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O Uicipeid
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Hello and welcome to the Scottish Gaelic wiki. Unfortunately, the articles you created this month are incoherent as machine translation is not equiped to deal with Scottish Gaelic. The result requires more than simply correcting a few errors, the entire thing has to be rewritten. There are only a small number of users on this wiki so it is not considered good practice to create a lot of work for others. The previous contributions you made, updating stats in infoboxs and templates for example, was very useful and helpful. Please feel free get in touch on my talkpage if you'd like to find other ways to contribute instead of machine translation. Emain Macha (an deasbaireachd) 20:17, 27 dhen Dùbhlachd 2016 (UTC)

Emain Macha is right. I tidied up two of the articles, because they were almost incomprehensible as they stood. But it was a lot of work - it would be as easy to write a new article from scratch - and I wouldn’t do it again. I am sorry, but machine translation is useless for creating Gaelic articles. --Caoimhin (an deasbaireachd) 23:42, 27 dhen Dùbhlachd 2016 (UTC)
Noticing your reation on Meta meta it looks that you won't clean up the articles you created. So I deleted the ones that were incomprehensible. Please follow the advise Emain Macha gave you. --Sionnach (an deasbaireachd) 23:13, 28 dhen Dùbhlachd 2016 (UTC)