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O Uicipeid
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Apologies for my English but is there a reason for the use of acute accents in this article title? Espresso Addict (an deasbaireachd) 19:47, 6 dhen Mhàrt 2019 (UTC)

Halò agus fàilte do dh'Uicipeid! It's the Irish form of the name hence the acutes rather than graves. The relevant bit of the policy on names is number 4 here: Now Cleachdaiche:Akerbeltz made the change, but I'm not sure why because he didn't give a source and the policy is quite clear that it's only for Irish speakers with a clearly-established form of the name, which I'm reasonably sure the former PM wasn't. Akerbeltz? --CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 20:01, 7 dhen Mhàrt 2019 (UTC)
The version before the move [1] was B' e Prìomh-mhinistear na Rìoghachd Aonaichte a bh' ann an Leonard Séamas Ó Ceallacháin and it was either changing the lead to match the English name version or move the page, not quite sure why I went with moving the page, it's been a while. If we want to follow strict policy, we can move it back :) Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 20:29, 7 dhen Mhàrt 2019 (UTC)
Least surprising to go with the English name, I think. --CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 20:41, 7 dhen Mhàrt 2019 (UTC)
Is mòran taing airson a' mhìneachaidh. Tha iomadh cùis "air an oir" ann mar seo! --CreagNamBathais (an deasbaireachd) 20:48, 7 dhen Mhàrt 2019 (UTC)
Mòran taing! I fear my fledgling Gaelic is not up to conversation, sorry! In general I think it's a good idea to go with the English name for those with no obvious Scottish/Irish heritage. Espresso Addict (an deasbaireachd) 02:57, 8 dhen Mhàrt 2019 (UTC)