd) 00:49, 7 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Dèanta. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 18:35, 13 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

- Bac MacRusgail/block MacRusgail

  • Air a shon/Support
  • Na aghaidh/Oppose
  1. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 23:11, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) (Ach faic ‘Roghainn a bharrachd’ far a bheil mi ‘Air a son’, agus cuideachd an Deasbad)Reply[reply]
  2. --Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 10:39, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) Chuirinn taic dha na h-adhbharan a th' aig Caoimhinn gus h-ìosal san roinn 'Deasbad'Reply[reply]
  • Neo-phàirteach/Neutral
  1. --Glan-adair2015 (an deasbaireachd) 00:49, 7 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  2. --GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 21:26, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

- Roghainn a bharrachd
Bheireadh an dòigh seo cothrom dha C/M, taic fheumail a chur ris an Uicipeid fhathast. Chumamaid aonan dhen dà chunntas fosgailte ach fo chumha gun leasaicheadh C/M na h-artaigilean a chruthaich e gu ruige seo gu ìre iomchaidh (1000 bits air a' char as lugha, le tùsan fiosrachaidh). Gus sin a dhèanamh, shìneamaid iad dhan userpace aige iad agus gabhaidh an gluasad air ais turas a bhios iad air leasachadh. Bhiodh an cumha seo ann fad 2 bhliadhna agus nithear beachdachadh eile an uairsin a bheil an cunntas seo comasach air taic fheumail a chumail ris an Uicipeid. San eadar-àm, cruthaichidh sinn criathrag nach ceadaicheadh dha deasachadh ach san namespace aige agus air duilleag na deasbaireachd aige fhèin. Translation: the extra option would allow C/M to keep one account but with editing rights restricted to his/her namespace and the talk page. We would move all the one-sentence stubs into the namespace to allow him/her to improve them, at which point they can be moved back. After 2 years, we will re-evaluate the situation to see if the user should be given editing rights in the Uicipeid at large again (but without admin rights)

  • Airson/Support
  1. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 18:04, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  2. --Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 19:01, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  3. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 21:23, 4 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) (ach faic an Deasbad, aon uair ’s gum bi pìos sgrìobhte agam an sin)Reply[reply]
  4. --Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 10:39, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) A' cur taic ri moladh Chaoimhinn 'son aon bhliadhna.Reply[reply]
  5. --Eimhir (an deasbaireachd) 19:33, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) A' cur taic ri moladh Chaoimhínn airson aon bhliadhna. Bhitheadh sin gu leòr, nam bheachd-sa.Reply[reply]
  6. --Iain (an deasbaireachd) 17:30, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) Tha mi a' cur taic ri moladh Chaoimhinn airson aon bhliadhna.Reply[reply]
  7. --Comhachag-bheag (an deasbaireachd) 19:10, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  8. --Calumcille (an deasbaireachd) 17:30, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • An aghaidh/Oppose
  • Neo-phàirteach/Neutral
  1. --GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 21:26, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Dèanta. Chaidh "Abuse filter" a stèidheachadh. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 17:31, 15 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Deasbad[deasaich an tùs]

A thaobh na ciad ceiste, “Cuir còirichean rianaire air falbh bho Creachadair?”, bha e gu math furasta dhomh co-dhùnadh a dhèanamh gun cuirinn bhòt airson sin. Chithear an tachartas a thug gnothaichean gu ceann ann an eachdraidh nan duillegan Deasbaireachd_a'_chleachdaiche:NahidSultan sa Uici Ghàidhlig, agus en:User talk:MacRusgail#Hi sa Uici Bheurla. Air 8 an Dùbhlachd rinn NahidSultan, neach a tha 'na bhall den Small Wiki Monitoring team agus cuideachd anns an sgioba Wiki Commons, mùthaidhean sa Uici Ghàidhlig - teamplaid “Should be deleted” a chur air dealbhan a bha air an dùblachadh ann an Wiki Commons air neo gun robh e coltach gun robh briseadh copyright orra, agus cuideachd air redirects a bha briste, ag amas air duilleag nach robh ann. Rinn MacRusgail neo-dhèan air na mùthaidhean. Fhuair e taic bhon rianadair Creachadair a rinn neo-dhèan air na dealbhan, agus a chuir bacadh uile gu léir air NahidSultan ann an dòigh gu math neo-iomchaidh gun dad a radh. Air 10 an Dùbhlachd dh’fheuch NahidSultan bruidhinn ri MacRusgail tron Uici Bheurla agus fhuair droch-bheul air ais. Dh’iarr Nahid air MacRusgail fios a chur gu Creachadair seach nach robh dòigh sam bith aige/aice fhéin air sin a-nis. Cha do dh’aidich MacRusgail gum b'ionann e/i fhéin agus Creachadair agus cha do dh’fhuasgail e/i am bacadh. Air 16 an Dùbhlachd dh’fhaighnich Nahid a-rithist “Any news from blocking admin?”. B’e Akerbeltz a dh’fhuasgail am bacadh. Nam bheachd-sa, b’e fìor droch-ghiùlan a bha siud aig MacRusgail/Creachadair, agus tha mi cinnteach gu bheil e gu math fada an aghaidh riaghailtean Wikipedia.

A bharrachd air sin, chithear gu bheil MacRusgail/Creachadair air a bhith gu math mì-mhodhail ri iomadh duine thairis air na bliadhnaichean, rium fhìn ’nam measg, gu ìre far an do bhagair Akerbeltz bacadh a chur air MacRusgail air 2014-05-30. Tha e dona gu leòr neachd-cleachdaidh àbhaisteach a bhith mì-mhodhail, ach tha e air leth cudromach do rianadair bhith modhail, foidhidneach, cothromach, brosnachail.

A thaobh na dàrna ceiste, “Cuir bacadh air Creachadair?”, bha e furasta dhomh an seo cuideachd co-dhùnadh a dhèanamh gun cuirinn bhòt airson sin. A-nis agus fhios againn gur e an aon neach a tha ann an MacRusgail agus Creachadair, chan eil adhbhar dhà/dhì bhith ag obrachadh fon dà ainm. Bidh e nas sìmplidh dhuinn tuigsinn có ris a tha sinn a' déiligeadh mur am bi ann ach aon ainm. Tha an t-ainm MacRusgail gnìomhach sa Uici Bheurla agus ann an iomadh Uici eile. Chan eil an t-ainm Creachadair ann ach sa Uici Ghàidhlig, agus fiù’s an sin bha an cunntas Creachadair ’na thàmh uile gu léir bhon Chéitean gu ruige an tachartas san Dùbhlachd.

Chan eil mi cho cinnteach mun treas ceist, “Cuir bacadh air MacRusgail?/Roghainn a bharrachd”. Air an dàrna làimh, tha mi cinnteach gu bheil MacRusgail/Creachadair air a bhith a’ feuchainn ri taic a thoirt dhan Ghàidhlig agus air torr mór mór obrach a dhèanamh, agus tha e/i airidh air moladh airson sin. Air an làimh eile, tha ceist ann a bheil e/i an da-rìreabh, uile gu léir a’ dèanamh leas no aimhleas; agus tha dà phàirt den cheist sin, susbaint agus modh.

A thaobh susbaint, tha MacRusgail/Creachadair air na mìltean móra de dhuilleagan a chruthachadh sa Uicipeid, ach ’s e glé bheag de shusbaint, de sgrìobhadh Gàidhlig a tha ann an gin dhiubh. A bheil an obair chruthachaidh, obair rangachaidh seo feumail? Chanainn-se gu bheil cuid di feumail, cuid di mì-fheumail. Tha e dìreach craicte, chanainn-se, bhith a’ cruthachadh duilleag Ghàidhlig aona-loidhne do 3000 siorrachd sna Stàitean Aonaichte, aig an ìre aig a bheil sinn fhathast sa Uici Ghàidhlig co-dhiù. Chan eil sin a’ dèanamh ach na search results sa Uicipeid a thruailleadh. Cuid den obair air ainmean-àite ann an Albainn agus ann an Albainn Nuaidh, chanainn gu bheil i feumail. Ach tha mi amhrasach a thaobh cuid de na h-ainmean. Agus air sgàth’s nach eil tùsan (references) air an ainmneachadh, tha cunnairt ann gun cuirear daoine ceàrr. Dh’fheumadh MacRusgail tùsan a chur ann, no aig a char as lugha sgrìobhadh san duilleig dheasbaireachd, “Mi fhìn a chruthaich an t-ainm sin”, oir chan eil ùine aig duine eile dol tro na mìltean de dhuilleagan gan dearbhadh agus gan ceartachadh.

A thaobh mì-mhodh, tha mi gu math amhrasach. Ma tha thu ag obair airson na Gàidhlig ach ann an dòigh cho aimhreiteach ’s gu bheil thu a’ cur daoine eile dheth, daoine a bhiodh is dòcha a’ sgrìobhadh dhuilleagan susbainteach, daoine air a bheil sinn gu math feumach sa Uicipeid, a’ bheil sin an da-rìreabh a’ dèanamh leas no aimhleas?

B’fhearr leam gun bhacadh a chur uile gu léir air MacRusgail. Ach tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil e cudromach casg no brake air choireigin a chur air a’ chruthachadh de mhìltean de dhuilleagan gun móran susbaint annta. Agus bhiodh e math fois tamaill no break a bhith againn cuideachd bhon mhì-mhodh. Sin an t-adhbhar a chuir mi bhòt airson an “Roghainn a bharrachd”. Ach tha dà bhliadhna car fada, saoilidh mi. Bhiodh aon bhliadhna a-mhàin na b’fhearr, tha mise a’ smaoineachadh, nan robh MacRusgail air a bhith ag obair san ùine sin gus na h-artaigilean a chruthaich e gu ruige seo a leasachadh gu ìre iomchaidh

--Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 01:36, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tapadh leat a Chaoimhinn airson a' mheòrachaidh a tha thu air a dhèanamh air seo. Chanainn gu bheil mi air an aon ràmh agus gu bheil thu air na smaoinean agam fhìn a chur an cèill ann an doigh soilleir, susbainteach. Seo na puingean as cudromaiche dhomhsa
  1. A MhicRusgail, tha thu airidh air moladh airson obair mhòr a dhèanamh. Cha diùlt mi sin. Ach chan mi a' smaointinn gu bheil e math dhan Uici gur e 'bun' a th' anns gach darnacha duilleag nuair a briogas mi 'Duilleag air thuaiream'. B'fhearr leam gun robh na h-artaigilean a chruthaich e thu air an leasachadh agus bhithinnsa toilichte ag obair còmhla riut air pròiseact gus siud a dhèanamh.
  2. Tha mi a' cur taic ri moladh Chaoimhinn airson aon bhliadhna.
  3. Tapadh leat a Shionnach airson a' bhòt agus an deasbad a chur air dòigh.
Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 10:39, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bha mi airson feasgar ciùin an Leabharlann Naiseanta na h-Alba, agus bha feum agam an stuth seo ri leughadh! Ceart ma tha, chan eil uine gu leor agam airson freagairt fhreagarrach an seo (duinidh iad aig 8:30) - ach feumaidh mi a' deiligeadh ri puing neo dha san toiseach.

"Ach tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil e cudromach casg no brake air choireigin a chur air a’ chruthachadh de mhìltean de dhuilleagan gun móran susbaint annta." - Sin ceist gu math diofraichte. Tha mi a' deasachadh "mhìltean de dhuilleagan" air Wikipedia na Beurla fad na h-uine! Ach 's e larach-lin eile a tha ann, ged a bheil cuid air a' cur smachd air am fear seo. Tha mi cinnteach gu bheil mearachdan air na duilleagan agam, ach chan eil na duilleagan a rinn sibh fhein coileanta, a Chaoimhin! (Agus gheibh mise "droch-bheul" gu fior bhuaibh nuair a dheasaich mi fear dhe. Gu soilleir, tha sibh "goirt" fhathast.)

