Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:Jhendin

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O Uicipeid

Small request[deasaich an tùs]

Sorry to disturb you.
I am wondering if you might do a small translation for me.
This project has only a modest number of active users.
Varlaam (talk) 02:05, 15 dhen Iuchar 2013 (UTC)[reply]

No problem.
It's just that at a lot of the smaller projects, the Embassy and the Village Pump pages are not monitored by anyone, and you are eventually left with seeking out an individual.
Sorry for the trouble, Varlaam (talk) 20:53, 23 dhen Iuchar 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Puing bheag[deasaich an tùs]

Halò, Jhendin, fàilte an seo. Mòran taing airson na h-aistean agad mu bhailtean anns na Stàitean Aonaichte. Tha iad uile a' coimhead glè mhath agus uabhasach sgiobalta. Mhothaich mi dìreach aon phuing bheag:

'S e baile ann am Rhode Island, sna Stàitean Aonaichte, a th' ann an Pawtucket. [1]

Cleachdar "ann am" dìreach ro fhaclan a thòisicheas le bpfm: ann am Pawtucket, ann am Maine, ann am Boston. Leis na faclan eile ' s e dìreach "ann an" .... a thèid a chleachdadh, m. e: ann an Rhode Island.

Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil sin cuideachail dhut. A bharrachd air sin cum ort leis na h-aistean agad, tha iad gu math feumail gus Uicipeid na Gàidhlig a leasachadh.

Hi, Jhendin, welcome here. Thanks a lot for your articles about towns in the USA. They all are looking very good and neat. I just noticed a minor point:

'S e baile ann am Rhode Island, sna Stàitean Aonaichte, a th' ann an Pawtucket.[2]

"ann am" will be used just before words beginning with bpfm: ann am Pawtucket, ann am Maine, ann am Boston. With all the other words only "ann an" .... a will be used, m. e: ann an Rhode Island.

I'll hope you don't mind pointing this out to you. Besides that, keep up your fine work around here they are very helpful for expanding the Gaelic Wikipedia.

Le deagh dhùrachdan/Greetings --Sionnach (talk) 21:23, 4 dhen Lùnastal 2013 (UTC)[reply]

I would also suggest that you may want to consider branching out into something else or focus on adding more content. There is very little point in having a great many of these geo stubs, especially for places outside the UK, which do nothing but tell you that x is a town in y, plus they create a lot of maintenance work that we don't have editors for (like when pop figures change or mayors etc). I ended up culling a whole raft of these not too long ago, it would be good not to have to do that again :) Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 17:23, 10 dhen Iuchar 2017 (UTC)[reply]
Could you make sure you understand the meaning of lùireach, gearradh-arm, seula, mapa and dealbh? CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 17:09, 11 dhen Iuchar 2017 (UTC)[reply]

Halò, agus Caite bheil thu a' sgrìobh às.[deasaich an tùs]

Halò. S' mise G.W.Kyte agus an dùil caite bheil thu a'sgrìobh às a chor's gun sgrìobhagh mi mu Aimeireaga a Tuath is baile ann Aimeireaga a Tuath.

Jhendin (an deasbaireachd) 14:57, 8 dhen Lùnastal 2015 (UTC)'S mise Jim Hendin agus 's e Chicago a tha annamsa. Tha mi a' fuireach ann am Florida.[reply]

Fàilte air ais![deasaich an tùs]

Fàilte air ais gu Uicipeid!
Tapadh leat airson an obair a rinn thu mar-thà air Dakota a Tuath. Is mise Uicipeidiche na Gàidhlig am bliadhna le pròiseact leasachaidh. Na bi diùid fios a chur thugamsa ma tha ceistean sam bith agad. Faodaidh tu cuideachd ceist fhàgail air Doras na Coimhearsnachd far an faic an luchd-cleachdaidh eile teachdaireachdan.
'S dòcha gum bi e feumail dhut cuideachd am fiosrachadh anns an Ro-ràdh, Cobhair agus Poileasaidhean a leughadh. Gura math a thèid leat! Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 19:53, 9 dhen Iuchar 2017 (UTC)[reply]

Hi Jhendin ,
This may be quite a long message but I hope it is constructive and clarifying.
  1. Your contributions to Uicipeid are appreciated. The pages you create are attractive, well formatted stubs, in particular when compared with some existing stubs, e.g. Dobhair, Alba Nuadh
  2. I also think it's important that we, as a wiki community, don't simply say to each other 'do better', but rather say 'here's an idea for us to work together better'.
After the creation of many thousands of pages like this one Bábhún Hamaltún with just one sentence a couple of years ago, we had some reflection on stubs on Uicipeid as a small language wiki (the discussion here in English/Gaelic). The main points are
  • there isn't a large body of users who will come along to proofread/correct/build on stubs. see this list of short pages Duilleagan Goirid which haven't grown for years. A good example is Broth which, apart from interwiki links, hasn't had any substance added to it since it was created in 2006. See also the oldest pages: Duilleagan as sìne. Realistically, even if there were 10 times the number of editors here, we still wouldn't match the functionality of large language wikis. The discussion mentioned above references even relatively large languages e.g. Dutch who have created policies to address this.
  • Since you last contributed regularly, we've had a spate of machine translated gobbledegook pages. This has raised our awareness of quality control on the site.
  • We'd like to be on a 'virtuous cycle' of trying to improve content to make Uicipeid more attractive to readers > hopefully leading to more editors > hopefully improving the content > and back to the start again.
  • Those of us who are the most active editors are aware that we have also created stubs in the past and that the idea of 'minimum content' should not be about shaming 'bad users' but trying to encourage good habits in all of us.
Some ideas
Here are some ideas I've had of how your useful contributions can be further supported:
  • Wikicode:
Just last week at a conference I learnt a piece of code that can automatically retrieve updated information from WikiData. I was still drafting a description of it to share with everyone here, but basically this code {{#property:P6|from=Q145}} shows the current Head of Government in the UK e.g.Rishi Sunak. It does so by drawing information from Wikidata. By changing the P and Q values, it could automatically update population stats, mayors etc. We can work out how we can get it to work to keep infoboxes up to date. If you're not familiar with Wikidata, we can talk about how it functions (It means info can be changed once for many languages rather than doing it manually!).
  • Short pages
As I noted earlier, we have a lot of short pages and lots of them are Irish towns. If you were interested, your knowledge of adding images, infoboxes and content would be greatly appreciated in helping building these up. Please let me know if this is an area you'd like to work on. There are Scottish towns and many Nova Scotian town pages as well that could do with being developed beyond stubs.
  • Expansion
Are there any other useful US sources that would help expand the information where we could help with the Gaelic phrasing: e.g. on the model of 'Tha x daoine a' fuireach ann'? Anything on climate or politics that we could add?
Please let me know what you think. --Susan.nls (an deasbaireachd) 20:28, 11 dhen Iuchar 2017 (UTC)[reply]