O Uicipeid

    Key to priorities (Assuming a non-developer user):

    • High: Frequent/Repeated appearance in UI
    • Medium: Occasional appearance in UI
    • Low: Single or very rare appearance in UI

    US = Ubuntu Specific

    Page 1[deasaich | deasaich an tùs]

    Default position (Page/Row) Module name Priority Provides Strings Ubuntu Specific?
    P1/01 bootloader high Dialogue for shutdown/booting (most parts are from Debian, some strings are US) 70 US
    P1/02 debian-installer low First installation dialogue (only visible once) (most parts are from Debian, some strings are US) 1614 US
    P1/03 debian-installer-help (most parts are from Debian, some strings are US) 177 US
    P1/04 ubiquity-debconf 239 US
    P1/05 ubiquity-desktop 3 US
    P1/06 ubiquity-slideshow-oem-config-ubuntu 40 US
    P1/07 ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu 40 US
    P1/08 unity 115 US
    P1/09 unity-greeter 21 US
    P1/10 unity-lens-applications 28 US
    P1/11 unity-lens-files 55 US
    P1/12 unity-lens-music 32 US
    P1/13 unity-2d Outdated, most likely will be removed 32 US
    P1/14 indicator-datetime 49 US
    P1/15 indicator-power 27 US
    P1/16 indicator-session 56 US
    P1/17 indicator-sound 5 US
    P1/18 indicator-messages 17 US
    P1/19 language-selector 98 US
    P1/20 software-center high General navigation and categories for software center 389 US
    P1/21 aptdaemon low Installation and uninstallation of packages 240 US
    P1/22 update-manager high Manager for updates 378 US
    P1/23 update-notifier high Notification system for updates 61 US
    P1/24 evolution-indicator 18 US
    P1/25 launchpad-integration 8 US
    P1/26 app-install-data 4573 US
    P1/27 gnome-control-center-2.0 Unsupported by upstream (outdated) 889 US
    P1/28 gnome-codec-install 33 US
    P1/29 oneconf 34 US
    P1/30 ubuntu-sso-client 37 US
    P1/31 ubuntuone-client 27 US
    P1/32 ubuntuone-client-gnome 63 US
    P1/33 ubuntuone-control-panel 99 US
    P1/34 ubuntuone-installer 10 US
    P1/35 computerjanitor 65 US
    P1/36 friendly-recovery 11 US
    P1/37 human-theme 3 US
    P1/38 example-content 2 US
    P1/39 onboard 186 US
    P1/40 jockey 121 US
    P1/41 usbcreator 86 US
    P1/42 software-properties medium Names and short descriptions of apps in the software center 113 US
    P1/43 notify-osd-icons 1 US
    P1/44 screen-resolution-extra 9 US
    P1/45 apport 159 US
    P1/46 apturl 34 US
    P1/47 sessioninstaller 101 US
    P1/48 failsafexinit 33 US
    P1/49 system-service 12 US
    P1/50 ecryptfs-utils Translation sync with Ubuntu does not work 2 LP
    P1/51 gnome-menus 74 GNOME
    P1/52 lightdm Ubuntu is an upstream 46 LP
    P1/53 python-apt 115 US
    P1/54 yelp 114 GNOME
    P1/55 yelp-xsl 41 GNOME
    P1/56 gtk-3.0 876 GNOME
    P1/57 gtk-3.0-properties 1819 GNOME
    P1/58 gwibber Outdated, will be replaced by Friends in Ubuntu 198 LP
    P1/59 nautilus high File manager 1126 GNOME
    P1/60 xdg-user-dirs 28 TP
    P1/61 nm-applet 530 GNOME
    P1/62 deja-dup Translation sync with Ubuntu does not work 285 LP
    P1/63 gedit 742 GNOME
    P1/64 empathy high Messaging application (text, video, sound) 968 GNOME
    P1/65 banshee 1520 GNOME
    P1/66 tomboy 471 GNOME
    P1/67 totem 621 GNOME
    P1/68 shotwell 833
    P1/69 libwnck 230 US
    P1/70 eog 320 GNOME
    P1/71 evince 366 GNOME
    P1/72 simple-scan medium Translation sync with Ubuntu does not work 123 LP
    P1/73 system-config-printer 740 Fedora/RH
    P1/74 checkbox 438 US
    P1/75 gnome-power-manager 144 GNOME

    Beyond Page 1[deasaich | deasaich an tùs]

    Beyond Page 1 it gets a bit chaotic. As a rule of thumb, the further away you get from Page 1, the fewer Ubuntu specific modules there are. Here's a rough guide to the other Ubuntu-specific modules.

    Default position (Page/Row) Module name Priority Provides Strings Ubuntu Specific?
    activity-log-manager US
    arkose Sandboxing system US
    arkose-gui US
    arkose-nautilus US
    arkose-wrapper-gui US
    bzr low Bazaar version control system US
    command-not-found US
    desktop-ubuntu-web-shortcuts US
    edubuntu-live US
    evolution-indicator Dash indicator for the most Outlook-compatible Linux solution, Evolution mail client US
    gdebi US
    hud low Context help system for launcher US
    indicator-me US
    indicator-sync US
    langpack-installer medium Visible when you install a language pack US
    live-build low Live images builder, possibly broken US
    live-helper low Live images builder, possibly broken US
    ltsp US
    ltsp-live Thin client system US
    ltsp-login US
    ubuntu-debug-installer US
    Ubuntu GeoIP US
    ubuntu-wallpapers US
    ufw US
    unattended-upgrades US
    unity-firefox-extension US
    unity-lens-friends high Replacement for gwibber US
    unity-lens-photos US
    unity-lens-video US
    unity-scope-gdocs US
    unity-scopes Not included in the default catalog for unknown reason US
    upstart US
    webapps-applications US