"Tha e dìreach craicte, chanainn-se, bhith a’ cruthachadh duilleag Ghàidhlig aona-loidhne do 3000 siorrachd sna Stàitean Aonaichte, aig an ìre aig a bheil sinn fhathast sa Uici Ghàidhlig co-dhiù."

Tha/bidh na h-artagailean seo ceangailte ri artagailean eile. Agus cha robh iad cho furasda ri dheanamh - cha robh "bot" sam bith gam chuideachadh. Nach eil fios agaibh gu bheil "Wiki (Wiki)" a' ciallachadh "luath" ann an Hawaiianais? Tha cothrom mor againne airson larach-lin as fhearr agus as motha a bhith againne.

Ghearr sibh mu "droch-bheul" agam (air larach-lin eile!), agus nis tha mi "craicte". Sin direach mi-mhodh - chan eil Wikipedia sa Ghaidhlig direach airson Baird Ghaidhlig neo am Mod Naiseanta neo gearradh na mona neo Alba Nuadh. Ceart ma tha, tha cudrom aca, is soilleir sin, ach bu choir do shealladh nas fharsainge a bhith againn.

'S e dearg-naire a tha ann gu bheil an Wikipedia seo cho slaodach, lag, agus beag. Cait a bheil na h-artagailean feumail? Carson nach robh artagail air cuspairean mar "Am Muir Meadhan-thìreach" o chionn ghoirid? (Ma bhios sibh airson leasachadh...) Cha robh "tags" againn, mar's trice tha na teamplaidean uabhasach (agus briste). Tha mi a' cur taing ris na regulars, ach ca bheil na daoine eile?-MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 19:39, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Chan eil feum sam bith annta a chionn 's nach dèan iad ach suim nan duilleagan a chur an àirde. Dè feum a chì càch ann an leabhar-eòlais sa bheil billean duilleag 's gach duilleag ag innse dhaibh gur e 'mamail a th' ann an cat' agus gu bheil 'Rome ann an Arkansas'? Thig iad air chèilidh aon turas agus falbhaibh iad dhan Uicipeid Bheurla an uairsin. Tha e doirbh a bhith ann an còmhstri ri rud mar an Uicipeid Bheurla ach cha dèan sinn a' chùis air gu Là Luain mur am faigh sinn làmh an uachdar a thaobh càileachd na susbaint againn, can sreath de dhuilleagan a tha air leth 's nas fhearr na an tè Bheurla air cuspairean Gàidhealach. Cha dèan 'Rome, Arkansas' dad, sgath. Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 02:25, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

"Ca bheil na daoine eile?" A' teicheadh bhon an leithid seo: "'S e cruit an t-ainm a tha air clàrsach beag [sic]." https://gd.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cl%C3%A0rsach Tha am fear a sgriobh sin a' gabhail ris fhein ughdarras acadaimeigeach nach eil aige agus nach do choisinn e. Chan chanadh eolaiche sam bith gu bheil dearbhadh eachdraidheil ann a bheireadh taic dhan a' bheachd seo. Chan eil ann ach beachd pearsanta aig sgriobhadair nach eil eolach. Tha moran obrach air a bhith air a dheanamh anns na beagan bhliadhnachan mu dheireadh agus tha suil as ur ga thoirt air a' chuspair. S araidh an Gaidheal air fiosrachadh a dh'fhaodas e earbsa a chur ann s chan e seann nonsense bhon 19mh linn deug. Calumcille (an deasbaireachd) 16:54, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC); chaidh an t-ainm sgrìobhte seo a chur ris le Akerbeltz is Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 16:40, 7 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC) Reply[reply]

Aistean goirid[deasaich an tùs]

A chairdean,
Air sgàth 's gun do nochd an cuspair: "chruthachadh de mhìltean de dhuilleagan gun mòran susbaint" anns an deasbad gu àrd, bu toil leam a' phuing seo a thogail mar chuspair fa-leth. Mar a bhios cuid de na seann chòmhraidhean a' sealltainn (m.e : Aistean_goirid) chan e cuspair ùr a th' ann. Sgrìobh MacRusgail "Tha cothrom mor againne airson larach-lin as fhearr agus as motha a bhith againne." Nam beachd-sa: "nas motha": tha sin fìor, bha Uicipeid a’ fàs gu mòr a thaobh àireamh nan aistean anns na miosan sa chaidh. "Nas fhearr": uill, mar a chì sibh anns a' chlàr tha Uicipeid na Gàidhlig san àite mu dheireadh a thaobh susbaint nan aistean an taca ris na cànanan Ceilteach eile. Anns a' cho-theacsa seo b' fhiach coimhead air Uici Gàidhlig Mhanainn (le "Duilleag air thuaiream"). Ged as e Uici bheag a th' innte, tha na h-aistean aca a ' coimhead nas fheàrr na an seo, le teamplaidean, tùsan is/neo ceanglaichean a-mach.

Uicipeid Aistean a rèir Bites (10.2014) (1) Faclan san Uici gu lèir (10.2014) (2) Aistean nas motha na 0.5 Kb (02.2014)(3)
cy 1231 9.3 M 79 %
br 1522 11.9 M 63 %
gv 1954 1.2 M 76%
ga 1101 4.3 M 52%
gd 871 1.3 M 31%
sco 2390 5.7 M 84%

(1) Aistean a rèir Bites (2) Faclan san Uici gu lèir (3) Aistean nas motha na 0.5 Kb

Seo mo bheachd-san phearsanta a thaobh nan aistean goirid:

  • Puing math:

- Le corr is 5000 [12] de dh'aistean ùra a rinn MacRusgail tha sin a' ciallachadh gun do dh'fhàs àireamh nan aistean gu math luath.

  • Puingean nach eil cho math:
-Ma bhriogas sibh air Duilleag air thuaiream gheibh sin gu ìre mhòr aistean gun susbaint is mar as trice ann an droch staing. Chan eil sin tarraingeach don leughadair idir, agus chan e sanas don Ghàidhlig a th' annta.
- Tha iad an urra ris na daoine eile airson sgioblachadh is leasachadh, agus bidh na leasachaidhean seo gan cumail air falbh bho sgrìobhadh/leudachadh aistean a rèir an uidh aca.
- Neo nas miosa cha deach an leasachadh idir, tha an aiste as sine a th' againn (seo e: Àrainneachd) fhathast anns an droch staing mar a bha e san t-Samhain 2004‎. Gheibhear barrachd eisimpleirean fo na duilleagan as sine
  • Beachdan bho Uicis eile:
-A-rèir mòran Uicis eile thèid aistean le dìreach aon loidhne a sguabadh às.
-Bu chòir mìneachadh mun chuspair a bhith ann anns a' chiad seantans (Uici Gearmailtis/Uici Beurla: Uici Beurla (anns a' co-theacsa seo faic na h-aistean me.: ann an Roinn-seòrsa: Bailtean ann an Alba Nuadh neo me.: Abhainn Sheòrais)
-Ann an Uici Alemannic (Uici ann am mhion-chànain Ghearmailteach) tha fiù 's riaghailt ann gun tèid aistean nas lugha na còig seantansan ciallach a sguabadh às gus cruthachadh mìltean de dh'aistean goirid a sheachnadh.

'S e leabhar-eòlais an t-amas aig Uicipeid. Tha e ag ràdh air a' Phrìomh-dhuilleig againne: "Sgrìobhaibh aistidhean math le cùram. Tha na leabhraichean mòr-eòlais as fheàrr air an dèanamh an àird le duilleagan làn fiosrachaidh fheumail agus air an sgrìobhadh gu faiceallach".

Leis an deasbad gu h-àrd saoilidh mi gu bheil e cudromach nis, seòrsa poileasaidh a stèidheachadh dè an t-seòrsa aistean a tha sinn ag iarraidh ann an Uicipeid na Gàidhlig.

Seo na molaidhean agam airson an àm ri teachd:

  • Feumaidh còig seantans ciallach/làn fiosrachaidh a bhith aig na aistean ùra (neo feumaidh iad a bhith nas motha na 1000 bites neo rudeigin mar sin)
  • Feumaidh tùsan/iomraidhean agus/neo ceanglaichean a-mach a bhith aca


  • Bidh e toirmisgte barrachd na trì aistean goirid (aistean nas lugha na còig seantans) a chruthachadh gu luath air aon latha (Tha sinn uile, gu h-àiridh an fheadhainn ùra, a chur pìosan beaga ann bho àm gu àm).


  • Ma thèid aistean a chruthachadh gu luath feumaidh 5 seantansan de theacsa ciallach (teacsa a bhios a' toirt seachad fiosrachadh glan mun chuspair seo) is dealbh (ma bhios fear ann) is teamplaid (ma bhios fear ann) is tùsan a bhith aca. (-> feumaidh iad a bhith gu math sgiobalta!)
    • Is toil leam an roghainn seo. 'S gann gun dèan mi deasachadh fhèin, ach a tha mi nam chleachdaiche is chan eil torr stubs gu feum sam bith nam bheachd-sa, ged a rinn MacRusgail obair mhòr orra. #--GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 21:29, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


  • Thèid pròiseact sgioblachaidh a chur air bhonn (ach chan eil mi cinnteach am biodh sin ag obrachadh, air sgàth 's nach faca mi mòran leasachaidhean a thaobh nan aistean goirid gu ruige seo. Is dòcha gu bheil na cleachdaidhean sgìth gus dìreach sgioblachadh a dhèanamh an àite aistean a chruthachadh aca fhèin.)

Le a bhith a' stèidheachadh poileasaidh a thaobh nan aistean goirid tha mi an dòchas gum faigh sinn cothrom airson susbaint na h-Uicipeid a leasachadh gus am b' fhiach e coimhead air Uicipeid na Gàidhlig. Ach mus bi bhòtadh ann bhiodh e math beachdan eile fhaighinn bhuaibh, is dòcha gu bheil sibh gu tur an aghaidh poileasaidh sam bith a thaobh nan "stubs" neo is dòcha gu bheil molaidhean nas fheàrr agaibh gus dèiligeadh leis na h-aistean gun mhòran susbaint. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 17:21, 7 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Deasbad[deasaich an tùs]

Leis an fhirinn innse, chan eil fhios agam cia mheud "bytes" sa tha ann an artagail, direach cia mheud seantasan msa.
Ach tha duilgheadas eile againn - as aonais Gaelg - tha taic agus aireamh-labhairt aig na canain shuas nach eil aig a' Ghaidhlig. Tha litreachas na Gaidhlig lan de Chriosdaidheachd agus bardachd, ach tha leabhraichean air cuspairean eile gu math gann. Cha do thoisich sreath laidir de nobhailean gus an 21mh linn (fiu's tric nach eil moran Ghaidhlig ri fhaighinn air BBC Alba). Lionadh litreachas na Gaidhlig buth beag co-dhiu.-MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 19:02, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Gheibh thu na bites ann an eachdraidh na duilleige. Seo cuid eisimpleirean:
--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 22:31, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Perhaps a useful point: the Dutch wikipedia only allows 'stubs' if there is a minimum of 3 independent pieces of information on the page. Different approach from # of bytes. Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 22:39, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Tha mi dol le Gunmhoine, bhiodh e na b' fhasa do dhaoine seantansan a chunntadh seach bytes ach mholainn targaid beagan na b' àirde. Mholainn rud mar seo:
  • 10 seantansan (gun a bhith cunntadh teamplaidean)
  • air an deagh litreachadh. Tha dearbhair litreachaidh am broinn Firefox agus Opera 's chan eil leisgeul sam bith airson uiread a mhearachdan litreachaidh. Tha mi seachd searbh sgìth dhiubh.
  • le co-dhiù aon roinn-seòrsa nach eil dearg
  • co-dhiù 1 tùs
  • bidh bunan nas lugha ceadaichte ach chan urrainnear barrachd air aonan a chruthachadh mus cruthaichear fear eile agus feumar a leasachadh am broinn seachdain.

Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 11:50, 10 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tha mi a' dol leibh a thaobh cunntadh nan seantansan. @Akerbeltz: 10 seantansan airson a h-uile aiste neo dìreach airson obair luath?--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 19:09, 11 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
When I joined nl.wiki it had 400 pages. So, I have seen this discussion many times before. It is not unusual for wiki's at this stage to have many stubs. In fact they are often seeds more than stubs: they are a way to grow and collect more info. But they also look messy. So, there is a trade-off. If you 'clean up' by setting high demands you kill off much that could have grown, but if you have too much of a mess you scare off people who don't like getting their hands dirty. As long as this wiki is as small as it is I would not make the requirements too stringent. Start with a few very basic demands. You can always make them stricter once gd.wiki has grown above, say, 100,000 pages. Also: improving seeds is better than putting them on a deletion list. And putting deletion/improvement tags on pages does not improve them for a reader. Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 20:29, 10 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
We don't have articles on basic subjects... and the one on "nature" (nadar) has just been deleted. (Couldn't a longer article be written?!). My problem is I would have trouble writing on some of these subjects in English, but no one else seems to want to improve them, create them, write them etc. School children should be able to use this website for homework.
Our other problem is that there is very little Gaelic literature. Christian books and poetry, but that's it, and most of the rest dealing with a narrow range of Gaelic culture (but a lot of those books have English titles too). Most of the Gaelic language TV channel, BBC Alba seems to be in English too.
"you scare off people who don't like getting their hands dirty." - Many people have been scared off Gaidhlig wikipedia. Some people would like to see me scared off it too. -MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 12:51, 11 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
That probably worked on the Dutch Wikipedia because ultimately, there's a lot of Dutch speakers and with time, the number of editors increased and they found their respective niches and tidied up stuff. That's just not going to happen here, there will never be enough editors for enough to care about Diddlytown in Arkansas to go back and improve 2000 pages like that.
And at the level these seeds/stubs are, there is no way any schoolchild will ever use them for their homework. Not unless their teachers asked for 10 word essays on zebras. Just pushing up the number of useless stubs/seeds will not help that cause, not when even the wiktionary will give you more information about a given word/topic that the stub/seed.
Sionnach, I was suggesting 10 sentences within the week i.e. if you create a one sentence seed/stub, that's ok but the rules would be that you're not allowed to create another one until you built that one up to at least 10 sentences and that you'd have to do that within one week. Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 11:02, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I agree with Akerbeltz, Wikis in minority language work different because there aren’ t just enough people to improve all those stubs. "you scare off people who don't like getting their hands dirty." Trying myself to get others interested in Uicipeid na Gàidhlig it is not that they don’t want to get their hands dirty, mostly they get scared off by the mass of articles that need to be worked on if they have a look at the random pages. A page with at least a little substance and a nice layout seems to be more inviting for them for adding a sentence here and there rather when they have to build up a page almost from scratch. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 17:26, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
"there will never be enough editors for enough to care about Diddlytown in Arkansas" - Actually these articles are easy to expand, since data on climate, population etc can be added. What is "diddly" is a matter of opinion, you find that "diddly", I find discussion of dentally fronted flatulatives or train stations "diddly" and wouldn't be much interested in them. And I doubt many people could write on flatulatives, fricatives, alveolars etc in Gaidhlig or even want to read about them. Likewise, I suspect you find geology diddly, minor religions or rugby diddly or the novels of Philip K. Dick diddly.
"Sionnach, I was suggesting 10 sentences within the week i.e. if you create a one sentence seed/stub, that's ok but the rules would be that you're not allowed to create another one until you built that one up to at least 10 sentences and that you'd have to do that within one week. " - That's better/Tha sin nas fhearr. -MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 14:13, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Akerbeltz: I see your point and I like it. First of all the author of a article should be encouraged to expand it. But maybe 10 sentences are a little to high, I tried to improve Dearcmhara shawcrossi, but it still has only 9 seantansan, but in my opinion it is a nice stub now . To expand it further I have neither enough knowledge of dinosaurs nor the special Gàidhlig that is needed for doing so .
My other concern are the learners. Looking at this page Gazella dorcas. We got 7 sentencesso far, but I think there is a big difference between this one and those American cities. In this context please have a look at these discussion pages as well: [13] agus [14]. I think we need a target that is not so high for beginners. That’s the reason that I suggested to make a difference between "mass creating of stubs" and normal user work. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 17:34, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Sionnach: I think it would be a good idea to set some basic standards for short articles. Those could be a help to the writers, too, especially "newcomers" in the Gaelic Uicipeid (like myself). For example: about 5 sentences minimum, references, a picture (if available) and at least one category, something along those lines. This is what I'd expect from any article in any Wikipedia. When writing a short article myself I use to put a prototype version on my duilleag a' chleachdaiche and ask other users for their help on certain points, for example by writing them a message on their own page. This method seems to work for me. (And, by the way, I'm glad about the Gaelic spellchecking program.)--Comhachag-bheag (an deasbaireachd) 16:13, 13 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

We could make it 5-10 in order to provide a bracket, along with photo/category as Comhachag suggested? Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 17:44, 13 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@MacRusgail "there will never be enough editors for enough to care about Diddlytown in Arkansas" - Actually these articles are easy to expand, since data on climate, population etc can be added. MacRusgail 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)
This. That is what we'd like to see you doing. Before you add another 1000 one-liners in a month.Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 18:51, 13 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


"Tha dearbhair litreachaidh am broinn Firefox agus Opera 's chan eil leisgeul sam bith airson uiread a mhearachdan litreachaidh."
Chan eil sin fior idir airson a h-uile duine. Chan eil mi ag obair air coimpiutairean leam fhin, agus chan eil dearbhair litreachaidh orra air fad. (Chan eil cead agam) Tha e gu math duileach srac a chur air fuaimreagan cuideachd, feumaidh mi "cut and paste" a dheanamh. Chan urrainn dhomh fon agam a chleachdadh air sgath gu bheil cuideigin a bhacadh an network agam (shared IP?). Chan eil fior "standard" againn fhathast co-dhiu - tha cleachdaiche neo dha eile a' cleachdadh srac "acute" mar eiseimpleir. Seadh tha fhios agam air "GOC".
Bha sibh a' gearain mu artagail "cat". Tha artagailean mar sin cudromach - agus ma tha iad goirid, nach urrainn do chuid beagan leasachadh a dheanamh? Tha artagail fada (inntinneach) air Akerbeltz, agus artagail lan air Michael Bauer (a.k.a. "Akerbeltz") a sgriobh esan fhein, ach chan eil artagailean substainteach air cuspairean bunaiteach a chleachdas clann-sgoile, mar cat, cu, each, taigh, car, eilean msa. Nach sgriobhadh e deich seantansan air "cat"? Chan eil mi eolach air ainmean air "gestation", "tibia" agus teirmean ceangailte ri beatha agus bodhaig ach bidh eolas air duine eile gun teagamh.-MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 12:51, 11 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Chan eil bacadh teicneolais 'na leisgeul, duilich, chan eil e cothromach sparradh air daoine eile gach rud a sgrìobhas tu a cheartachadh a chionn 's gu bheil thu fhèin ro leisg. Fiù ma tha thu air coimpiutair aig cuideigin eile, tha dòighean ann, can na h-ath-ghoiridean ALT + àireamh air Windows agus tha ath-ghoirid am broinn gach siostam Mac o thùs co-dhiù.
Agus 'nice try' a thaobh an dà rud a sgrìobh mi a thaobh rudan a tha buntainn dhomh fhìn. An dèidh dhomh seo a sgrìobhadh, dh'iarr mi air rianairean eile sùil a thoirt orra ach a bheil gach rud a-rèir nan riaghailtean.
Agus duine sam bith aig a bheil comas leughaidh, tha fios aca mu thràth gur e mamail a th' ann an cat. Chan eil dad a dh'fheum san fhiosrachadh sin fhèin 'na aonar, end of. Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 10:54, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
"Agus 'nice try' a thaobh an dà rud a sgrìobh mi a thaobh rudan a tha buntainn dhomh fhìn." - Chan e "nice try" ach COI ("conflict of interest") a-reir Wikipedia. (Cha do sgriobh mi artagail a-riamh orm fhin, neo air leabhraichean a sgriobh mi.) Bha uidh agam ann an "Akerbeltz", chan eil mi ach beag-eolach air beul-aithris nam Basgach... ach bu choir dhuinn a leasachadh na artagail air cuspairean bunaiteach mar cat. Tha iad nas fheumaile, agus nas fhasa ri sgriobhadh. Chan eil uidh sam bith agamsa ann an Nancy Dorian, tha uidh agam air dualchainnt agus faclan a rinn i obair air.
O chionn goirid bha stuth againn air Nancy Dorian agus teirmean homophobic mar "gille-tòine", ach cha robh artagail againn air Loch Nis, Mediterranean neo ainmhidhean cumanta.
"tha fios aca mu thràth gur e mamail a th' ann an cat" - Tha fios agaibh, ach am bidh fios aig clann-sgoile? An do leugh sibh Wikipedia "Simple English" a-riamh? Tha fios bunaiteach mar sin ann. Bu choir do artagail air cat ag radh stuth mar: ainm Laideann, am biadh aige, am meud aige, na dathan oirre, de bhios iad a dheanamh, far a bheil iad a' fuireach 7c. Tha sin feumail airson clann, agus daoine aig bun-ire na Gaidhlig. ('S fhearr leamsa "sineach" na "mamal" co-dhiu). A-reir Faclair Chambers "a carnivore of genus Felis, esp the domesticated kind or any of the smaller wild species." - nach eil fios againn uile gu bheil iad ag ithe feoil? Neo a tha cuid fiadhach agus cuid eile san taigh? Ach tha an eolas sin feumail a thaobh stuth eile.
"Chan eil bacadh teicneolais 'na leisgeul, duilich" - Chan eil sin fior idir idir!!! Agus ma tha seantans neo dha ro ghoirid, tha deich seantasan ro fhada mar ire iosail. Tha e GU MATH duilich ri sgriobhadh sa Ghaidhlig - chan eil leabhraichean gu leor againne, chan eil "bogadh" ("immersion") sa Ghaidhlig ri fhaighinn ann an aite sam bith - air Reidio nan Gaidheal, neo BBC Alba, sna eileanan, neo SMO. -MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 13:55, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
...agus artagail lan air Michael Bauer a sgriobh esan fhein,... chan eil sin fior idir! Sgrìobh cuidegin eile e, chuir user:Glurenom an cuid as motha ris an artaigeal seo. Ma chuireas Akerbeltz teamplaid ris chanainn nach e COI a th' ann. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 17:46, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thoisich cuideigin eile e, ach tha e soilleir gun do sgriobh Michael Bauer a' mhorchuid dhe!-MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 13:21, 14 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Saoilidh mi gun robh e a-mach air Akerbeltz. 'S e faclair a th' ann an Chambers, a laochain, 's e leabhar-eòlas a th' anns an Uicipeid, tha diofar ann agus mur eil an diofar follaiseach dhut, 's mathaid gu bheil thu san àite chearr. Cha duirt duine sam bith riamh gu bheil e furasta sgrìobhadh sa Ghàidhlig ach chan eil a' chùis cho toinnte 's a tha thusa cumail a-mach a bharrachd. Chan e Seapanais no Thai a tha seo, ach 5 stràcan. Agus a-rithist, mar a thuirt mi, air a' char as lugha tha e 'na mhì-mhodh sparradh air daoine eile sgioblachadh 'nad dhèidh dìreach a chionn 's gu bheil thusa leisg. Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 17:44, 13 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Aidh aidh, tha fhios agam, ach chan robh ach Chambers san aite a bha mi ann, aig an am sin. Chan eil ioghnadh orm gu bheil "Uicipeid" caran mar "dead parrot" o chionn deichead. -MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 13:23, 14 dhen Fhaoilleach 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Forgive me both for writing in English and for opening a potential can of worms.
What if school children or Gaelic students were asked (not ordered or required) to write articles in Uicipeid? There could be a minimum number of sentences required, or any number of other requirements (such as adding images, a minimum number of verbs/nouns or other parts of speech, or whatever) placed on the articles. Any given class of students could collaborate on writing an article as an exercise for any given learning module, any given subject, or perhaps they might work on a single article throughout an entire class term (a semester in SAA). Perhaps the more advanced students could correct the less experienced students' work and act as mentors?
This/these project(s) might increase the stub/seed articles, but would also raise awareness of the existence of Uicipeid, increase the content, and perhaps make the subject matter more cogent.
I am finding that writing Uicipeid and Uiclair articles excellent ways to learn the language and increase vocabulary. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to learn Gaelic since the early 1990s, but my skill has increased exponentially in a just a few months since I began working on Uicipeid and Uiclair. Yes, my articles (such as Gazella dorcas) are/were lame, but I believe they were improving, and I am very proud to have written them. Mentorship helped greatly. (Gun robh móran math agad, Sionnach agus ThisIsSusanBell.)
I do continue to find, however, that while my reading and writing skills are improving, my speaking and listening abilities still suffer. That is in part a function of where I live (SAA), I believe.
Kibi78704 (an deasbaireachd) 19:25, 28 dhen Mhàrt 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Partitive[deasaich an tùs]

