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Chaochail a h-uile mhic Owain san aramach no anns a' phrìosan no cha robh clann aca.<ref name="Lloyd"/>
==After his death==
===Tudor Dynasty===
After Owain died, most people did not care if the English people ruled the country anymore. During the time of the [[Tudor dynasty|Tudor]]'s, men from Wales, called Welshmen, started to become more famous in English society.
===A hero in Wales===
[[File:William_Blake,_Visionary_Head_of_Owen_Glendower,_1819.jpg|thumb|left|upright|A [[drawing]] of Owain Glyndŵr when he was seen by [[William Blake]] during a [[vision]]. This drawing is part of a group of other drawings called [[Visionary Heads]].]]
Many people forgot about how important Owain was until the 1800's, when people started to celebrate his life. The "[[Cymru Fydd|Young Wales]]" group made him the symbol of Welsh [[nationalism]]. Things that were owned by Owain were found in the [[Bibliothèque nationale de France|National Library of France]] during this time period. They found his "Great Seal" and letters he had written to French people. A statue of him was made and put at [[City Hall, Cardiff|Cardiff City Hall]] during [[World War I]]. [[Postcard]]s were sold Owain on them. The postcards were sold to make money to help soldiers who were injured in war.
In 1808, the [[Royal Navy]] named a [[Fifth-rate]] [[frigate]] after Owain. It was called the [[HMS Owen Glendower (1808)|HMS ''Owen Glendower'']]. The boat served in the [[Gunboat War]]. It helped take over island of [[Anholt (Denmark)|Anholt]]. During the years 1822 and 1824, the boat was in the [[West Africa Squadron]], where it chased [[slavery|slave]] ships. It captured two ships.
Nationally, Owain is as famous as [[King Arthur]]. Organizations use his name and drawings of him as their symbols to celebrate Wales as a country and Welsh culture. In the 1980s, a group of people called "[[Meibion Glyndŵr]]" burned down vacation homes owned by English people. They used Owain as their [[logo]]. In the year 2000, parties were held across Wales to celebrate the 600th [[anniversary]] of Owain's revolt. In 1974 and 2008, [[stamp]]s were made with Owain on them.<ref>[ New Owain Glyndwr stamp unveiled] BBC News,29th Feb 2008</ref> There is an [[award]] that is given every year for arts and writing called the [[Glyndŵr Award]]. The band [[Manic Street Preachers]] wrote a song about Owain in 2007 called "1404". There are many statues throughout Wales of Owain.
There is a building at the [[University of Cape Town]], called Glendower Residence, that is named after Owain. It used to be a hotel, and is now where students live.<ref>{{cite web|title=UCT Residence System|url=|accessdate=18 March 2011}}</ref>


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