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=== Usage ===
*[[TemplateTeamplaid:Babel]] - Allows 1 to 100 boxes.<br />Format: <nowiki>{{Babel|<box1>|<box2>|<box3>...}}</nowiki>
Parameters can no longer be added using the <code><nowiki>{{!}}</nowiki></code> trick; if you want to use a box with a parameter, create a new userbox which calls the original with that parameter set and then link to the new userbox instead.
=== Custom styling ===
To customize the appearance you can add the optional parameters header=''HEADER'' (default: [[Wikipedia:Babel]]), footer=''FOOTER'' (default: [[:CategoryRoinn-seòrsa:Cànain an luchd-cleachdaidh|Search user languages]]), bordercolor=''BORDERCOLOR'' (default: #99B3FF), color=''COLOR'' (default: white), textcolor=''TEXTCOLOR'' (default: black), left=''Left margin'' (default: 1), bottom=''Bottom margin'' (default: 0.5), solid=''Solid border width'' (default: 1), width=''Box width'' (default: 248), and/or extra-css=<any other formatting>. Call the '!' userbox to start a new column after that point or the '-' userbox to insert a blank row. You may also use '|align=left' to display the babel box on the left side of the screen rather than the default right.
Example: <nowiki>{{Babel|align=left|color=yellow|en|fr|de|!|tl|ru|:UBX/1337}}</nowiki>


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