Ciamar a chanas mi “partitive”? Chan eil Ginideach ceart, tha mi a smaoineachadh. Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 23:38, 15 dhen Ghearrain 2015 (UTC)

Anns an fhaclair chànanachais aig Roy Wentworth, Briathrachas Cànanach tha “am pàirteach” agus “tuiseal pàirteach”. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 00:12, 16 dhen Ghearrain 2015 (UTC)
Moràn taing, a Chaoimhin. Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 03:59, 16 dhen Ghearrain 2015 (UTC)

naidheachd mhaith[deasaich an tùs]

Tha 1,000 duilleagan anns an Wiktionary na Gàidhlig an-dràsta. Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 20:34, 16 dhen Mhàrt 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Meal do naidheachd! Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 12:14, 17 dhen Mhàrt 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Authority control[deasaich an tùs]


Please excuse me for writing in English.

Please can someone import and translate en:Template:Authority control (and its subtemplates and Lua module) from the English Wikipedia? The template uses identifiers such as en:Virtual International Authority File (VIAF), en:ORCID & en:Library of Congress Control Numbers (LCCN) (and several others) to diambiguate people with similar names. It imports such data from Wikidata.

Once the template is working, a bot can add it to all the articles about people who have one or more of the relvant ideniftiers, in Wikdiata.

The template can also be used to display ORCID identifiers on user pages, which is particlarly useful for those who edit in relation to their professional or academic research. See en:WP:ORCID for more information. See my en.WP user page for an example.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions, or if you can help. Pigsonthewing (an deasbaireachd) 15:03, 21 dhen Ghiblean 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The Link FA and Link Ga templates[deasaich an tùs]

These templates are apparently no longer needed, so someone from outside has marked them for speedy deletion. Unfortunately that gets transcluded on all pages that cite those templates. The result is a big mess: hundreds and hundreds of pages are now marked for speedy deletion. I have requested a clean up. I just hope no one starts to delete all the good pages in the mean time. Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 03:41, 24 dhen Ghiblean 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Why Uicipeid?[deasaich an tùs]

Just wanted to know... 05:17, 9 dhen Chèitean 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

See the debate we had on this further up (Name change) a good while back Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 14:13, 10 dhen Chèitean 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Galicia 20 - 20 Challenge[deasaich an tùs]

Wikipedia:Galicia 20 - 20 Challenge is a public writing competition which will improve and translate this list of 20 really important articles into as many languages as possible. Everybody can help in any language to collaborate on writing and/or translating articles related to Galicia. To participate you just need to sign up here. Thank you very much.--Breogan2008 (discuter) 9 juin 2015 à 00:59 (CEST)

Indo-Eòrpach no Ind-Eòrpach no Innd-Eòrpach[deasaich an tùs]

Anns an Uicipeid an-dràsta, tha:
109 duilleag anns a bheil “Indo-Eòrpach”;
  27 duilleag anns a bheil “Ind-Eòrpach;
  79 duilleag anns a bheil “Innd-Eòrpach”.

Có aca am bu chòir dhuinn a thaghadh?

Is e “Indo-Eòrpach” a th’ aig An Seotal agus is e “Innd-Eòrpach” a th’ aig Am Faclair Beag.

Chan eil mi fhin a’ faicinn adhbhar air an ‘o’, ach a-mhàin a bhith a’ dèanamh aithriseachd air a’ Bheurla. Ach a bheil adhbhar air ‘nnd’ seachas ‘nd’? Tha fhios agam gu bheil ‘nn’ anns “na h-Innseachan”. Ach bha mi riamh a’ smaoineachadh air ‘nn’ agus ‘nd’ mar charan an aon rud, agus gu bheil an ‘d’ ag innse dhuinn gur e fuaim /N/ seachas /n/ a th’ ann. A bheil mi ceàrr? Tha fhios agam ge-tà gu bheil pailteas eisimpleirean de ‘nnd’ ann an Gàidhlig na h-Albann.

--Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 19:13, 19 dhen Ògmhios 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Cha cho-ionnann nd agus nnd. Ann an lide le beum, thig fadachadh air an fhuaimreag ro nnd ach cha dig air nd. 'S e an t-aon duilgheadas a dh'fhaodadh a bhith ann le Indo- gum bi daoine buailteach a ràdh mar /ɔu/ mar a tha e ann am Beurla. Cha tachair sin le Innd- Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 22:19, 20 dhen Ògmhios 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

wgCategoryCollation agus òrdugh na h-aibidile sna roinnean-seòrsa[deasaich an tùs]

Ba toigh leam a mholadh gun iarr sinn atharrachadh beag air aonan de na roghainnean teignigeach aig a’ Uicipeid Ghàidhlig, airson ’s gun cuir an Uicipeid an uair sin na facail le sràc ann an òrdugh ceart na h-aibidile anns na roinnean-seòrsa. Leis a sin, cha bhiodh mì-òrdachadh leithid seo a’ tachairt gu bràth tuilleadh:

  • Anns an roinn-seòrsa Bailtean na h-Alba an-dràsta, tha Àird Rosan, Ànsruthair, Àrnol uile a’ tighinn aig deireadh na h-aibidile às déidh Wishaw.
  • Anns an roinn-seòrsa Eileamaidean, tha Bòron a’ tighinn às déidh Bròmain, Còbalt às déidh Curium, Eòrpium às déidh Erbium, Ròdium às déidh Rutherfordium.
  • Anns an roinn-seòrsa Coloimbia, tha Ceàrn a’ tighinn às déidh Cesar, Córdoba às déidh Cundinamarca, Gómez às déidh Guaviare, Márquez às déidh Mosquera, Pàrtaidh às déidh Putomayo, Vélez às déidh Villeta.

Gabhaidh am mì-òrdachadh seo a chur ceart le bhith a’ dèanamh air gach duilleig fa leth rudan air nòs:

    {{DEFAULTSORT:Aird Rosan}}
    [[Roinn-seòrsa:Bailtean na h-Alba]]
    [[Roinn-seòrsa:Bailtean Siorrachd Inbhir Àir]]

air neo

    [[Roinn-seòrsa:Bailtean na h-Alba|Aird Rosan]]
    [[Roinn-seòrsa:Bailtean Siorrachd Inbhir Àir|Aird Rosan]]

Ach gu nàdarra bidh sgrìobhadairean sa Uicipeid a dìochuimhneachadh sin a dhèanamh. Agus co-dhiù, cha bu chòir obair mar seo a bhith riatanach san latha an-diugh. Bu chòir do na coimpiutairean a bhith comasach air facail le sràc a chur san òrdugh cheart!

Chaidh mi a lorg dé a b’urrainn a bhith ceàrr, agus fhuair mi an seo e, ann am faidhle nan roghainnean aig na Uicipeidean gu léir:


Lorgar wgCategoryCollation anns an fhaidhle seo, agus chithear an sin gu bheil torr mór de na Uicipeidean a-nis a’ cleachdadh “uca”, an Unicode Collation Algorithm airson òrdachadh. Tha mar eisimpleir an t-Seacais (cs), Cuimris (cy), Fraingis (fr), Ungairis (hu), Pòlainnis (pl), Portagailis (pt), Ruisis (ru), agus torr a bharrachd. Ach tha a’ Ghàidhlig (gd) fhathast, coltach ris a’ Bheurla, ag obair leis an default eu-comasach “uppercase”, nach eil a’ dèanamh dad ach co-ionnannachd a dhèanamh eadar na litrichean móra agus beaga, agus a’ fàgail litrichean le sràc aig deireadh na h-aibidile.

Tha ceist mun cuspair seo bho na Cuimrich ann an 2013 a’ faighinn freagairt a’ mìneachadh dé tha a dhìth:

m:Requesting wiki configuration changes

Ma tha sinn ag iarraidh a dhol air adhart, feumaidh sin, an déidh deasbad fhosgladh an seo ann an Doras na coimhearsnachd, bhòt beag a dhèanamh. Agus an uair sin, ma tha am bhòtadh air a shon, iarrtas a chur a-steach aig phabricator.wikimedia.org. Seo eisimpleir de dheasbad ann an Uicipeid na Fraingis ann an 2013 far a robh a h-uile duine air a shon.

Puing bheag theignigeach neo-churdromach. Tha a’ mhórchuid de na cànanan a’ cleachdadh leasachadh beag den Unicode Collation Algorithm, uca-cy no uca-fr no a leithid. Fiù’s ma tha uca-gd ann, tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil sinn a cheart gu math an default, uca-default, iarraidh. Chan eil riatanasan sònraichte aig a’ Ghàidhlig mar a tha aig na Cuimrich le dd, ll, rh agus a leithid òrdachadh. Tha an Unicode Collation Algorithm làn chomasach agus is cinnte gun cuir e sràcan na Gàidhlig anns an òrdugh cheart.

--Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 12:47, 14 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhòtadh[deasaich an tùs]

Airson. Cuiridh mi taic ri 'uca-default'. Mìle mìle taing airson an trioblaid seo a chomharrachadh, a mhìneachadh ann an dòigh cho soilleir agus a' cheist fhuasgladh a Chaoimhin. Thisissusanbell (an deasbaireachd) 17:19, 14 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Airson. Cuiridh mi taic ri 'uca-gd' no 'uca-default'. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 09:31, 15 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Airson. Cuiridh mi taic ri 'uca-gd' no 'uca-default'. --Each-uisge (an deasbaireachd) 14:21, 15 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Airson. 'uca-gd' no 'uca-default'. --CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 19:48, 15 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Airson. Tha mi ag aontachadh ri Caoimhin. Iain Howieson 16:05, 16 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015
Airson. Tha mi a' dol le Caoimhin. --Comhachag-bheag (an deasbaireachd) 17:59, 16 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Airson. Tha mi ag aontachadh ri Caoimhin cuideachd. Mòran taing!--Eimhir (an deasbaireachd) 10:55, 29 dhen Dùbhlachd 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Air a shon. Tha molaidhean Chaoimhin ciallach. Grma! Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 17:00, 24 dhen Fhaoilleach 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Air a shon. A’ cur mo bhòt fhéin ris, agus tha mi dìreach air an iarrtas a chur a-steach gu phabricator. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 19:16, 30 dhen Fhaoilleach 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Dèanta a-nis[deasaich an tùs]

Chuir mi iarrtas a-steach agus tha e dèanta a-nis, mar a chithear mar eisimpleir bho na roinnean-seòrsa Bailtean na h-Alba, Eileamaidean agus Coloimbia. Na h-ainmean le sràc a bha san òrdugh chearr roimhe, tha iad uile ceart a-nise. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 15:34, 10 dhen Ghearrain 2016 (UTC)

Teamplaidean iomraidh ùra[deasaich an tùs]

Mar a mhothaich cuid dhiubh gun teagamh, tha sinn air teamplaidean nan iomraidhean eadar-theangachadh dhan Ghàidhlig agus a chur ris an deasaiche lèirsinneach. Thog mi an còd o na Uicipeidean mòra agus tha cuid dhe na rinn iad fada ro thoinnte dhuinn. Mar sin, bidh mi ag obair orra greis fhathast gus an dèanamh nas fhasa làimhseachadh agus gus mearachdan a chur ceart. Tha agus bidh na teamplaidean Beurla ri am faighinn fhathast cuideachd sa mhodh Deasaich an tùs. Sgrìobhaidh mi an-seo a-rithist nuair a bhios sinn deiseil leotha agus gus ur beachdan iarraidh n uairsin. --GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 11:22, 4 dhen Ògmhios 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mòran taing airson an obair seo a dhèanamh. Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 15:53, 8 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ar leam tha an eadar-aghaidh deiseil a-nis. Innsibh dhomh ma tha dad ann a tha doirbh a thuigsinn no a ghabhas leasachadh. --GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 09:21, 7 dhen Lùnastal 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Compact Language Links enabled in this wiki today[deasaich an tùs]

Please help translate to your language

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). Based on several factors, this shorter list of languages is expected to be more relevant for them and valuable for finding similar content in a language known to them. More information about compact language links can be found in the documentation.

