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'''Dyirbal''' {{IPAc-en|ˈ|dʒ|ɜr|b|əl}}<ref>Laurie Bauer, 2007, ''The Linguistics Student’s Handbook'', Edinburgh</ref> (also ''Djirubal'') is an [[Australian Aboriginal languages|Australian Aboriginal language]] spoken in northeast [[Queensland]] by about 29 speakers of the [[Dyirbal people|Dyirbal tribe]]. It is a member of the small [[Dyirbalic languages|Dyirbalic]] branch of the [[Pama–Nyungan languages|Pama–Nyungan family]]. It possesses many outstanding features that have made it well known among [[linguistics|linguist]]s.
[[File:Djirbalgan map.png|thumb|right|Far a bheilear a' bruidhinn Dyirbal]]
In the years since the Dyirbal grammar by [[Robert M. W. Dixon|Robert Dixon]] was published in 1972, Dyirbal has steadily moved closer to [[language death|extinction]] as younger community members have failed to learn it.<ref>Schmidt, A: "Young People's Dyirbal: An Example of Language Death from Australia" (Cambridge University Press, 1985)</ref>

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