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Other user signatures

Signatures may include one or more of the following parameters:

account creation • actions log • arb • b • block • block log • block user • blocklog • blocks • bots • c • checkuser • contribs • contributions • count • d • deleted contribs • deletions • edit count • edits • email • flag log • l • log • logs • lta • lu • m • makebot • message • Online • other log • p • page moves • protects • renames • rfa • rfar • rfb • rfc • rfcu • rights • search • search an, ani, cn, an3 • socks • ssp • summary • talk • tasks • total • u • UHx • user • Ut+ • UtE • UtHx

In addition to this one, other user signatures include:

Template Example
{{User}} Teamplaid:User
{{Useranon}} Teamplaid:Useranon
{{User0}} Teamplaid:User0
{{User1 plus}} Teamplaid:User1 plus
{{User2}} Example (talk • contribs • count)
{{User2 plus}} Teamplaid:User2 plus
{{User2a}} Teamplaid:User2a
{{User3}} Teamplaid:User3
{{User3-small}} Teamplaid:User3-small
{{User4}} Teamplaid:User4
{{User5}} Teamplaid:User5
{{User6}} Teamplaid:User6
{{User7}} Teamplaid:User7
{{User8}} Teamplaid:User8
{{User9}} Teamplaid:User9
{{User10}} Teamplaid:User10
{{User11}} Teamplaid:User11
{{User12}} Teamplaid:User12
{{User13}} Teamplaid:User13
{{User14}} Teamplaid:User14
{{User15}} Teamplaid:User15
{{User16}} Teamplaid:User16
{{User17}} (see User17)
{{Useracc}} Teamplaid:Useracc
{{UserBk}} Teamplaid:UserBk
{{Userblock}} Teamplaid:Userblock
{{User-c}} Teamplaid:User-c
{{Usercheck}} Teamplaid:Usercheck
{{Usercheck-short}} Teamplaid:Usercheck-short
{{User-c-name}} Teamplaid:User-c-name
{{UserContribs}} Teamplaid:UserContribs
{{Useredits}} Teamplaid:Useredits
{{User-full}} Teamplaid:User-full
{{Userlinks}} Teamplaid:Userlinks
{{Userlinks-abbr}} Teamplaid:Userlinks-abbr
{{Userlinks-external}} Teamplaid:Userlinks-external
{{Userlinks-tt}} Teamplaid:Userlinks-tt
{{Userlogs}} Teamplaid:Userlogs
{{User-t}} Teamplaid:User-t
{{User-t2}} Teamplaid:User-t2
{{UserVP}} Teamplaid:UserVP
{{Admin}} Teamplaid:Admin
{{Admin-abbr}} Teamplaid:Admin-abbr
{{Bureaucrat}} Teamplaid:Bureaucrat
{{Bureaucrat2}} Teamplaid:Bureaucrat2
{{Botlinks}} Teamplaid:Botlinks
{{Botlinks2}} Teamplaid:Botlinks2
{{unsigned}} Teamplaid:Unsigned
{{unsigned2}} Teamplaid:Unsigned2
{{unsigned3}} Teamplaid:Unsigned3
{{undated}} Teamplaid:Undated
{{unsignedIP}} Teamplaid:UnsignedIP
{{unsignedIP2}} Teamplaid:UnsignedIP2
{{Signed}} Teamplaid:Signed
{{UserActual}} Teamplaid:UserActual
{{quotedfrom}} Teamplaid:Quotedfrom
{{warningorigin}} Teamplaid:Warningorigin
{{unsigned2Fix}} Teamplaid:Unsigned2Fix
{{unsignedIP2Fix}} Teamplaid:UnsignedIP2Fix