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Wikipedia main article: [[W:{{{1}}} |{{{1}}}]]


The sister project Wikimedia Commons has this template: MainBold

Usage[deasaich an tùs]

  • This template was generated to tag Main articles on Category pages so they don't get lost in the background clutter so as to help newer and occasional editors navigate.
  • To link to a "main article" on a topic, use {{mainBold|The other article|Optional article#2|... |Optional article#nn}}.

Example[deasaich an tùs]

Using 'A1', 'A2', ... as token articles (may be red-linked in example)

{{MainBold|A1|A2|A3|A4|A5|A6}} gives:

Wikipedia main articles: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, and A6

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