From today onwards, compact language links has been enabled as the default listing of interlanguage links on this wiki. However, using the button at the bottom, you will be able to see a longer list of all the languages the article has been written in. The setting for this compact list can be changed by using the checkbox under User Preferences -> Appearance -> Languages

The compact language links feature has been tested extensively by the Wikimedia Language team, which developed it. However, in case there are any problems or other feedback please let us know on the project talk page. It is to be noted that on some wikis the presence of an existing older gadget that was used for a similar purpose may cause an interference for compact language list. We would like to bring this to the attention of the admins of this wiki. Full details are on this phabricator ticket (in English).

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)-03:05, 1 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

(leth-bhreac bho [15]) --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 16:41, 1 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC) Reply[reply]

Mar seòladh IP gheibh mi cànanan mar: Boarisch, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Plattdüütsch, Nederlands, Русский an seo agus tha sin cho gòrach a ghabhas! Dè na cànanan a chì sibh gun a bhith a logadh a-steach ann an Alba?
Nam bheachd-sa, ma bhios cuideigin coimhead air Uici Gàidhlig tha ùidh aige/aice anns na cànanan Ceilteach no anns na cànanan a tha gan bruidhinn ann an Alba. Chan eil mi a' tuigsinn an gabh sin atharrachadh airson IP’s no nach gabh. Ma ghabhas mholainn-sa gu làidir a h-uile cànan Ceilteach, Beurla, Gearmailtis, Spàinntis, Fraingis agus Scots.
Is dòcha gu bheil e math bruidhinn ri Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) a tha an sàs anns na h-atharrachaidhean seo.
Beachd sam bith eile agaibh, gu sònraichte a thaobh nan cànanan? --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 16:50, 1 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Mar sheòladh IP aig Oilthigh na Gàidhealtachd, gheibh mi: Beangailis, Greugais, Beurla, Eadailtis, Panjabi, Albais, Iùdhais, Sìnis. Is dòcha air sgàth’s gur iad seo na cànanan as cumanta an am Breatainn a thaobh àireamhean ann an liosta air choireigin? Có-dhiù, chan eil e feumail idir. Bha gnothaichean na b’fhearr mar a bha iad roimhe, ma tha thu a’ tighinn a-steach le seòladh IP, gun a bhith logged a-stigh.
Rud a tha cinnteach, chanainn, ’s e gum bu chòir Gàidhlig na h-Éireann a bhith aig mullach an liosta ma ghabhas sin a dhèanamh. Dhan a h-uile duine, logged a-stigh no gun a bhith logged a-stigh, seach gu bheil i cho faisg air Gàidhlig na h-Alban. Agus an uair sin a’ Ghàidhlig Mhanainneach is dòcha? An déidh sin chan eil beachd làidir agam a thaobh Beurla, Albais, cànanan P-ceilteacha, no dìreach fhàgail aig an IP. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 14:51, 2 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Cànanan ceilteach eile
Ruisis agus cànan sam bith eile far a bheil buidheann dhe luchd-ionnsachaidh ann. Fraingis?
--GunChleoc (an deasbaireachd) 13:43, 3 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

2016-07-08: Tha mi air a bhith a’ deasbad a’ chuspair seo aig phabricator.wikimedia.org/T138973, a’ smaoineachadh chan ann a-mhàin mu dheidhinn Uicipeid na Gàidhlig, ach mu dheidhinn chànanan eile cuideachd. Oir tha iomadh cànan Uicipeid aig a bheil cànanan eile a tha dlùth-chàirdeach agus a ghabhadh an tuigsinn gun cus strì. Fhuair mi a-mach gun robh dòigh ann, fon t-seann siostam de liosta chànan fada aibideileach, anns am b’urrainn dhuinn iarraidh cànanan fa leth a bhith gan cur gu mullach an liosta. Ach chan eil sin ag obair fon t-siostam ùr, Compact language list, a th’ againn a-nise. Tha luchd-leasachadh Wikipedia a’ cur spéis sa chuspair ge-tà, agus chithear e fo “Backlog” air a’ Workboard seo. Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gum bu chòir dhuinn fuireach a dh’fhaicinn dé seòrsa acainn a chuireas iad air dòigh, agus an uair sin a faicinn ciamar as fhearr is urrainn dhuinn a cleachdadh air Uicipeid na Gàidhlig. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 11:28, 8 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

2016-08-21: Tha an acainn ùr ag obrachadh a-nise. Faodaidh sinn taghadh a dhèanamh, có iad na cànanan a tha sinn ag iarraidh a bhith a’ nochdadh aig mullach nan “Compact language links”, mar a th’ againn a-nis air Uicipeid na Gàidhlig. Tha parameter/setting ann, “sortPrepend” airson an taghadh sin a dhèanamh, agus chithear le bhith a’ lorg “sortPrepend” le Ctrl+F san fhaidhle https://noc.wikimedia.org/conf/highlight.php?file=InitialiseSettings.php gu bheil cuid de Wikipedias eile ga chleachdadh mu-thràth.

Bu chòir dhuinn a-nis, tha mi a’ smaoineachadh, taghadh a dhèanamh de na cànanan a tha sinn ag iarraidh bhith aig mullach an liosta. Thathar a’ canail ruinn, “only a small number of languages should be added if at all”, agus is e sin an fhaireachdainn a th’ againn fhéin. Dìreach Gàidhlig na h-Éireann a-mhain is dòcha (ga)? No is dòcha Gàidhlig na h-Éireann agus Gàdhlig Mhanainn (ga, gv)? Oir a thaobh chànanan eile, togaidh an Compact Language Links na mórchànanan co-dhiù (en, de, es, it ..) bho àiteachan eile: bhon bhrabhsair, agus bho na Uicipeidean eile a bhios an neachd-cleachdaidh fa leth a’ tathaich. Agus a thaobh nan cananan P-ceilteach (Cuimris, Còrnais, Breatanais), ged a tha sinn bàdheil dhaibh, chan eil gu leor de cho-thuisge ann agus gum biodh iad feumail don mhórchuid de luchd-leughaidh na Gàidhlig. Ma ’s urrainn dhuinn aontachadh air liosta beag, dh’ fhaodamaid bhòt beag foirmeil a chur air dòigh, agus an uair sin iarrtas a chur a-steach. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 14:35, 8 dhen Lùnastal 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

2016-12-21: An déidh beagan deasbaid a bharrachd am measg an fheadhainn a thug beachdan seachad, tha mi air iarrtas a chur a-steach airson 'sortPrepend' => [ 'ga', 'gv', 'sco', 'cy' ], .i. prìomhachas sa liosta chànan a bhith aig Gàidhlig na h-Éireann, Gàidhlig Mhanainn, Albais agus Cuimris. Thathar an dùil gun téid sin a chur an gnìomh air 3 am Faoilleach. Mholainn do dhaoine aig a bheil ùidh sa liosta chànan air an taobh chlì: sùil a chur air an t-seòrsa measgachadh a tha thu a’ faighinn an-dràsta air diofar coimpiutairean; sùil a chur air fad greis a-rithist an déidh 3 am Faoilleach; agus barail fhàgail an seo. An déidh ceithir mìosan faodamaid sùil a chur air an liosta a-rithist, agus beachdachadh am bu chòir dhì bhith nas fhaide le Còrnais agus Breatnais is dòcha, no am bu chòir dhì bhith nas giorra, no a bheil i dìreach ceart le ga,gv,sco,cy. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 21:27, 21 dhen Dùbhlachd 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

2017-01-03: Chaidh an t-atharrachadh seo a chur an sàs feasgar an-diugh mar a bha dùil. Ma théid thu gu duilleag leithid Lunnainn no Berlin, chì thu gu bheil ga,gv,sco,cy (Gàidhlig na h-Éireann, Gàidhlig Mhanainneach, Beurla Ghallda, Cuirmis) a-nis anns na ceanglaichean cànain sa cholbh air an taobh chlì den sgrìn. A bharrachd air sin, tha Wikipedia fhathast a’ toirt dhuinn cóig cànanan eile a tha e a’ tomhais a bhiodh feumail dhuinn. Tha e a’ toirt dhomhsa বাংলা (bn), Ελληνικά (el), English (en), ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (pa), agus 中文 (zh)! Is beag m’fhios carson. Co-dhiù, tha e math gu bheil ga,gv,sco.cy againn a-nis. Ma tha barail agad mun ghoireas seo an déidh a bhith ga chleachdadh fad greis, fàg an seo i. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 18:06, 3 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

A Chaoimhin, mòran taing airson sin! Tha sin fada nas fheàrr. A bharrachd air ga,gv,sco,cy gheibh mi Boarisch, Gearmailtis, Beurla, Fraingis agus Plattdüütsch a-nis! --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 20:46, 3 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

IMPORTANT: Admin activity review[deasaich an tùs]

Hello. A new policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc) was adopted by global community consensus in 2013. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing administrators' activity on smaller wikis. To the best of our knowledge, your wiki does not have a formal process for removing "advanced rights" from inactive accounts. This means that the stewards will take care of this according to the admin activity review.

We have determined that the following users meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for more than 2 years):

  1. Derek Ross (bureaucrat, administrator)

These users will receive a notification soon, asking them to start a community discussion if they want to retain some or all of their rights. If the users do not respond, then their advanced rights will be removed by the stewards.

However, if you as a community would like to create your own activity review process superseding the global one, want to make another decision about these inactive rights holders, or already have a policy that we missed, then please notify the stewards on Meta-Wiki so that we know not to proceed with the rights review on your wiki. Thanks, Rschen7754 05:46, 9 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Please see this discussion here.--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 15:46, 22 dhen Iuchar 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Fàilte ro Uicipeidiche na Gàidhlig[deasaich an tùs]

Tha mi cinnteach gum faca sinn uile an obair a chaidh sanasachd aig Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba (NLS) airson Uicipeidiche fhastadh. 'S e com-pàirteachas eadar NLS agus Wikimedia UK maoinichte le Bòrd na Gàidhlig a bhios ann. Seo cuid de na sgeulachdan a nochd anns an meadhannan bho inews.co.uk agus The National Seo an sanas agus brath-naidheachd aig NLS fhèin.

