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O Uicipeid

Barrachd fiosrachaidh airson luchd ionnsachaidh[deasaich an tùs]

To use this template, make a copy of the box on the main page and fill in the information:

AINM = Put the name of the city in there, for example: Astana. If the City has two names, put them together like this: Αθήνα<br>An Àithne. See example: An Àithne
BRATACH = Put the name of the flag (image) in there, for example: Flag of Astana.png . If you don’ have a flag, take the whole line (| BRATACH =) out. See example: Longyearbyen
LÙIREACH = Put the name of the Coat-of-arms or the seal (image) in there, for example: Astana1.svg. If you don’ have a Coat-of Arms or seal, take the whole line (| LÙIREACH = ) out. See example: An Àithne
LÙIREACH_LEUD= If the coat-of-arms/seul is too small, just increase its size by putting a higher number in here, for expamle: 100. See example:Los Angeles
MAPA = Put the name of the map, showing the location of the city, in here, for example: Kazakhstan-Astana.png . If you don’ t have a map, put a picture of the city in here. See example: Wittenberg
DÙTHAICH = Put the name of the country in here, putting it in [[ ]] to link the city to the country, for example: [[Kazakhstan]]. Make sure the spelling is right.
CEÀRN = (District/region) This one is optional. If you don’ t use, it won’t show.
SGÌRE = (Parish) This one is optional. If you don’ t use, it won’t show.
LEUD = Put the Latitude coordiante in here, add either Tuath (North) or Deas (South), for example: 51° 10' Tuath
ASTAIR = Put the Longitude coordiante in here, add either Ear (East) or Iar (West.), for example: 71° 25' Ear
FARSAINGEACHD = Put the area size of the city in here. It will show in km², for example: 710.2. Numbers larger than 1.000.5; put them in without the first dot: 1000.5
ÀIREAMH_SHLUAIGH= Put the number of the inhabitants in here, without any dots or empty spaces, for example: 577300. The Template will automaticly show the population density.
BLIADHNA = Put the year in here, when the number of inhabitants were counted, for example: 2007
FÒN = Put the international phone Code in here, for example: +7-3172
DUILLEAG = Put the oficial Web-site in here, for example: [ www.astana]

The example above can be seen here: Astana

If you have problems using it, please let mi know.

Ma bhios trioblaid agaibh ga chleachdadh, cuiribh fios thugam: Sionnach

Bu toil leam taing a thoirt do na daoine às a’ Wikipedia gearmailteach airson an template seo innleachadh. Gu h-araid do CyRoXX airson a sgrìobhadh agus do Wiegels a bha a’ toirt cuideachadh thugam an Template a chur anns an Wikipedia an seo agus na atharrachaidean sònraichte a rinn e gus an robh e ag obrachadh ceart.

I would like to say thank you to the people from the German Wikipedia, who helped to develop this template. Especially to CyRoXX, who created it and to Wiegels, who helped mi to put it in here and who made the nessesary changes to get it working right.

Ich möchte mich hier bei den Leuten von der deutschen Wikipedia bedanken, die mitgeholfen haben, diese Vorlage zu erstellen. Ganz besonders bei CyRoXX für das Entwerfen der Vorlage, sowie bei Wiegels für seine Hilfe beim Hereinstellen der Vorlage in die gälische Wikipedia und die notwendigen Änderungen, bis es richtig funktionierte.--Sionnach 17:51, 19 An Lùnastal 2007 (UTC)