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35   This '{{IWTG tagging templates usage}}' template documentation is transcluded for all IWTG something named templates, such as this IWTG size template. [edit].Masterpage  

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On this 'template'

This parameter directly affects the size of the many sister projects templates in the arrays on pages tagged with one of the XXXXXtmp and XXXXXcat1 and XXXXXcat1A individual tagging templates (as well as some variations) — the latter 'cat' suffixed templates connect sister project to sister project on category namespace pages to form a navigation link highway for the customer users, the former 'tmp' suffixed templates connect template space to template space, normally to another template of the same name, but are in general depreciated in favor of {{interwikitmp-grp}}, save when template variety affects or can be used only by two or a few sister projects.

  • It is setting up these dynamic size parameters that make it desirable to have this as a variable of sorts independent of coding in Interwiki class-sisterproject.