'S e deagh chothrom a th' ann gus Uicipeid a leasachadh agus dhuinne, mar choimhearsnachd Uici, a' beachdachadh air na bhios sinn ag iarraidh fhaicinn - na pàirtean a tha feumach air aire shònraichte. Dè ur beachdan? Dè tha sibh airson faicinn ann? Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 19:03, 20 dhen Dàmhair 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mòran taing airson fios a chur thugainn! Chan eil mi air facebook agus chan fhaigh mi "The National" an seo.
Mar a sgrìobh thu, 's e deagh chothrom a th' ann gus Uicipeid a leasachadh agus tha mi a' dol leat!
Ach nam bheachd-sa tha e coltach nach eil ùidh aig Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba no Wikimedia UK anns na h- iarrtasan no miannan bhon choimhearsnachd againn. No carson nach robh fiù 's de mhodh aca an naidheachd fhoillseachadh is sgaoileadh ann an Uicipeid fhèin cuideachd? Sgrìobh iad anns an tuairisgeul-obrach aca gu bheil e ion-mhiannaichte ma bhios cleachdaiche Uicipeid a th' ann, mar sin chan eil mi a' tuigsinn carson nach eil iad a' gabhail ris a' chothrom, sanas obrach a chur air dòigh a nochdas air a' phriomh-dhuilleige againn agus/no air gach mullach nan aistean? Duilich, ach an-dràsta tha mi a' faireachdainn nach eil iad mothachail idir air a' choimhearsnachd bhig againne agus air na daoine saor-thoileach a tha obair cho trang gus Uicipeid a sgioblachadh is a leasachadh.
Tha tòrr mholaidhean agam a thaobh phàirtean a tha feumach air aire is leasachadh, ach feumaidh mi beachdachadh orra ùine a bharrachd. Ach de mu dheidhinn nam beachdan agad-sa? --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 08:10, 23 dhen Dàmhair 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Bu toigh leam barrachd fhaicinn a thaobh rudan a tha a’ buntainn ri luchd na Gàidhlig fhéin - na sgìrean agus bailtean beaga gu léir air a’ Ghàidhealtachd far a bheil (agus far an robh) Gàidhlig ga bruidhinn. Agus bhiodh e math duilleag a bhith ann dhan a h-uile sgoil Ghàidhlig. Ach tha a h-uile rud feumail. Cuspairean eadar-nàiseanta agus saidheansail agus eachdraidheil, mar eisimpleir, tha iad feumail do chlann sgoile a bhios a’ dèanamh phròiseactan. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 17:28, 27 dhen Dàmhair 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ûrij Gagarin?[deasaich an tùs]

Chan eil mi a' smaoineachadh gu bheil an cruth seo feumail airson duine sam bith. 'S e tar-litreachadh glè speisealtach a th'ann an ISO-9, agus tha an aiste Uicipeid seo air a' chiad àite ma tha sibh a' sireadh Google airson "Ûrij Gagarin"! Carson nach eil sinn a' chleachdadh "Yuri Gagarin" mar am BBC? BBC Alpha - Eòrpa, Series 18, Episode 24 --CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 14:36, 10 dhen Dùbhlachd 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Lorg mi https://gd.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uicipeid:Ainmean_is_sloinnidhean a-nis, ach tha na ainmean ISO-9 glè neònach. CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 15:03, 11 dhen Dùbhlachd 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]
“Yuri” sa Bheurla agus sa Spàinntis, “Youri” sa Fhraingis, “Youriy” sa Bhreatnais, “Juri” sa Ghearmailtis, “Jurij” san Eadailtis, Suainis, Nirribhis, Danmhairgis, “Júrí san Innis Tìlis, ... Às déidh sin uile fhaicinn, tha mi nas déidheil air an ISO-9, ged a bha “Ûrij” gu math neònach leamsa cuideachd nuair a laigh mo sùil air an toiseach. Nam biodh sinn airson litreachadh Gàidhlig a chur air, is dòcha gur e “Iùiridh” no rudeigin coltach ri sin a bhiodh ann. Uile gu léir, bhithinn-se riaraichte leis an ISO-9, fhadʼs a bhiodh rudeigin coltach ri “(Beurla: Yuri Gagarin)” ann cuideachd.

Tigh-cluiche[deasaich an tùs]

Hello, does anyone know how to add a link to the sandbox in the user links in the top right of the page? It's a very useful navigational tool, and would be very useful for the Wikimedian in Residence at the National Library of Scotland when it comes to teaching people how to edit Uicipeid. Richard Nevell (WMUK) (an deasbaireachd) 10:51, 5 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Sorry, I don’t know that, but may be someone else knows. Looks like a handy feature. But looking at different wikis, it seems like a feature that has to be enabled locally, as it is not in every wiki, see WP:en simple no WP:de. Probably you have to ask someone at Meta/ from the developers how to add the link. For implementing it here please feel free to start a discussion (including a correct name) and a voting here as well.
By the way: As you seem to know something about the Wikimedian in Residence, could you please tell our community why the post wasn’t advertised here in Uicipeid by WMUK in the first place and what is going on right now? Right now it kind of hard for me to understand why I should do that work in my free time for free, while it looks like there will be a paid job implemented without even official announcement here in our community? --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 10:14, 6 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi Sionnach, I'll look round meta and see what needs to be done technically before starting a dicussion here about it. Would this page be the best place?
WMUK used a central notice on gd.wikipedia.org to advertise the residency to Uicipeid's readers and editors as Gaelic-language skills are integral to the post. There hasn't been an official announcement about the appointment just yet, but as soon as there is one I will link to it here. Richard Nevell (WMUK) (an deasbaireachd) 10:39, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi Richard. A sandbox would be useful for all current users as well as for the new project but so far no-one has either had the necessary expertise or the time to follow up on finding the answer to developing a sandbox. I would say that a post here under 'Sandbox' would be the best way for users to follow the discussion. RE the job posting: I don't know what a 'central notice' would look like, but I didn't see anything obvious as a user - is it another feature that isn't really prominent in our community? (In the next section I'm going to invite discussion in Gaelic on an appropriate Gaelic name for sandbox)
A chàirdean, ma gheibh sinn 'sandbox' (duilleag far am b'urrainn dhuinn dad sam bith a dhèanamh gun a bhith 'beò' air Uicipeid), dè an t-ainm a chuireas sinn air? Tha 'bogsa-gainmhich' aithnichte anns an fhaclair aig LearnGaelic.net ach a bheil e ro fhada? Gainmheach? Tràigh? Àite-cluich? Làrach-cluich? Dreachd? Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 15:34, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
The banner should have looked like this. As far as I can tell this function is enabled. As for the sandbox, I'll start a new section (sorry if this section title was unhelpful, I was trying to be too clever by half). Richard Nevell (WMUK) (an deasbaireachd) 16:14, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi Richard. Neither did I see a banner here in Uicipeid. The MediaWiki:Anonnotice, the place for a 'central notice', is working properly; as you can see here or in the history of that page. Nobody ever added a banner there like in your example. Nor can I find a request on meta or it the archives. So please provide the link in the pages history, where ever it is, where the banner was implemented. It is quite easy to create a link like yours, as it can be done easily for any other Wiki.--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 19:13, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I made the request over email, so I'm afraid I don't have a link. Richard Nevell (WMUK) (an deasbaireachd) 13:44, 11 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi Richard. Okay, looks to me that the settings might be the reason. (See https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralNotice look at Show archived campaigns) where you get:
Campaign name Projects Languages Countries Starting (UTC) Ending (UTC) Limit traffic
WIRWLS_JOB All gd and sco GB and IE 2016-10-19 09:07 2016-10-19 10:07 normal
Looks like the central notice was just for users form GB and IE. So I would like to ask you:
  • Do you think that Gaelic is only spoken in GB and IE?
  • Do you have any idea where the Uicipeid users are living?
As there was no central notice visibly for all users, either by central notice and/or on Doras na coimhearsnachd, it looks to me that WMUK and/or NLS didn’d care enough to make sure that a post so important for Uicipeid was advertised properly for everybody. Is that the idea of working together?
Don’t get me wrong, I think getting a Uicipedian is a really good thing but in my opinion not advertising it correctly here on our community page shows disrespect for the work users are doing here for years, and no awareness/understanding of our local community.--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 19:15, 18 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC) PS Trying to find out what went wrong kept me from editing articles etc for a few days. What a waste of time!)Reply[reply]
Apologies for posting in English
In creating the post of Uicipeidiche na Gàidhlig, the National Library of Scotland and Wikimedia UK hope to support the work that current Uicipeid users have put into building the wiki and help support you to continue your great work. In advertising the post, we recognise that we relied on existing advertising pathways that were, unfortunately, not effective in engaging with current users.
Now that the Uicipeidiche is starting work (official announcement soon!), it will be easier for us to not only share information with you but for information to be relayed back to us on Uicipeid ways of operation and needs for the future. In particular, the Uicipeidiche will work with us to identify the communication and infrastructure issues and improve them.
Wikimedia UK and the National Library understand that it is users that make a Wiki. The principles of collaboration and consensus working that underpin Wiki projects will also inform the working practices of the Uicipeidiche na Gàidhlig and your views and collaboration will be at the heart of the project.
Gill Hamilton, Digital Access Manager, Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba Gill.hamilton.nls (an deasbaireachd) 10:04, 20 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I apologise for the confusion caused by relying on the Central Notice. Absolutely no disrespect was meant to the community. I sincerely apologise for not leaving a message here as well and I regret not doing so. Both Wikimedia UK and National Library of Scotland have both been made aware of the issues this has raised. Richard Nevell (WMUK) (an deasbaireachd) 12:13, 25 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi Richard, thanks a lot for your apologies and your kind words, I really appreciate them. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 16:58, 25 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Chanainn gu bheil “Bogsa-gainmhich” ro fhada. Tha “Raon-cluiche” beagan nas giorra agus gabhaidh a thuigsinn. Tha mi a’ faicinn gu bheil “Brouillon” (dreachd) aig na Frangaich, “Taller” (bùth-obrach) aig na Spàinntich, “prove” (deuchainn) aig na h-Eadailtich, agus nach eil dad aig na Gearmailtich. Bhiodh “Dreachd” no “Deuchainn” ceart gu leòr, tha mi a’ smaoineachadh, ach cha do chleachd mi fhìn riamh an sandbox. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 19:08, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Chanainn cuideachd gu bheil “Bogsa-gainmhich” ro fhada. Ann an Gearmailtis 's e Spielwiese a th' ann. Saoilidh mi gum bi rudeigin mar “Raon-cluiche” no “Àite-cluiche” no fiù “Dreachd” no “Deuchainn” ceart gu leòr.--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 19:25, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
PS. Tha dòigh simplidh ann, gus àite-cluich a chur air dòigh, leithid Cleachdaiche:Sionnach/Àite-cluiche, ged nach bi sin a' nochdadh air ceann na duilleige. Gheibh sibh eisimpleir an seo: Cleachdaiche:Sionnach/Sheabhal North Top.--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 19:38, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
PPS eile: Agus bu chòir dhuinn cuimhneachadh gum feum cuideigin teachdaireachdan an t-siostaim eadar-theangachadh anns an translate wiki, no bidh an 'sandbox' a' nochdadh gu tur ann am Beurla.--Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 19:44, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hmm. Nach eil "sloc-gainmhich" no "toll-gainmhich" a th' ann? Chan eil mi cinnteach dè tha "sandbox" ciallachadh ach tha cuimhne agam air a bhith a' cluich ann an sloc-gainmhich! Ach 's fhèarr leam "Deuchainn". --CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 22:13, 11 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Ainm: 'S toil leam, san òrdugh a leanas: "tràigh", "raon-cluich" agus "dreachd". Is dòcha gum biodh "tràigh" rud beag neo-ghnàthach, ach chòrd sin rium sa bhad. --Comhachag-bheag (an deasbaireachd) 08:42, 12 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhòtadh[deasaich an tùs]

Seo na h-ainmean a thog mi às an deasbad. An cuir sibh airson/an aghaidh ri an taobh? Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 11:54, 18 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]





To get personal sandboxes linked to in the user links in the top right Extension:SandboxLink. The feedback I've got from asking on mediawiki.org is that it would be a matter of asking a steward to activate the extension. I'm happy to put in the request if the community feels it would be a useful feature.

