Teamplaid:Google Translate/tro chèile?

O Uicipeid
You have probably arrived here because you saw a copy of this message on your talk page, and clicked on the "explanation" link.

This note is asking you not to use machine translation to compose articles in Gaelic.

To show you just how bad the results can be, we have taken some perfectly good Gaelic and translated it into English using Google Translate, which produced the garbled English which you saw. You may or may not have understood the general sense, but it is certainly not good English. Well, we can assure you that the results when translating from English to Gaelic come out just as bad, if not a good deal worse.

Here is an English translation of the same Gaelic, but this time by a human being:

Thank you, (username), for your contribution to: (subject)
Unfortunately, we had to remove it because it would appear that you used a machine translation tool, such as Google Translate.
You are welcome to participate in the project but please write or edit without using tools like Google Translate.