Deasbaireachd na roinn-seòrsa:Cànain

O Uicipeid
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Please, put the categories:

User de
User en
User fr
User gd

into another (presumably new) category, please do not leave them in Cànain. Languages themselves are different from the categories of users speaking specific languages. All other Wikipedias have them separated, too.

So as to support multilingual coordination, when you have the new collective category, such as "users by language", or "Cànain of users", etc., for these subcategories, please edit the page ksh:Category:Wikipedia:Medmaacher ier Shprooche in my home Wikipedia, adding an interwikilink to the new category, such as [[gd:Category:new-category-name]]. I am going to see that during recent changes patrol, and I shall have my interwiki bot distribute it to some 150+ Wikipedias.

Thank you for your assistance! --Purodha Blissenbach 05:00, 27 am Faoilteach 2008 (UTC)

Rinn mi e, faic: Category:Cànain an luchd-cleachdaidh. --Sionnach 11:53, 27 am Faoilteach 2008 (UTC)