So would it be useful to have 'sandbox' as a link for logged in users with the links in the top right? Richard Nevell (WMUK) (an deasbaireachd) 16:23, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Support I would like to see this function. (see above for discussion of appropriate Gaelic name) Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 17:21, 9 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhòtadh[deasaich an tùs]

Cuirear fios gu stiùbhard 'sandbox' a chruthachadh Dihaoine 20 Faoilleach ma tha taic ann air a shon.

An Aghaidh

Beachan[deasaich an tùs]

Chan eil beachd làidir agam, ach ma tha e a’ dol a bhith feumail airson daoine ùra a thrèanadh, tha mi air a shon. Tha rum gu leòr ann air a shon. B’fhearr leam ainm goirid sìmplidh. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 14:11, 18 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Co-dhùnadh[deasaich an tùs]

Tha e soilleir gu bheil taic ann 'sandbox' a chruthachadh. Cuiridh mi fios gu Wikimedia UK feuch an cuir iad air dòigh e. Cùmaidh mi fios thugaibh an seo air mar a thèid e air adhart. Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 15:14, 25 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mar a chì cleachdaichean a th' air 'logadh a-steach', tha an 'sandbox' a-nis beò. Faodaidh sibh a chleachdadh sa bhad agus thig eadar-theangachadh air fhathast. Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 15:41, 30 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Uicipeidiche na Gàidhlig: iomairt air tòiseachadh[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,
Tha mi air tòiseachadh gu h-oifigeil a-nis anns an dreuchd 'Uicipeidiche na Gàidhlig'. Tha fios naidheachd bho Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba ri fhaicinn an seo: Iomairt air loidhne agus an seo: A' chiad Uicipeidiche Gàidhlig san t-saoghal air fhàstadh. Gu cinnteach, tha sinn uile nar n-uicipeidichean agus cha mhi a' chiad tè a th' ann riamh! Ach, co-dhiù a' chiad tè aig a bheil dreuchd leis an tiotal siud.
Tha fadachd orm tòiseachadh air an obair gu ceart, ach tha cuideachd trèanadh agam ri fhaighinn bho Wikimedia UK agus obair rianachd eile an lùib dreuchd ùr. Co-dhiù, am mìos seo ged-tà thig mi air ais thugaibh gus an aontaich sinn air prìomhachasan obrach agus an taic a dh'fhaodainnsa thoirt dhuibh gus ar Uici a leudachadh is leasachadh. Gheibhear duilleag na h-iomairt an seo.
Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 15:54, 30 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mealaibh ur naidheachd! Is fheàrr teine beag a gharas na teine mòr a loisgeas! Mar sin leat! Llywelyn2000 (an deasbaireachd) 16:40, 7 dhen Ghearran 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Còmhradh nan Uicipeidichean[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,

Bu mhath leam coinneamh air loidhne a chuir air dòigh le Skype. Tha ceistean agam dhuibh 's mi a' cur planaichean air dòigh airson an Uici a leasachadh. Tha dùil agam gum bi ceistean a bharrachd agaibh dhomhsa! Bidh fàilte romhaibh pàirt a ghabhail ann an Gàidhlig no Beurla (tha Beurla agam cuideachd ;) ).

Seo na cuspairean air am bu mhath leam bruidhinn: 1. Stiùireadh do chleachdaichean ùra/ luchd-tadhail (FAQs) 2. Ath-nuadhachadh nan duilleagan cobhair 3. Pròiseactan trèanaidh airson luchd-tòiseachaidh (coltach ris a' phròiseact air Bailtean na h-Alba?) 4. 'Meet-up' (Tional?) a chur air dòigh anns an t-saoghal beò!

Ma tha ùidh agaibh, an tèid sibh gu Doodle ag innse dhomh dè an uair a bhiodh math dhuibh agus an t-ainm Skype agaibh. Mur h-eil sibh saor, nach gabhaibh dragh. Sgaoilidh mi fiosrachadh sgrìobhte air an Uici cuideachd ron chòmhradh agus às a dhèidh. Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 12:07, 15 dhen Ghearran 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thèid an còmhradh a chumail air 24 Gearran aig 10m air Skype. Ma tha thu airson pàirt a ghabhail ach cha do lìon thu am poll Doodle, cuir fios thugam. Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 16:38, 20 dhen Ghearran 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Celtic and Indigenous Languages Conference[deasaich an tùs]

Dear colleagues, The first ‘Celtic Knot’ – Wikipedia Language Conference will take place 5 & 6 July 2017 at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Wikimedia UK. Please save the date. The event will focus on Celtic Languages and Indigenous Languages, showcasing innovative approaches to open education, open knowledge and open data that support and grow language communities. The call for ideas closes on 10th March 2017. Our vision is for diverse participants working in Celtic and Indigenous languages ranging from Wikimedians, educators, researchers, information professionals, media professionals, linguists, translators, learning technologists and more coming together to share good practice and find fruitful new collaborations to support language communities as a result of the event. To find out more about the conference themes and the format of sessions please visit the Celtic Knot page. Email your session proposal to ewan.mcandrew@ed.ac.uk indicating the session type by no later than Friday 10th March. Please feel free to forward this event to interested colleagues in your network. If you would like to more then please contact me direct at ewan.mcandrew@ed.ac.uk Very best regards, Stinglehammer (an deasbaireachd) 23:34, 23 dhen Ghearran 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mac an Tàilleir Pàrlamaid ceanglaichean briste[deasaich an tùs]

Tha mòran ceanglaichean briste ann an duilleagan mu dhèidhinn bhailtean ann an Alba agus seo dòigh airson an càradh:

Ceangal briste -> ceangal ceart[deasaich an tùs]

B' urrainn a h-uile ceangal a chàradh aig an aon àm ma chuirear .parliament.scot/Gaelic/ an àite .scottish.parliament.scot/vli/language/gaelic/pdfs/ air feadh an Uicidh seo, ach chan eil fhios agam ciamar.

Beannachdan, Catrìona (an deasbaireachd) 17:40, 26 dhen Mhàrt 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

A Shionnaich, bu toigh leam AWB a chleachdachadh airson sin a sgioblachadh:
  • Na ceanglaichean briste
  • B'e, 'Se, S'e, S' e amsaa
  • Faclan air nach eil sràcan: Staitean, Astrailia, fhein, partaidh, amsaa
  • Spàsan eadar pungachadh agus iomraidhean (... facal. <ref></ref>)
  • Beurla anns na h-iomraidhean: (ed.) (pg.) msaa
Am faod mi AWB a chleachdachadh an-seothach? Taing mhòr. Catrìona (an deasbaireachd) 18:37, 2 dhen Ghiblean 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Shaoil mi gur e bot a bhiodh as iomchaidh gus na ceanglaichean ùrachadh. Chan eil comas agam bot a chleachdadh ged-tà. Bhiodh e glè mhath ma tha fios agad mar a chuireas an gnìomh e! Mholainnsa cuideachd a bhith faiceallach - tha cuid de na rudan sa liosta sìmplidh agus cuid nach eil.
  • Na ceanglaichean briste - bhiodh siud air leth math!
  • B'e, 'Se, S'e, S' e amsaa - tha fhios gum b' fheàrr le cuid 'se na 's e. Bhiodh e math aonta on mhòr-chuid an lean sinn GOC leis seo gus nach eil. Ach chan eil s'e/ s' e ceart a rèir duine sam bith, bhiodh siud ceart gu leòr,
  • Faclan air nach eil sràcan: Staitean, Astrailia, fhein, partaidh, amsaa - bhiodh siud air leth math cuideachd! Ach le rabhadh - a-rithist bi faiceallach cò an t-ùghdarras ag ràdh gu bheil srac ann gus nach eil: m.e. Am Faclair Beag: pàrtaidh, LearnGaelic.net: partaidh.
  • Beàrnan eadar pungachadh agus iomraidhean (... facal. <ref></ref>) - sgoinneil!
  • Beurla anns na h-iomraidhean: (ed.) (pg.) msaa - b' fheàrr leam a bhith faiceallach an seo a-rithist agus liosta mionaideach fhaicinn.
--Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 08:35, 3 dhen Ghiblean 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
A Susan.nls, taing airson mo fhreagairt. Sin an adhbhar nach saoilidh mi gum bu chòir mearachdan litreachaidh a chàradh le bot.
Mar eisimpleir, am facal “Glasgow” an àite Ghlaschu. Ma bhios sinn Glaschu a’ cur an àite Glasgow, bidh sinn a’ càradh (faic eachdraidh na h-aiste seo: Stèisean Meadhan Ghlaschu) rudan ach cuideachd bidh sineach ann:
'S e am baile as motha ann an Alba a th' ann an Glaschu [ˈɡ̊ɫ̪as̪əxu] (Beurla: Glaschu
Ma chuirear “Gàidhlig” an àite “Gaidhlig," bristidh an ceangal seo:
Bidh duilgheadasan ann leis na comharran-labhairt cuideachd (cha bu chòir an litreachadh atharrachadh.) Agus tha fios gum bi "unintended consequences" eile cuideachd--cha bhi Uicidh Beurla a' cleachdadh bots airson mearachdan litreachaidh a chàradh mar as trice air sàilleibh sineach.
Feumar liosta nam mearachdan cumanta sa Ghàidhlig fhaighinn agus bu chòir cuideigin an càradh le AWB (cha bheireadh ùine mhòr). Bhithinnsa deònach sineach a dhèanamh, ach chan eil mi cinnteach ma bhios Gàidhlig gu leòr agam air a shon. Catrìona (an deasbaireachd) 15:08, 4 dhen Ghiblean 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bùth-obrach Uicipeid, Dùn Èideann & Craoibh[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,
Thèid dà bhùth-obrach a chumail sa Chèitean air Uicipeid. Bidh an dà chuid a' tabhann tòiseach tòiseachaidh air dè th' ann an Uicipeid agus mar a thòisichear air deasachadh.

1. Fèis a' Mhòid, Mòd Dhùn Èideann Disathairne 13 Cèitean 2017 (feasgar - chan eil uair fhathast agam). Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce, Dùn Èideann, seòmar F02. Thoiribh leibh laptop. Bidh wifi ann. Làrach Facebook a' Mhòid)

2. Latha Gàidhlig ann an Craoibh. Disathairne 27 Cèitean 2017: 10.30-12.00 agus 1.30-3.00. Strathearn Community Campus, Pittenzie Rd,Craoibh, PH7 3JN. Bidh coimpiutairean ann ach thoiribh leibh an laptop agaibh fhèin mas fheàrr leibh.

