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Obair le Gutenberg author aig Project Gutenberg

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This is a template to generate links to the Project Gutenberg. This template should be used exclusively for AUTHORS, ILLUSTRATORS, TRANSLATORS, and persons with similar roles in book production.

To link directly to a BOOK, use Teamplaid:Gutenberg.

Process[deasaich an tùs]

  1. Go to the Project Gutenberg web site.
  2. Using the online catalog, search for the author you want to link via the template.
  3. Find the author listing, such as: Harrison, James A. (James Albert) (1848-1911)
  4. Edit the wikipedia page and add in the Gutenberg author template. If the author is the only one by that name on Project Gutenberg, use no parameters in the template. If needed (for instance, if the page is disambiguated, like Edward Thomas (poet), set the 'id' variable equal to the author's name in this format: James_A._Harrison. The 'id' sets the actual link to the Project Gutenberg database. The underlines "_" are required; if spaces are used, the link URL is truncated
  5. You may also, in the case of a disambiguated page title, set the 'name' variable in the template to equal the author's name how you wish it to appear, such as: James A. Harrison or James Albert Harrison. The 'name' is for Wikipedia display purposes only.

Examples of correct usage[deasaich an tùs]

{{gutenberg author}}
{{gutenberg author | id=Henry_James_(1843-1916)}}
{{gutenberg author | id=Edward_Thomas | name=Edward Thomas}}

Note: A partial name, such as {{gutenberg author | id=Jon | name=Jon}} will generate a list of all authors with "Jon" anywhere in the name. You can also use birth or death year only like this: (1843-) or (-1916) if the other date is unknown or uncertain. The parens and hyphen are required.