Deasbaireachd:The Lord of the Rings (leabhar)

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O Uicipeid

What the heck is going on? First of all somebody puts of "An Tighearna nam Fainne" which is bad enough for putting the article at the front of a genitive construction and then this, where sombody is putting the plural of fainne after the 'of the' construction, in the genitive plural the singular noun is used, except in cases where there is an 'ean' tail on the word, however 'fainnean' does not come under the same rule as the 'e' is part of the word already. i.e. 'Tighearna nam Fainne' but 'Taigh nam Bataichean' (House of the Boats" It is Tighearna nam Fainne and frankly nothing else. Whoever keeps doing this really needs to sort it out, because frankly it is just wrong. see also Comunn na Fainne , An Da Thur agus Tilleadh an Righ.

So many mistakes, I couldn't be bothered changing them all. Co-dhiu.

Sorry to hear that. Still, thanks for fixing what you have. -- Derek Ross | deasbair 14:29, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)