Bidh fàilte mhòr oirbh tighinn ann, a dh'aindeoin mura h-eil feum agaibh air stiùireadh toiseach tòiseachaidh! Fiù's mur h-eil sibh ann, chithear ('s dòcha) daoine ùra tighinn air Uicipeid. Bidh iad fhathast ag ionnsachadh agus feumach air taic (mar a bha sinn uile aig an toiseach!). Na bithibh diùid stiùireadh agus comhairle a thoirt dhaibh le spèis agus modh.
Tha liosta de thachartasan a-nise aig duilleag a' phròiseict, agus cuiridh mi barrachd ris anns na seachdainean ri thighinn.
Ma tha ceistean agaibh, cuir fios air susan.ross@nls.uk no air an duilleag deasbaireachd --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 12:55, 9 dhen Chèitean 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

An teamplaid ùr Bogsa eachdraidh-bheatha[deasaich an tùs]

An cois a' Celtic Knot, fhuair sinn taic is stiùireadh o na Basgaich mu theamplaid ùr shnasail a chruthaich iad-sa:

Doras na coimhearsnachd

Grunn rudan cudromach mu dhèidhinn:

  • Leis gu bheil e stèidhichte air dàta à Wikidata, obraichidh e nas fhearr airson daoine "mòra" mar gum biodh i.e. bu chòir a sheachnadh airson daoine mar Coinneach Odhar ach tha e fìor-mhath airson daoine mar Carwyn Jones no Nelson Mandela
  • Chaidh agam air an rud a rinn na Basgaich a chur air gleus is tha e a-nis a' sealltainn Alba/A' Chuimrigh/A' Chòrn/Dùthaich nam Basgach airson daoine a rugadh ann ach bidh beagan obrach 'na lùib sa chiad dol a-mach. Sgrìobh mi treòrachadh mu dhèidhinn an-seo

San fharsaingeachd, ma chuirear an teamplaid seo ri bio cuideigin, bhiodh e math - mus gluais sibh air adhart gun ath-neach - nan lìonadh sibh am fiosrachadh a tha a dhìth (i.e. na rudan a tha ann am Beurla sa bhogsa fhathast) air Wikidata airson 's gun nochd iad ann an Gàidhlig an dèidh treis bheag. Chan eil e doirbh, cha leigear a leas ach tadhal air Wikidata, an rud/àite/dreuchd etc a lorg sa bhogsa, Edit a phutadh is a' Ghàidhlig a lìonadh a-steach. Mur eil sibh cinnteach, fàgaibh liosta dhe na bogsaichean far a bheil rudeigin toinnte a dhìth air duilleag na deasbaireachd agam-sa 's bheir mi sùil.

San fharsaingeachd, tha seo feumail oir tha e a' cur mòran fiosrachaidh ris na bios agus tha multiplier effect ann, turas a chaidh Gàidhlig a chur air architect » ailtire ann am Wikidata, cha leig sinn a leas sin eadar-theangachadh/sgrìobhadh a-rithist airson gach ailtire fon ghrèin.

An dòchas gun còrd e ribh! Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 19:57, 14 dhen Iuchar 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Co-labhairt na Snaidhm Ceiltich[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,

Sgrìobh mi geàrr-iomradh air na rudan a dh'ionnsaich mi aig a' cho-labhairt 'Snaidhm Cheilteach'. Tha e aig an duilleag seo.
Gu sònraichte, tha iomradh ann air pìos còd eile a bhios a' tarraing fiosrachadh bho WikiData. Leis seo, tha {{#property:P6|from=Q145}} a' toirt dhuinn prìomhaire an UK: Rishi Sunak.
Tha mi a' smaointinn gu bheil cur-an-gnìomh a' dol gu math leis a' bhogsa eachdraidh-beatha ged a tha pìosan ri ceartachadh fhathast! --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 15:41, 21 dhen Iuchar 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bùth-obrach an Steòrnabhagh, 3 Lùnastal 2017[deasaich an tùs]

Bidh mi ann an Steòrnabhagh aig toiseach an Lùnastal a' tabhann bhùithean-obrach.

1. Bùth-obrach poblach, Leabharlann Steòrnabhaigh Diardaoin 3 Lùnastal. 5.30f-7.00f. Clàradh air loidhne (tinyurl.com/UicipeidStornoway). Tha duilleag air Facebook cuideachd.

2. Bùth-obrach aig An Tosgan: an togalach far a bheil iomadh buidheann Gàidhlig ann. Dimàirt 1 Lùnastal. Do luchd-obrach a-mhàin.

Tha barrachd fios mu na tachartasan ri thighinn air duilleag a' Phròiseact. Ma tha ceistean agaibh, cuir fios air susan.ross@nls.uk no air an duilleag deasbaireachd --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 15:57, 21 dhen Iuchar 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

#Airnalaseo air Twitter[deasaich an tùs]

Tron t-Sultain, feuchaidh mi ri Twitter a chleachdadh nas trice gus duilleagan (agus mar sin aithne air Uicipeid) a sgaoileadh. 'S urrainn dhomh an duilleag mun là fhèin (leithid 1 an t-Sultain) a sgaoileadh ach tha aistean snoga le dealbhan a' glacadh aire dhaoine cuideachd.

Air an duilleag #Airanlaseo, chuir mi clàr le molaidhean air aiste a bhiodh math ri sgoileadh. 'S dòcha gum feum iad barrachd sgioblachaidh no dealbh msaa mus tig an latha. Ma tha sibh ag iarraidh aiste a mholadh, nach cuir sibh ris a' chlàr e. Ma tha sibh airson duilleag a 'ghabhail os làimh' mar gum biodh (gun dèan sibh obair leasachaidh air), an cuir sibh ur n-ainm a-steach sa chlàr cuideachd. --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 12:45, 7 dhen Lùnastal 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Prìomh-dhuilleag[deasaich an tùs]

Tha mi air dreach ùr den Phrìomh-dhuilleag a chruthachadh. Tha e san raon-cluiche agam an-dràsta. Dh'fheuch mi ga dhèanamh nas sìmplidh gus am bi fios nas fhasa gu sònraichte do dhaoine ùra fiosrachadh feumail a lorg. Fàgaidh mi san raon-cluiche e 'son seachdain gus am bi cothrom againn beachdachadh air. (Gu dearbha dh'fhaodamaid barrachd leasachaidh fhathast a dhèanamh san àm ri teachd). Chuirinn fàilte air ur beachdan. --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 16:11, 10 dhen Lùnastal 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tachartasan Uibhist[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,
An t-seachdain seo, bidh mi a' dol dhan fhèis Toradh ann an Uibhist. Tha barrachd fios mu na tachartasan ri thighinn an seo. Bidh coinneamh agam le tidsearan aig Sgoil Lìonacleit cuideachd far am faigh iad trèanadh agus bidh sinn a' beachdachadh air na cothroman a th' ann Uicipeid a chleachdadh le sgoilearan. --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 09:30, 22 dhen Lùnastal 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bùthan-Obrach san t-Sultain[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,
Bidh dà bhùth-obrach Uicipeid air an cumail san t-Sultain.

Bùth-obrach air Muile Disathairne
16 Sultain 2017
12-4f An Roth, Creag an Iubhair, Muile 12 Fosgailte do dhaoine le Gàidhlig aig a h-uile ìre
Thoir leat laptop
Bùth-obrach tòiseachaidh
aig Fèill Fhiobha
30 Sultain 2017
11.30 &
Lomond Centre,Gleann Rathais 12 Tachartasan ann am Beurla/Gàidhlig.
Bidh bòrd aig an Fhèill tron latha cuideachd
Bidh coimpiutairean ann.

Ma tha sibh eòlach air daoine sna sgìrean sin, nach cuir sibh am fiosrachadh air adhart? Bidh sanasachd air Twitter a ghabhas a sgaoileadh cuideachd no cuir post-d thugam air susan.ross@nls.uk agus cuiridh mi postairean air adhart thugaibh! --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 10:15, 13 dhen t-Sultain 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bùthan-obrach a' Mhòid[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,
Anns a' chlàr seo tha fiosrachadh mu dà thachartas Uicipeid a bhios mi a' ruith aig a' Mhòd sa Ghearasdan am bliadhna. Bidh cuideachd bòrd fiosrachaidh aig Taisbeanadh na Gàidhlig (an fhèill) aig Ionad Nibheis le Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba fad na seachdain.

Uicipeid a' Mhòid 1:Loch Abar air Uicipeid Disathairne
14 Dàmhair 2017
10.30m-4.00f Taigh-òsta Alexandra
An Gearasdan
20 Eachdraidh Loch Abar
Thoir leat laptop
Clàradh air duilleag an tachartais
Uicipeid a' Mhòid 2: Òrain is Eachdraidh a' Mhòid Diciadain
18 Dàmhair 2017
10.30m-4.00f Taigh-òsta Alexandra
An Gearasdan
20 Òrain Ghàidhlig agus Eachdraidh a' Mhòid
Thoir leat laptop
Clàradh air duilleag an tachartais

Aig an dàrna fhear, air 18 Dàmhair, bidh Jo NicDhòmhnaill ann cuideachd a' lìbhrigeadh òraid air Uilleam MacMhathain. Bidh ceòl ann cuideachd bho Raonaid Walker agus Raibeart Robasdan. Tòisichidh e aig 3f agus chan fheum daoine a bhith an làthair fad an latha gus tighinn dhan òraid.

Ma tha sibh eòlach air daoine sna sgìrean sin, nach cuir sibh am fiosrachadh air adhart? Bidh sanasachd air Twitter a ghabhas a sgaoileadh cuideachd no cuir post-d thugam air susan.ross@nls.uk agus cuiridh mi postairean air adhart thugaibh! --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 14:27, 3 dhen Dàmhair 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Poileasaidh Cànain[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,
Thòisich mi air dreachd a sgrìobhadh airson poileasaidh cànain. Chan eil ann ach dreachd an-dràsta! Dh'fheuch mi ri cur an cèill na dòighean-obrach a th' againn gu mì-fhoirmeil gu ruige seo. Tha mi ag iarraidh gum bi aonta againn gus am bi duilleag soilleir ann nuair a nochdas ceistean. (Eisimpleir bho chionn goirid a thaobh nan eileamaidean). Cuiridh mi fàilte ro ur beachdan air an duilleag deasbaireachd! --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 12:26, 11 dhen Dàmhair 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Cha d' rinneadh atharrachadh air a' phoileasaich cànain fhathast. Ma tha cothrom agaibh, an toir sibh sùil air Poileasaidh Cànain, agus togaibh ceistean/molaidhean/càineadh air an duilleag deasbaireachd? Gu h-àraid bhiodh e math chluinntinn ma tha sibh toilichte gun cuir mi leis na poileasaidhean eile e. --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 12:29, 7 dhen t-Samhain 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Buidheann Luchd-cleachdaidh & Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu[deasaich an tùs]

A chàirdean,

Thàinig Catrìona Chaimbeul, bho Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu, thugam le beachd airson iomairt ùr eadar an sgoil agus Uicipeid. Gu sìmplidh, tha i ag iarraidh gum bi duilleagan a bharrachd (no leasachadh) ann air cuspairean a bhiodh, ann am beachd an luchd-teagaisg, feumail dha na sgoilearan agus an cuspairean sgoile. Thug i liosta dhomh air 10 cuspairean anns a bheil ùidh aice fhèin. Saoilidh mi gum b'urrainn dhuinn ag obair orra ann am pròiseactan beaga. Dh'iarr i orm cuideachd bùthan-obrach a thabhann aig an sgoil. Tha teans ann gun dèan Beathag Mhoireasdan eadar-theangachaidhean mar phàirt dheth (bidh i ag obair aig an sgoil gu tric).

Gus seo a thoirt air adhart leis an sgoil, le Wikimedia UK ('son maoineachadh?) agus 'son àm ri teachd, biodh e math beachdachadh air 'User Group' oifigeil. Faic meta:Wikimedia user groups airson eisimpleirean.

Tha mi aig tòiseach gnothaichean air seo ach bhiodh e math cluinntinn bhon Uicipeidichean eile. Am biodh ùidh agaibh cuideachadh leis a' phròiseact? Am biodh ùidh agaibh ann an User Group? Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 14:04, 21 dhen Ògmhios 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhiodh ùidh agamsa. Deagh bheachd. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 10:20, 26 dhen Ògmhios 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Rianairean agus bhandalachd[deasaich an tùs]


Tha mòran bhandalachd aig an uici seo agus chan urrainn do dhaoine a tha an sàs ann an uici, m.e. Cleachdaiche:Emain Macha no Cleachdaiche:Caoimhin tiotalan a dhìon, duilleagan a sguabadh às no seòlaidhean IP a bhacadh. Nam bharail-sa bu chòir dhuinn rianaire eile no dhà a thaghadh. Dè ur beachdan-sa? --CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 19:34, 19 dhen Ògmhios 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bhiodh siud feumail. Tha mi a' dol leat. Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 18:44, 23 dhen Ògmhios 2019 (UTC)